the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 59

hey all im new here and just started in my journey to become lucid…im only 3 days old to it! im physically 22 though. i have a dream journal so any advice

Lols Thanks but its been really stressful for me for the last 4 days since I havent been able to recall ANYTHING, not even the tiniest fragment.


Oh well.

There already is an introduction topic.
It’s called ‘‘Hey, I’m new here!’’.

So this one will be locked pretty soon. not locked, merged into :wink:

But welcome, keep trying and eventually you will get a lucid dream.
If you want to learn more about the induction techniques, take a look at the knowledge base forum.

Hey Im Surfers819,
I’ve been going on this website for awhile now…
C: Yesterday night I had my 1st lucid dream! I didn’t do anything because then i forgot i was dreaming. I also had a false awakening. So then I thought
“Its time I make an account”! :tongue:

welcome surfers819
congradulations on having your first lucid dream!

:wave: hello kwaran, dreams, Shadow Dreamer, Gothic Fighter, Gorette66, rugbyelite13, MAHDIII, iamcoming, j4 and Surfers819 … welcome to the LD4all community. :grouphug:

:happy: although discussing lucid dreaming and making friends in chat is great … by also being on the forum, you can easily share your dream experiences with chatters and also members who live in a different time zone :smile:

dreams :smile: I’ve seen your dream journal and it’s great that you are having some recall everyday :content: and also that you have also had your first LD experience [click] :yay:

I remember that day, we had a lot of new members on the forum and in chat :happy:
Congrats on your progress :boogie:
I’ve noticed your new LD4all DJ … are you going to put your LDs so far into it? It would be great to read them :content:

I think you will like our off topic lounge forum too. It contains many music topics :happy:
Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

I’m sure their frequency will improve once you read up on techniques … we have some good topics in the knowledgebase forum. (choosing your technique andlinks and short descriptions to all new and known techniques)
The good thing is that you know you CAN become lucid, so it’s just practice now :happy:

GOOD LUCK :happy:
I hope you enjoy your time here :content:

I’m sure you will :smile:
Remember to always celebrate the good things about your dreams and LDs and it will be easy to keep the motivation until it happens :wink:

These dry spells happen, your recall WILL come back :smile:

:happy: … and you will never look back :content:
IMO LD4all is the best forum ever (but i may be just slightly biassed :wink: )

congrats :yay:
you haven’t posted your LD yet :meh: … you may wish to post it in the BIG my first LD collection in the dream journal forum and/or start your own dream journal here :content:

It’s great to see you all here :boogie: and i hope you stay for a long time to come :happy:

Hi Gothic, Gorette, rugbyelite, MAHD, iamcoming, j4, and Surfers!!
Hope you like it here! :welcome:
If you need anything, use the search function, or post a topic.
In the short time I’ve been posting I’ve gone from regular to complete addict! :tongue:

@ moogle: Thanks, and I’m sorry but I am not. I do have a couple (weird) dreams in it already, and I plan on putting a LOT more in it. Check it out! :wink: Also, I started a Creations thing. “Shadow Dreamer’s Creations” check it out too!

Hello everyone. I am new 'round these forums, joined just a few days ago. I have been trying out lucid dreaming for about 1 1/2 years but have only managed around 18 or so shorter lucid dreams.

I hope I can get to know some of you guys. :wink:

:wave: hello Xzontar.
18 short LDs are ok - it’s an average of one per month :smile: you can build on that easily :happy:
Did you start off by using books or the internet when you first began 18 months ago? I hope you like it here and decide to hang around for years to come :content:

I started by stumbling across it on the internet, after which I started practicing immediately. I do plan on staying here for a while, it is a very friendly place. ^^

:welcome: xzontar!

You got that right! :wink:
And good job on the LDs!

Hello ld4all! )) i’m happy to be here! :smile:

:welcome: nleo, Im happy for you to be a part of this place :biggrin:

Thanx, ghostie11 ))))

Hi, I am from the French forum and I see there is a lot dreamers here. :lucid:

I am a 40 years old man from Quebec and in several years,
I did only more than 200 lucid dreams. :cry:

I am very interested in the WILD and other techniques and
I hope I will learn some new tricks here. :flower:

:welcome: brizglace to the english side of LD4all :biggrin:

Youll see that you can learn something new here :grin:

Hi, I’m new here! lol

I’m 16, ive known about LDing for a little over a year now and ever since i learned about it i’ve loved it, even though i’ve only had like 6 LDs =
all my LDs have been DILDs, i’ve never been able to successfully WILD, but i really want to

Hello everyone ^^

I’ve always been very good at remembering my dreams, but lately, my dream recall hasn’t been all that great. Trying to remedy that by starting a DJ here. I’ve only had a few LD’s, and they were…strange. I wasn’t even close to being in full control.

I think that I need to be able to remember my dreams right now. With everything that’s going on in my life right now, I need to be sure how I feel about things. And I think remembering my dreams as well as I can will help me become more in touch with my thoughts and feelings :wink: But hey, if I do have some LD’s, that’s fun too =D

Welcome, mad9592 and Starbuck!

mad9592, good luck with WILD, you will find plenty of help here about that :smile:

Starbuck, I love your name :grin: (I’m a starbucks addict. Which is unfortunate since there are only 2 starbucks in Holland :tongue: hopefully one of them will be close by soon) Good luck remembering your dreams, and having LD’s!

Hi! I’m new here too :smile:

At first, sorry for my English. I’m on a way to study this language.

I’m from Belarus. It seems like I’m the first one from Belarus here. :smile:

Here I have come for studying your experience in LD and getting my own experience. I hope it’s gonna be all right with your help :smile: