the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

hi everyone, I’m new here. I’ve been LD’ing for about 2 years now, and hope to continue to work on my quest for lucidity and further understanding of myself so i can further help others. I will be very active, and hope to contribute as much to yall as you can to me. :smile:

Hi everybody !
I’m Dreamyx, glad to see you again. I had another account that got stuck for some stupid reason (I still didn’t get it) and all my messages were erased… Sad :sad:
I’m coming back (1year later) because I feel the need to experiment LD’s again (starting by writing a dream journal, I really have some serions doubts about it! Can I write a daily journal?). Well, I hope holidays will help ! Yes, because I’m 17 and I can still enjoy holidays (no offense to anybody!).
I remember a great community here, with lot of help and interresting subjects to talk about. I really want to open my self to something else you learn at school. I want to learn things by myself, try doing something new and new ways to think. Meet people that have a better opinion of the world that these stupid “politican” talking on the radio all the day long !
I want to see the world another way, and thanks to the internet (and holidays), I guess it’s the right time to do it!
I’m sure to really enjoy this community!
Excuse my poor english, and my ios “auto-corrector”, who knows only french…
See you soon, between light and shadows, walking on path made of dreams.

Hello Repose, welcome to ld4all. I’m sure you will enjoy your time here, it’s a great community.

Have you tried messaging Q (link to profile) with the details? she might be able to get the old account active again.

Good luck with your LD quest :thumbs:

Thanks ! I tried to message Qu, but it seems I couldn’t get anything back from my old profile anyway.
See you !

Hello all I’m Keela and I’m very excited to explore your forums and converse with your natives.

Dreamwalker since before I could walk. Mostly what many have come to refer to as that “in between” sort of lucid dreaming. I wake up remembering that I made lucid choices with an analytic mind but have no memory of taking control. Lots of that.

Looking to fix that (not to say my way isn’t stupendous already). My current goals as stated below are to banish my alarm, read LD materials before bed, get to sleep before 11 and get back to listening to my inner ear to achieve HI.

Fun fact: Watched ‘Fargo’ finally at twenty-six years old. That’s a damn fine film. You betcha.

Welcome to ld4all Keela. :grouphug:

You may be interested in taking part in the current ld4all quest - LD4all Quest 93: July: Revisit a Dream… Revisited!.

We also have Movie thread Part IV in lounge

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

Hello everybody! Glad to be here. Didn’t knew where to make my entrance… so i picked up the general forum. Hope i didn’t made a mistake!

Getting into the stuff, i was a lucid dreamer since i was 16. I stopped doing that at the age of 20 (there was a lot going on…) but never losed the skills. Now that i am more relaxed, i’m going back to the good habits of LD. The fact is that, just the other night, i succeded being lucid, after processing as i used to. The fact is that i couldn’t look up! I was like floating in an horizontal position and unable to move anything but my eyes… Sort of sleep paralysis, but stranger, cause i wasn’t afraid. The only thing i could do was staring at the ground… Meh… Any suggestion is welcome!
Thank you all.


Merged in from General Lucidness :ysim:

Welcome MEDEA!

I’ve recently come off a long break from being too busy to LD. :tongue: My first LD after getting back into it felt much less stable and controllable than most of my previous. In my case, I’m sure it’s just a matter of needing to build up better recall and general awareness.

It sounds to me like you weren’t quite fully asleep. Being in a very light sleep can sometimes bleed things happening IRL into the dream. (eg: lingering SP inside the dream). SP isn’t always accompanied by fear, especially if you’re sort of in a dream.

Good luck! :ysim:

Woah, thanks Ysim, very cheerful reply! :wink: Also, headache after waking up. I think is normal, right? For me i guess it’s like trying to turn on a car that hasn’t been working for a long time, and takes a few tries to get the engine heaten up.
Anyway, i won’t rush.

Hiya everyone!! :happy:

I’ve been consciously lucid dreaming on and off for a few years now, and I’m in an “on” period in my life again :smile:

I can go into Sleep Paralysis at will, and WILD is no real biggie to me anymore. I would do it every night, if it didn’t terrify me. I did an experiment 2 years ago, where I WILDed every night and I noticed that the more often I did it, the more intense the hallucinations were in the hypnagogic state.
I’ve always been scared of hallucinations (the idea of seeing things that aren’t there simply terrifies me), so I’ve been stuck with no WILDs for a while now. And I’ve also not had any spontaneous (DILD) lucid dreams.

That made me kinda sad, so I’m willing to give it another shot. I’m keeping a pen-and-paper dream diary, but I figured I might as well keep a digital one. And why not on a forum where other people can see the weirdness that is my dreamworld as well? Share the weird, right? :wink:

I’ll be all over this forum, so you’ll see more of me :wink:

Hello, I’m Jakob from Germany. I’ve been a long time member on another Lucid Dreaming forum, but then for certain reasons I decided to leave that forum. Long story.

I’ve been lucid dreaming for many years. The thing with me is, I get involved in LDing for a month or two, then I suddenly stop for a year or so, and then I get back into it again, etc. etc., it’s just on and off, on and off. Now I’m gaining motivation to start working on it again, and I wonder how long it’ll last.

I think I will enjoy my stay here.


:wave: welcome to the forum MEDEA

What a predicament to be in. :help: I suppose you could keep WILD to just the weekends to keep the intensity low? I hope you find a balance or manage to eliminate the fear.

I hope you enjoy your time on ld4all.

:wave: hello Jakobism
I hope you keep the motivation for longer this time. :thumbs: If you keep a dream journal, maybe reading old LDs will keep the motivation high?

Also we have the monthly lucid quest and also a lucidity challenge both of which could help with motivation.

Hello everyone!
I first read about lucid dreaming about a year ago, but didn’t think too much about it. I have sporadically had LDs for as long as I can remember, and I always got a bit too excited, and woke up. I thought that there had to be a way to keep control, and actually control the dreams. That lead to me looking around and now I’m here!
I’ve looked around on the forum, and I’m hoping that this will be fun!

Any tips for a newbie LDer?

WBTB (wake back to bed) is your friend :happy: It really increases the chance of getting a LD. Also remember to use a few good stabilising techs once lucid
Rubbing hands together
Using commands (eg More Lucidity, Increase Vividness)
Touching/feeling dream objects
Also take the time to read the FAQs and tutorials on the forum.

I hope you enjoy your time here :yay:

:dragon: Hello, everyone! I’m Pixel Pi. I got my username from two things I love: Programming (Hence Pixel, I also like to make pixel art), and (Also name of subconscious/Spirit guide) Pi-3.141592653589793238… I will often make my words colourful. I’ve been Lucid dreaming since I was a kid, and occasionally, I would control my dreams. Now, as I am older (11), I will achieve a high level of lucidity in most of my dreams. If you’d like to know more about me…
I am a big Harry Potter fan
I play The Blockheads
I love dragons, gryffins, and phoenixes.
I am an exceptional nerd (Who finds revising physics papers interesting :yaaawn: :twirl: )
A colour’s hex code (Or what’s it called :tongue:) is really fun to find…
Erm… I’d like to include more about me, such as I am a pacifist and misanthrope, but I really want to get to my dream journal :smile:

Hello Pixel Pi, welcome to ld4all.

You may wish to start a dream journal in our dream journal forum. :smile:

I hope you enjoy your time here. We have on topic and off topic forums … and the playground. If you have any questions just ask. :spinning:

Heyo fellow LD’ers.

im new as you can tell this is my second forum ever haha!
Ive always been interested in dreaming since a young age but only the past 3 years have I been focusing on LD.
Im in need of answers but also to hopefully get a better understanding from personal experiences from others.
Ive never read guides or anything of the sort, ive simply “trained” myself and now im here to share and discuss as I am the only one of everyone I know who can LD.

Hi my good people my name is Asia, and I’m a newbie on this site as well as lucid dreaming. Which seems pretty scary to me, but I’m ready to try it, though I don’t know what to do fully. :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :wiske: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :help: :help: :help: :colgate: :colgate: :thumbs: :thumbs:

Hi AsiaCee.

Being newbie is not that bad, at least when it comes to dreams, experiencing all this crazy and awesome things for the first time is really something to strive for.

Don’t be scared, have a positive mindset and things will fall into place. Also the most important thing give time to everything you are trying, don’t rush things, take every experience in to the fullest and then make assumptions…

If you have any questions just ask…

Oh and welcome! :content:

Thank you and if I need anything I will be sure to ask you :smile: :content: :content: