The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 65

Hi, I am new here. Although I may be new here I m not new to the concept of LD and do have them from time to time, they are usually in the morning before I wake up.

Welcome, welcome :content:

Let us know if you need help with anything.

hello LD4all i am new to lucid dreaming but am very facsinated with the concept, i have allways had a big interest in my dreams and never took them for just pointless images or experiences, i have had a few dreams that really stood out in my life, like when i was a child i had a football given to me that was signed by my local football team (dunno why i had one i dont even like football) anyhooo i dreamt that i was at school stood next to the astroturf where everybody was throwing the ball to each other so i couldnt have it back, i woke up and said to myself “i didnt get it back” later that day i was walking through the exact same spot as in my dream… and would you believe it i got my ball stolen from me. XD

one thing i have noticed is that people allways seem to say they used to lucid dream or that they need to get back into it, is it a constant struggle or process to lucid dreaming or can you get to a state that you can do it at will?

anyway im glad to be here and hope to be a valued member here!

:welcome: rodders790 to ld4all :cool: getting the ability to LD at will isnt that easy as you said it :wink: I wish it was, since Ive been LD’ing for 4 years :tongue:

And you already are valued here! :happy: we will be glad to answer whatever Questions you need answered :grin:

Hey, My name is Tim.
I’m 14 years old, 15 in 5 days.
I’ve found out about this site today and decided to register right away.
So, I live in Holland and havent tried to LD yet.
I’ve read the guide and gonna try as fast as possible, knowing it could take long before having your first LD.
gonna try to write down y first dream as soon as possible.
I have a DJ next to my bed and gonna try the water method.
If anyone has some tips about LD please tell me about it.


:welcome: Hello Tim! Welcome to LD4all :happy:

here are some FAQs and tutorials to get you started :content:
Improving Dream Recall (DR)

DO AN RC! (And lose the Game)
List of all techniques

And don’t forget to join us in chat!! :mrgreen_hat:

Since I welcomed him in IRC:

Hallo all. My name is Mason, i’m 15 and I live in Washington.
I had my first and only LD when I was in the 4th grade and have sadly never had one since then.
I just found this forum yesterday and started a DJ today. Good to meet you all :smile:

Hi all,

My name is Chris. I am 26 and I was born, raised, and still reside in Northern California. Not the greatest place to currently live if you are looking for work or like to own firearms, but I still love it.

I am an avid outdoorsman. I won’t bore you with a list of things I enjoy participating in, but let’s just say all I need to be happy in this world is a snowboard, a quality rifle, a knife, and of course friends, family, and a companion to share this amazing journey called human life.

To this day, I cannot remember precisely when or how I came upon lucid dreaming. I experienced a handful of lucid dreams as a teen, but at the time I never thought much about them. I am very interested in meditation and discovering spirituality, so this may have been the link to conciously seeking out information about lucidity.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me. I look forward to sharing experiences both in an out of the dream world with all of you.

Stay safe out there.


:welcome: I believe we’ve already met in chat, but hi again anyway!

Hi my name is ILoveBearz and I am new to ld4all.


I have been keeping a dream journal for a while but I want to take it to the next level and bang it out with fair ladies LUCID in my dreams.

I go by stebe in the chat room. :wallhit:


Good to be here (again). This site is great. Thanks PasQuale !!!

:welcome: hello SomePyro, Snow4Sho, ILoveBearz and utah :grouphug:

utah, I left your post here instead of the I’m back topic since you haven’t made that many posts yet :wink:

Hope you all enjoy your time on the forum and experience lots of great LDs in the future :thumbs:

Don’t forget to browse the knowledgebase forum :content:

Hello dreamers! :wink:

I am Michael, from Austria, Vienna, 35 years old, 6f3 and 290lbs, lifting weights, MMA K-1, videogames and getting out with my friends to get drunk and have fun, thats my life.

Dreams were always a very important thing for me, thats probably because since as a kid i very often had great dreams i very often woke up and wished to continue those dreams and of course always remembered them very well (…sure i had also terrible nightmares which made me sometimes being scared of falling asleep).

One night in my middle twenties, i had a dream and all of the sudden went aware of it without waking up, i found out that i have the power to just taking off the ground and flying around in the sky…and it was not the same like flying around in the sky in my usual normal dreams where i can fly, this time flying around in the skies while being aware of dreaming, that feeling was…so real. From that moment on i planned to have that expierience every night. And it went well, LDs were happening more often and i discovered that i can do the wildest things i never thought being possible, sh*t i was even able to create other persons/characters in my dreams. The funny thing was that i didnt even know that there is a term for it “Lucid Dreaming”, i remember i once told it to a few people and they thought i bullshit them, they couldnt understand what i told them, since then i never talked to anyone about it again and kept it to myself, accepted the fact that i am probably a freak or some kind of “dream warrior” which isnt accepted by society, but this also made me feel superior to all those who never have the joy of lucid dreaming.

Well well those LDs happened mostly in times when i thought about my dreams during daytime, sooner or later it had to happen that i just did not had enough time or was too stressed to keep thinking about those things during daytime so i just kept focusing on it when it was time to go to sleep, but from that moment on until today my LDs didnt last as long or occured that much often like in my middle twenties when i discovered it, when i had all the time to focus on my dreams during daytime.

The reason for my LDs being way too short is the fact that, since they do not occur that much often these days anymore, everytime i become lucid i get so amazed and hyped by the feeling that within the next seconds i wake up…but at least i still become lucid at least once in two or three weeks, as i said…every moment being lucid…even if its just a few seconds…is an amazing feeling which cant be compared to anything else in life.

Hi all. I’m new here and just wanted to say hey.

I have a list of things I would like to accomplish that coincide with me joining this site…

  1. Start a dream journal
  2. Remember more of my dreams
  3. Learn to recognize I am dreaming
  4. Learn to have control over certain aspects of my dream life

That pretty much sums it up.

Cheers! :content:

Hello there!

I joined back in august, I’ve been popping in and out of here since then, but never introduced myself. I’ve been keeping a dream journal since before I joined this forum and have posted two versions of my dream journal on the journal sub-board, alas no one has yet replied. :sad:

I joined here to chat about dreaming, learn what others are doing, last night I tried WILD for the first time, scary stuff to say the least. I’ve had about two lucid dreams I can remember but these were way back before I kept a DJ, and we’re only partial lucidity I.E control but no knowledge that I was dreaming, but funny thing is I shapeshifted from a bird into myself I could tell myself to do that but yet didn’t become aware I was asleep, very odd.

I’ve been reading around the forum yesterday and found the lucid quests, I’m aiming to do a successful WILD and the first quest(Walk through a mirror) which will be hard I’ve never even seen a mirror in my dreams.

The link to my current DJ is in my bio, I haven’t yet made a list of things to do once I become lucid on purpose, though I have been highlighting dream signs in my DJ, and I’m very commonly able to think in my dreams and sometimes change the outcome.

Anywho hello all

Hello everybody!

My friend got me into LD and after some research I found this forum.
My name is John, and I had a couple of LD’s already. Today I bought my DD and Im also getting a room alone, which is purely coincidence, but its nice to write down my dreams or try WBTB :smile:

:welcome: John, Michael, Hermit and Chavez :grouphug:

Be sure to read the guide if you havent done so already, then feel free to ask Questions and we will answer :grin: and good luck with your Quest For Lucidity, we hope you enjoy your stay here :cool_raz:

Hey I’m new and I was wanting tips on lucid dreaming. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance.

First off, the FAQs and tutorials section, especialy tosxyChor’s training course.

Also, Bendrummin has a great article about sending the correct signals to your subconscious (make sure to check his follow-up article that he provided a link for)

Finally, you should begin to do RC’s all day everyday, and never be satisfied if you think you are awake. A little bit of doubt and a lot of curiosity goes a long way.

If you have more questions, be sure to ask the in the Quest for Lucidity, good luck and happy lucids :content: