the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 69

Welcome all of you!

I also discovered LD by browsing 9gag. The way it got presented on 9gag made it look really interesting, which it is. And I think because of 9gag and other similar sites, LD has gotten way more attention then it had just a year ago.

Nice to see some other Norwegians here! :content:

Hi to all,

I’m just a LDer from France, so apologize my bad english although I do my best to be understandable :smile:

I registered here by reading the SSILD technique which seems very promising and to improve my lucid dreams schedules and length :smile:
I tried a to register on the french version of LD4all a couple of years ago but it has been put off !

See you soon :smile:

I second that, but have to modify it to fellow scandinavians :tongue:

Also, welcome all new people to ld4all, hope you enjoy your stay :wave:

@alexkid, your english is fine, I was terrible on it too when I was new :razz: it will improve as will your ability to LD :grin:

Hi everyone

I’m french, and new to this forum.

I’ve been into lucid dreams since the begining of march (so nearly 5 months now). During all this period, I never managed to get any LD, probably because of the wrong method : What I basically tried is a WILD method which consists in staying perfectly still until the body become asleep while the spirit stay awake. I figured out that this method is more for OBE (out of body experience) than LD. And anyway, it doesn’t work with me even with all my patience, mostly because I’m not able to fall asleep on my back.

Recently, I began to switch method and to write my dreams, as advised. Now I think I’m going to focus on a MILD method, but I’m not so sure about my results. Actually, I remember pretty well my dreams (I recorded three the last night, but I only remember parts). For the next part, I have no idea on how to acceed to consciousness. I mean, I remember, but I’m not able to have this moment where I’m suposed to say “I’m dreaming !”.

So, I will obviously refer to the accurate sections of the forum, but if you have a few first advices, I will gladly take them. After months of relaxation practices, I’m very motivated to experience something. I place many hopes in LD to improve myself as a person.

I think I told the most important about myself, so Hi again everyone, and thanks in advance for your help.

hello everyone my name is james and lucid dreaming wise im a complete novice. i’ve read into it alot and heard about someing where you hulosinate(see things) your worst fear. if this is true i’ll probly get over it in about 5 centrys, :woo: anyway! please :help: me.

my life has been verry stressfull and lucid dreaming will be my excape from reality.
and how do you lucid dream. is it something that just comes or can you make it happen?

Hello there, I’m not sure whether this topic should be moved as your questions sound like they rather belong into Quest for Lucidity, but I’ll answer anyway.

Here’s the ld4all beginners guide to LDing, and your hallucinations usually happen in the state called sleep paralysis (which is usually abbreviated as SP - here’s also a list of abbreviations, as this can get rather confusing). Many people have overcome those fears, and as far as I know it doesn’t even necessarily have to be frightening.

Also, if you’re new to the forums, in order to get an idea of what every subforum is about, I recommend taking the guided tour.

Hi lucid dreamers and all the ones who are just like me trying to start ld,

It was a youtube video that led me here. The guy talking in video about lds is someone from here as he said. And then I visited the site today and made an introduction with chat room in which most of the people helped me a lot…
So finally, I am here.

Well, I am from Turkey and 23. I am also a beginner. It is only a week that I have started to search about lucid dreaming, with the inovation of my russian friend who is also a lucid dreamer.
I have a small history with SP. It was not a period of my life that reminds me of good things… Somehow I managed with SP and now I think with LD experience will gain me a lot.

Yesterday I tried to experience my first LD but I could not have one. Today I will try again. And so on so fort… I will keep going until I get it! And I think I will use your help a lot. The forum already has lots of answers for me. Thanks and see you around.

We’ve already met in IRC, but I’ll welcome you here as well floydian. :smile:

Good luck!

Hey everyone! I’m Duckie, a young woman from Canada. Dreams have fascinated me for quite a while, when I was little I remember having them and spending my time trying to wake myself up because I thought I had been asleep for too long. xD

Right now though I barely get them anymore, and my recall isn’t quite what is used to be. However I started a Dream Journal up so we’ll see how that turns out. :3

Alrightie, just thought I’d introduce myself. See you guys around!

Hi Duckie, welcome on the forum!
Good to see another natural on the forum. I hope you get back your lucidness after some practise :smile:.

And also: I really like your avatar :happy:.

Keep dreaming

Hello everyone! I’m Cody, I’m 20 and just recently started on my quest for lucidity. Believe it or not, what sparked my curiosity about lucid dreaming was an episode of the tv show American Dad. I immediately became interested in seeing if i could become lucid myself, so i got one of Stephen Laberge’s books on lucidity and started myself a dream journal. Since then my dream recall has increased exponentially and I’ve even had a few lucid dreams.

Hopefully I can continue to have more and learn new techniques with the help of everything on this site!

Well, I just wanted to give a quick introduction of myself, hello again to all, and see you around!

Hi, i’m Jordan. I knew nothing about lucid dreaming until I looked up why I had sleep parlysis a couple times and found this forum. I’ve been trying for about a week with no success yet. My sleep paralysis led to some strange hallucinations and noises, kind of like a nightmare, but apparently thats normal.

Hello, I’m sean and I’m relatively new here and would just like to say hi.
Before LD4ALL and now I still watch Gizedwards on youtube, he really helps out a lot especially for new people :smile:

Hi my name is Sebastian and I have been interested in lucid dreams for a few months now. I have read the book Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner and it really peaked my interest in the subject. Since then I have kept a dream journal for two months and am able to remember up to 3 different dreams every night that are long and detailed. I have only been able to become lucid twice and both times seemed to be by luck because the situation was very unrealistic. The dreams didnt last long but they were quite amazing. I’m not satisfied though, I want to see more of what my subconscious has to show me. I’ve tried the MILD and WILD techniques but was unsuccessful so I began seaching the web and found this site. I figured visiting this site often would somehow make me think about lucid dreams more; resulting in more lucid dreams. So here I am, posting on this forum :smile:

Victor! ( you could tell cause it’s in my username :happy: )

Hello everyone, i am a beginner lucid dreamer and i hope to share some thoughts with everyone on this forum. I did allot of reading about lucid dreaming ( books, article’s ) and i know all the lucid dreaming method’s around ( still i only had one lucid dream, but i won’t give up! ). I’m also familiar with the science behind dreams and lucid dreams.

So if anyone has questions about anything related to lucid dreaming, i’m here to help you guys in any kind of way!

Need :help: , ask me!

:welcome: hello HanDxOFxFatE, Calmera, Bean Head :happy: Endeavour and devosvictor :smile:

I love the way that TV shows, films and cartoons can launch people into experiencing LDing for themselves :smile:

It’s good that you now know what SP is and can use it to enter lucid dreams in the future. I’m sure it won’t be long before you experience some lucidity. :happy:

:wave: I’ve seen and read a lot of your posts, I feel like you’ve been here for ages :spinning:

Hello Endeavour, Robert Waggoner is a member of this forum, he has an article (The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers) in our article forum.

Brilliant :smile: you will be able to find members needing help in our quest forum. thanks for being willing to help :thumbs:

Hope you all enjoy your time at LD4all :yay:

So I just joined this site about five minutes ago! I saw one of LD4all’s YouTube vidoes, and thought I should check out their website. I am insanely interested in Lucid Dreaming. I heard about maybe a month ago and for a week I was always doing RC’s and Dream Journaling, and then I just stopped… I regret that and seriously wished I kept to it so that I could FINALLY have an LD :cry: !! But, shiz happens. Anyways, I am a teenager in Southern California and really hope to have an LD before school starts (about three weeks). So, yeah! Thanks for reading :content:

So, I just joined this site today, but have known about Lucid Dreaming since about a month ago… I tried talking about it to a few of my closest friends, but they don’t seem to be as interested in it as I thought they would be. I felt really embarrassed because they all thought I was crazy. ANYWAYS, I just want a friend that I can actually talk to about Lucid Dreaming. And probably other stuff. Kind of like a best friend, that I don’t actually know. But just remember that I am only 13, so… Haha Thanks! :puh:

Hello fellow dreamers! I’m really new here and I’m happy to be a part of this community! In fact, new to exploring the world of dreaming in general. Can’t wait to get started with some chats and discussions. :slight_smile:

Hi folks!

I bet (and hope) this is the right place for this, so here is my introduction!

Looking forward to increase my lucidity and get working more and more on it. LDs usually come to me, but not lately, so it is time to re-focus!

Nice to meet ya all!

The intros and welcomes continue in the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic, part 70 :welcome: :moogle: