the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 71

:wave: Hello WasPeace1 and Epona77, welcome to the forum.

Sends lucid vibes to WasPeace1 :spinning:

Epona77, I had only had 3 LDs prior to joining LD4all in my 40s. Since then (although I am far from a natural :tongue: ) I have had 40 more. You may wish to post in the over 30 topic (link in my signature).

thanks for the warm welcome Moogle! I started trying the wake back to bed method over the weekend as that was what got me my last two lucid dreams, but no lucid dreams this weekend. Very odd dreams, but not truly lucid. I will persist. I am not a natural at this for sure. I am grateful for the excellent recall and vividness of my normal dreams though.

Greetings from Russia! I’m Andrew, 34 years old.
after i’ve seen the chain of strange dreams (3 or 4 monts ago) i started to surf net - to make long story short - now i’m here.
moreover, past 2 weeks i’ve seen even 3 or 4 lucid_dreams. the main thing for me is - I can’t understand what it means. or what should i do. sometimes just to think about it is enough to see LD… most o’the time i can’t recall my dream not to mention to realize myself in it.
anyway i want to know more about, it’s something new and oustanding.

Hello everybody! I’m so glad to be a part of this community!

I’ve known about LDs for at least 3 years now and I would go through stretches of attempting them! I’ve had one LD that was really short because I woke myself up in excitement :sad: right now I am doing a speech on how to LD for school and I’ve learned so much and am super excited to try and have some more LDs! :smile: I don’t remember my dreams a whole lot but I am keeping a dream journal right now.

Hi, I’m new here :razz:

I’m TheDoubleCrosser, AKA Kevin. I learned about Lucid Dreaming actually a year ago, and when I “did my LD research” I would come across this site again and again. The community seems great, and considering I’m restarting my quest to Lucid Dream (again) I decided to join! Super glad to be here :happy:

:wave: hello Andrey_55, jmr 11b and TheDoubleCrosser, welcome to ld4all. :grouphug:

There is a lot of useful help in the FAQ and Tutorial forum.
Improving dream recall will help with improving recall.

Keeping a journal will help and don’t forget to set the intention to recall the dreams BEFORE going to sleep and to stay still on waking to give yourself time to remember those elusive dream memories. :content:

… and we are super glad to have you :spinning:

I hope you all enjoy your time on ld4all. Good luck on your lucid quests. :thumbs:

Cool you do freerunning? :happy: thats interesting, i also do it myself and i actually got to this website because i heard you can practice flips etc. in lucid dreams!
but thats not to the topic of course :happy: i am sorry

So I thought I’d introduce myself? Hi!

Hi, I’m new here !
I’m 18 years old and I live in Belgium. I study psychology at University in Brussels. I learned about the existence of lucid dreams not long ago by a friend. And I’m quite interested by the subject.
I didn’t do any LD’s yet. I’m training myself with the reality checks and writing down my dreams.
I hope I will learn a lot from this forum :smile:


I’m Niki, native New Orleanian currently residing in Boulder, Colorado (US). Job: Writer; Sport: Roller Derby; Hobbies: Knitting, Spinning, Video Games (and probably more that aren’t coming to mind right now).

I’ll be 38 this year and I’ve been recording my dreams on and off since before I was 11. I used to be obsessed with LDs and OBEs in my teens and early 20s, but somehow lost track of it all over time. Today I was thinking, and blogging, about the similarities between dream recall and writing practice–namely, that both get easier the more I tell my subconscious that I want to do 'em–and that let to revisiting a favorite dream journal software website, and that led to me coming here.

I was just going to lurk quietly and read the latest posts before bed each night to get my head back into the LD game, but then I saw the LD4all Quest thread and that seemed far too much fun not to participate in. So… hi!

Funny story: I have kind of a pet peeve about RCs based on the premise that “if you can do it, you must be awake” or “you can’t do X, Y or Z in dreams” (e.g. reading, successfully turning on lights, sitting still, checking the clock). It goes back to when I first read LaBerge’s first book and was overheard yelling at the page, “Don’t tell people what they can’t do in dreams! They might get that lodged in their heads and not be able to do it anymore and it will be your fault! Argh!” (The book may have hit the wall at that point.) I promise to keep my pet peeve under control, though! I will ensure my pet peeve observes proper forum etiquette, argues respectfully and gently, and never ever bites anyone.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Looking forward to making everyone’s acquaintance,

Welcome everyone, you’re going to love it here. We have a really great, helpful community and they’ll make sure you feel at home.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have, just be sure to see ifthere’s already a thread first! :happy:
We’re teeming with information, it’s bursting out the sides. Try our articles and tutorials section especially for new ideas. :content:

I hope you like it here.

Hi, everybody.
I’m Aerogoat, and I’m sixteen years old. I live in Virginia in the US, and I’m currently a high school student. I’ve known about LDs since I was about seven, but I only learned the proper name of it a few years ago. That being said, I haven’t had very many at all. But hopefully now that I’m actively thinking about them, I’ll have a whole lot more.
Nice to meet you all! :smile:

Hi everybody! I was 14 yars old and I am verry interesting about the LD. My english has very bas , but I will try to be understandable with a good french/english dictionnary!
This is it!^^ I will try to fall asleep more quickly because I do not know how I might make LD if I continue at this way -.-

I hope posting in a very old topic doesn’t put you off making future posts. The off topic post now been moved into here. You may like to search for the free running/parkour topic.

:welcome: Hello bananarama, Valdyn, Posae, vortexae, Aerogoat and Ashaya. I hope you all enjoy your time on ld4all. :smile:

Hello :hugs:

Don’t forget to post your first lucid dream on the forum :thumbs:

Well the RC thing, unless you are a ‘natural’, your logic/thinking is a bit fuzzy n dreams and it’s a way of proving to yourself that you ARE dreaming. I can think in normal dreams so until I get the proof via a RC I don’t take that leap into lucidity.

I agree with the ‘you can’t’ thing. My lights work in dreams and I can usually read etc. :scream: :happy:

:yes: I believe that will happen. You may want to explore the FAQ and tutorial forum for some good advice.

Hello Ashaya. Your English will improve through your using the site. There is a link to the old French LD4all. You can’t post anymore, but all the topics and information can still be read.

hello! im not quite sure what I’m doing with these forums things yet, but i do love talking about lucid dreaming so thought id give it a go!

Welcome sierramist im sure you’ll have an awesome time here as the community seems as awesome as it was when i left years ago.

:welcome: Welcome to the forum. I see from your other post that you are a natural LDer. You may get some new ideas about what to do in LDs from the adventures forum and especially from the list of old LD4all monthly quests.

Hi everybody! I am new here and from writing from Portugal, so forgive my bad spelling. I am almost 35 years old but not a lucid dreamer. I have some lucid dreams once in a while and sometimes they are something between the normal dreams and lucid dream. I am also a good recollector of dreams because I remember lots of dreams everynight. Its kind of a natural thing in me.

I also had other “sleeping stuff” like sleep paralysis, night terrors, 1 or 2 almost-oobe experiences, hypnagogic hallucinations and even some strange stuff like seeing things around me with my eyes closed (probably just some kind of hypnagogic hallucination), etc. I had also lots of premonition dreams: i dream with something, wake up and then, later in that day, my dream will happen; and I am not talking about normal stuff, but very specific things that are not probable to happen everyday.

So, thats me!

Oh, and by the way, my nickname comes from a dream I had that I think its my “oniric symbol” (I think thats the correct name, oniric symbol).

:wave: hello WildElephant, welcome to the forum. It would be interesting to read that dream, you may like to post it in Why your user name - part V

I hope you enjoy your time here. :smile:

Thanks for your welcome :smile:

I will check the link you gave.