the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 69

Hello, I’m also quite new here and I have become rather interested in dreams lately.
I’ve only had “half” a LD. I call it only a half because I had a dream in my dream and I could only control the second dream from the first dream. Might sound a but confusing.
I hope to learn more about dreams and that I’ll have a real lucid dream some day (or night).

Hello everyone and :welcome: to ld4all, hope you will enjoy the stay :cool:

Bacon; at one point you will be good on the LD if you work for it and then can share the experience to others :wink:

Tyman; thats nice to hear that you like me have evolved with help from this site :tongue: hope to talk with you too ^^

Nori; a “half” LD can make it easier to get a “full” LD if you remember how you got the half LD :smile: eventually youll get an LD, believe yourself (also nice to see that youre from same area of countries as I am :grin: )

Hi, my name is Rebecca, i’m 14 and i just joined. Lucid dreaming kind of runs in my family. I have it all the time. I am not very experienced and most of the time, I end up seeing every scary thing I imagine. I found this website while searching for ways to relax in my dreams and son’t panic. I also saw a post about LD on 9gag and knew I was not alone.

Hello Rebecca :welcome: welcome to the forum.

‘don’t panic’ made me think of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy :spinning:

I’m sure that once you get more confident and start building on your natural lucidity, control of things that appear in your lucid dreams will become much easier.

So, I just discovered this forum, so whats up everybody, this is mah first post. And I have been on a journey for about a month or so to become lucid, with little success. Most of the issue is due to my awful dream recall. I made a journal about 2 days ago, yet I still barely remember any dreams. I’m thinking about trying binaural beats and some supplements to help aid in lucidity and dream recall. Does anybody have any tips on these and achieving lucidity overall?

:welcome: bhole97, you have started well with a dj and improving dream recall first.

There are lots of informative topics/tutorials in FAQs and Tutorials forum.

You may wish to start with Improving dream recall, “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader and Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques. There is even a Bwgen Tutorial :smile:

Finally Article Space The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members) is brilliant! :yay:

hey,im ALex,and as you can tell,im new here. i love fish(i have 3 tanks),im 14,and i read about lucid dreaming in readers digest a couple of weeks ago. i got really interested,and decided to try a method to normal dream i got froma friend on AA(aquariumadvice,not alcoholics anonymous lol), which is to repeat “i want to have a vivid dream,i want to remember my dream,i want to dream about _______”,and have met with limited success. i had a couple of dreams i recall,and one was semi lucid:) but not very. i have had a couple semi lucid dreams before,my best was when i was like 6 and flew around. last night i tried WILD(well,i think i did),but it didnt work. oh well. i want to have a completely lucid dream,and see cosmo(my dog,died a couple years ago). btw,my username on AA is alLexX,anyone else from AA here?

Hi AlLexX :smile:

[center]Hey guys :happy:, my name is William and Im 18 years old, and Ive been interested in LDs for over 3 years. But as i explain in this post ([Why am I not getting any LDs anymore?)), I havent been able to have a LD for like 3 months and dont know why… :confused: Maybe with your help i`ll get some answers :wink:, see ya! [/center]

Hi :smile:
I found this forum just tonight and right away decided to join.
I’ve been interested in dreams for as long as I can remember. Always curious about their meanings, and the patterns to them, etc. It’s always interesting and weird too, to look back at my dream journal months later and realize how weird some of those dreams seem after the fact.
I have had a few lucid dreams before but never yet figure doubt how to fully take control of them and really change the entire scene or anything like that. Also, it’s always been unintentional, though I do have the interest in the subject so perhaps the desire to begin LDing got through on a subconscious level. My hope now is to begin to get more serious about it, and hopefully learn how to really use dream-state for great things.

Hello everybody!

I have become “acquainted” with lucid dreaming since I was about 20 years old (I am 35 now). But it was rather erratic and unintended. It all started as a form of defense, I learned how to awake from nightmares, as soon as I realized I was dreaming. I soon developed quite a technique and it worked almost every time… except from the times when I awoke into a new dream and though it was reality. But more about this later.

Only recently I have discovered two great books about lucid dreaming and started to become very interested in pursuing lucid dreaming experiences. I will discuss more about it in other topics.

For now, I just wanted to say “Hi” to everyone and I hope we can share together our experiences.

Best, from Bucharest,

Hello, I’m obviously DWC_Ares, and I’m new here.
I know about Lucid Dreams since 3 Years, and spontaneously registered myself here.
This is probably the shortest post here, but there is nothing else to say about me.

Hello everyone.
Dreams have always been an important part of my life, for good and bad.
When I was in grade school I had nightmares nearly every day about people killing me. Twice in one week in these nightmares, right before death, I became lucid and escaped in rapture. Lucidity is such a liberating experience on its own, but here it was doubly so as it freed me from the oppression of these terrible dreams. The nightmares then became much less frequent and dwindled as time went on. I was young and didn’t understand it all too well and never talked to anyone about it.

20 years later I found out about LDs and was surprised there are actually techniques. I read casually for a little while. Not quite a year ago I got the LaBerge book and started a DJ. And since then I’ve had one and a half LDs. This is really important to me and I know I can do more. So I got online trying to find some help or inspiration and found this site…and here I am.

:wave: Welcome to LD4all Willken, Blazewind, Lorelei, DWC_Ares, and Hypnos’ Gogick!

I wish you all luck on your lucid journey :content:

I suppose I’d better say hi here too!

I’m from the UK. My experience with lucid dreaming is limited to one time when I was much younger saying “this is a dream, isn’t it?” during a dream as I walked with my parents, and then one time in April this year when I was lucid for a few seconds before waking up. Otherwise, there’s been a huge gap in pretty much all my teenage years up until 2012 when I remembered virtually no dreams at all.

I’m now steadily getting more and more into this lucid dreaming stuff, and I’ve amazed myself with how much my dream recall has improved over these past few months. Now I feel like I may be approaching a full LD. I do, however, have problems sometimes with getting to sleep so it could well prove to be a challenge! I’m highly motivated though.

These past few days I’ve really filled my head with all this stuff; as a result my dream recall has gone through the roof (bumping my dream diary up from around 1000 words to over 3,200) but I haven’t gotten close to lucidity. That’ll change soon.

So, greetings to all and best of luck with your lucid endeavours and adventures!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been into lucid dreaming for more or less 7 years now (gosh, has it been that long?). I used to browse ld4all a lot around 2005-2007 but sort of forgot all about lucid dreaming when I had lots of other stuff to think about. Now I’m back and determined to be more active, and making an account of my own to motivate me to stick with it. Luckily my dreams have continued to be numerous and vivid to this day (and recapping them in the morning to my boyfriend helps me remember them). I just started writing a dream journal again, after about 5 years. At least that’s a start!

Hi! Looks like I’m old enough to be everyone’s mother here! I wish I had known about LD when I was a teen. I discovered it by doing a web search about 6 months ago. For most of my adult life, I have experienced very bad/terror filled false awakening/paralysis when sleeping too late or napping, so I quit sleeping late or napping. I decided to see if I could find others who had a similar experience. I had never heard of a “false awakening” before. One site said that my experience was rather rare and a type 2 false awakening, and that people who do it could easily go into a Lucid Dream…I had never heard of a Lucid Dream but thought it sounded fantastic. I ordered a couple of books and devoured them and was able to have two LDs after about two months of keeping a dream journal and reading about it a lot. I’ve been very distracted/stressed lately, and have neglected my dream journal. The tips and stories on this site are great and have me motivated to focus again.

I want to LD that I am on Shark Tank and ask Mark Cuban to invest in my company. I would love to know what sort of “objective” feedback I could get from a dream investor! haha! I also want to re-visit a childhood event that I have had questions about most of my life b/c I don’t remember it clearly. Everyone I ask who was there has a different recollection. I wonder if I can remember it accurately in a dream. I haven’t found anyone who has addressed this. If you have any experience with trying to relive an event in a dream in order to remember details, I’d love to know. I’m happy to be here! Cheers!

Hello everyone, and :welcome: to the forum, I know that this site will be a huge help on your quest for lucidity. Ive only been here a couple of months myself and ive progressed a ton because of LD4all.
I wish you the best of luck.

I have had one lucid dream since I have tried to do it, and I would like to have more and share my stories with you. This seems like a great community with one topic everyone can talk about freely.

I joined this site a week or so ago, and was very pleased to find it. I am 61, and have been fascinated by dreams and dreaming all through my life. I’ve had few lucid dreams throughout my life, but those I have had have been riveting. I want to learn to induce lucid dreaming at will, and see joining this website as a step in that direction. I’m fascinated by the light that lucid dreaming throws on so-called reality; agree with the Gurdjieffian idea that we spend most of our “waking” time in daydreams etc, and that we need to wake up; also of course with the anecdote about Chuang-Tzu - was he a man who had awoken from a dream that he was a butterfly, or was he a butterfly now dreaming that he was a man.

Best wishes,