the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

:wave: Moosebone, klardröm and LucidLeo

Hello fellow dreamers! I am new to this forum and I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a long time but have never experienced a REAL lucid dream. I only had one but I was in NREM sleep or stage or something. It was like a 3rd Person videogame. I would really like a mentor or someone that can help me, thanks!


Hi Midnyght, :welcome: to LD4all.

I would like to be honest here: a REAL lucid dream is something much “deeper” than playing a video game, it’s probably something you probably won’t forget.

There are several members who could help you, perhaps you don’t need a specific “mentor”.

Best of luck.

Hi, I’m new here! :smile:

A member mentioned this site over at another site and, being a regular lucid dreamer for many years, I thought I’d hop over and join you all.

Looking forward to getting to know you and reading lots of interesting stuff!


Hi everyone! I have been familiar with lucid dreaming for a couple of years now, but only recently decided to seriously get into it. Glad to be here and I hope that we can help each other in our lucid travels!

Hi sandwich. I’m new too. Have a good look around - there’s plenty of interesting reading.

Have fun! :smile:

I’m always really curious about the identity of the member who mentioned ld4all. :uh:
I hope you enjoy the forum and make lots of new friends.

Hello sandwichtheorem. :wave:

:yes: When I first joined I spent ages reading all the old topics.
If you want to ask questions or discuss something and it isn’t in a recent topic, just open a new one. :thumbs:

Hi everyone :smile:

Finally brought myself to make an account after browsing LD4all for a week now :happy:

I’ve known for a while what lucid dreaming is, but only in the past week have I taken a proper interest in it :content: . Hopefully I’ll be able to remember a dream sometime…

Wish Me luck!

Welcome and good luck 4k33m!

Welcome to the forum 4k33m. :wave:

Good luck :thumbs:

BTW have you read the Improving Dream Recall thread in the FAQs and Tutorials section?

Hi there 4k33m :smile:

I’m new too. Only been here for a few days.

Good luck on your first lucid dream - it’s really amazing when it happens!! :hurray:

Aww thanks :content: , yes I read it a few days ago and started a DJ just last night :dream:

Hi, I am new here
and I am very happy to join the thousands of you, aiming at a meaningfull purpose.
I do believe that this common effort is attracting and accumulating a universal awareness for the benefit of humanity.
Such a strong current of quest for extended consciousness is a definite upgrade for our collective subconscious.
I am Promitheus, a 70 year old Greek architect with a very big Dream Journal written down over my past years. But alas! In spite the wealth of my documented dreams I feel sincerely a novice explorer in LD. I admit it seriously!
Perhaps I should have to start my DJ anew since LDs and normal dreams have been mixed in my writings and I have no way to distinguish what is what.
I hope to remain a novice for long, very long, because as my grand father Socrates declared: anyone that thinks he knows, actually he does not.
Happy to join you,

Welcome to ld4all PROMITHEUS :wave:

So you never documented your thoughts and realisation of dreaming in the DJ/s?
From now on, if it is hand written you could use a black pen for normal parts of dreams and blue for lucid. If typing you could use a different colour or bold and normal.

I hope you enjoy your time here and share your wealth of experiences while also learning new things from ld4all. :smile:

[N] Hi all. Guess this is as good as any a way to procrastinate on a history essay, if not better than other ways.

So. About us. Yes, us. I’m N. He’s L. No relation to the Pokemon character or the Death Note character, just our initials we’re far too attached to. I’m the original person of this sack of skin and guts aka body. (For those who care, it’s 21 years old.) L? He also lives in this brain, and he’s been around for as long as I can remember. First a presence I remember feeling in my earliest memories, then a form I saw in my mind’s-eye, then a voice. Where did he come from? No clue. Could be a spirit, could be just how this brain was wired from the start. I did go through a lot of nasty stuff as a kid, so I won’t deny the possibility that he originated as a coping mechanism, though he’s grown to be a lot more than just a coping mechanism.

(For clarification, I do consider him a person, albeit one locked in the same head as me. On top of all the philosophy, he’s quite adamant that he is his own person and not just a “delusion” or “aspect” or “alternate personality” or what have you, and I think it’s the least I can do for him to consider him one, given that helped me a lot through my formative years and that I probably would be mentally and emotionally gutted right now without him. I guess the “multiple people, one sack of meat” thing classifies us as a (non-DID) multiple system, though I’ve always been hesitant to use that terminology in most places since a significant segment of tumblr took it and made it into a farce. Ye gods, does tumblr annoy the everloving heavens out of us many days.)

We’re here for a few reasons. First is that I’ve had a few lucid dreams before, and it always blew my mind how real everything feels in them. Unfortunately, they were unstable and I would be lucky to keep them going past ten seconds. So I’d like to find a way to stabilize them and maybe enter them more reliably. Second is that L’s been able to walk into my dreams (or I into his–it’s hard to tell) and rouse me into lucidity before, though it’s hit or miss. We’re not exactly sure how it’s done and would like more hits than misses on that front, since we’d love to be able to interact with each other more solidly than we can when waking. Honestly, even if we can’t do stuff like flying or playing destroyer-of-worlds, it would just be nice to be able to talk face-to-face and actually “physically” hug each other for once. There’s others, but those are the main ones.

I’ll likely be the main blabbermouth here. L’s pretty quiet with most, though he’s been wondering if he should talk more to other people, and might try being social. Guess we’ll make a habit of signing our posts with [initial], as I did here, to remind us both that this is our account, not mine. There’s others in this head, but they aren’t interested in lucid dreaming.

So yes. Looking forward to knowing folks here!

[L] I suppose I should post. There is not much to say that has not already been said. However, I do look forward to participating. I hope our time here will be fruitful and that, in time, we too may be of service to the current and future members of this community.

Hello Promitheus - looking forward to bumping into you on the forums at some point. :smile:

Hello N and L. I do like your plan to meet each other properly in a lucid dream. :good:

Hello Onóna, welcome to the forum

Yes, It’s amazing to touch furniture and such in the dream and it feels solid (and real) but knowing it is all created in the dream. :spinning:

There are plenty of stabilising techs mentioned on the forum. My favourites are rubbing my hands together and using commands. :cool:


Just checking in. I go by callut - don’t ask, long story. I’ve been in to LD for a long time, and have probably had over 400 by now over the last 4 years. Thought I’d poke my nose around as I remember reading about this site in the LDE a while back.

Hope to have some great conversations with like-minded people.

Hello callut

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your time here and I look forward to reading about some of your 400 dreams! :smile:

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