the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

Thank you huggles

Welcome to ld4all :wave: and it seems your luck has now changed :yay:

Link to I did it!!! :grin:

Hey guys and girls, i’m brand new to this site, i used to experiment with lucid dreaming about a year or so ago but only achieved one, had to stop since i didn’t have the time for it anymore but i’ve decided to give it all another go! :wink:
Made myself a new DJ and started recording stuff 2 days ago, sweet to meet yous all

Hi im connor. Im 13 yo and have never had a ld. Thats why I would really appreciate tips and guides from you more experienced lds (lucid dreamers). THANKS.

Hi Connor! :welcome:

The FAQs and tutorials are here if you haven’t found them already. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered in any of them (or elsewhere on the site), you can post it here.

:welcome: to AdamTheTiki and 12luciddream? :grouphug:

During busy periods, you don’t need to fully stop, Just set the intention to lucid dream and think about it whenever you naturally wake in the night. :content:
You have already had one LD AdamTheTiki, so it can only get better. :thumbs: since you KNOW it is possible and that you have done it.

12luciddream? I think the best articles are

Just so you know-> I got into lucid dreaming around a month ago. I had a few “kind of?” successes but nothing official. I’ve been doing a lot of research though and thought joining a forum on LDing might help me out and be fun.
If anyone wants to give a newbie some pointers, pm me! I’m really willing to learn and would appreciate it. Or just post a hi on here. That’d be cool, too.

Hello and welcome kitdow, :welcome:

I am a very kind LD master, but you don’t need to ask members directly when it’s about LDing, we prefer to share the knowledge.

If you have any questions about how to get LDs, do not be afraid to post on Quest for Lucidity.
However, it is also recommended to try searching the forums before planning to ask something very simple.

Yeah, that makes sense. I wasn’t planning on asking people direct questions though (I’m aware of the search bar and other parts of the site). Mainly I just wanted to explain that I’m new and, like, not very good at LDing XD
But thank you.

Hello there,

I’m 21 and I’ve been fascinated to lucid dreams ever since I heard about them in high school (accidentally overhearing a classmate talking about his experiences). I was 17 at the time. I learned the basics quickly: I had no problems with becoming lucid, but have never made a huge progress in changing the environment and interacting with elements of my dreams. Looking back, I made a bad beginner’s mistake - I learned how to become lucid, but not how to vividly remember my dreams, which made the whole adventure pretty weird and blurry.
I dropped my “LD training” due to lack of time and (more importantly) because of frequent sleep paralysis. I hated it, was deadly afraid of it and completely stopped working on my dream awareness.
And now, a few years later, here I am, wanting to start once again and to have it done right. Although, I’m afraid it may take much more time, seeing how I don’t have time to sleep properly which caused my dream recall to get even worse.
But hey, most importantly, I want to meet some people sharing my interests :smile:

I also want to warn and apologize that English is not my primary language and I can be not so great in it, but I am doing my best :smile:

:wave: hello kitdow and awery :content: welcome to ld4all

Hi kitdow :grin: everyone can improve their lding frequency. I’m not a natural and had only had 3 lds before joining the forum. We have a first LD topic in the dream journal forum and also a 'your most interesting ld topic. Both can be very inspiring. :content:

Awery, if you hadn’t mentioned it, I would never know that English wasn’t your first language. :woo:
To help with recall, we have
Sticky: the BIG remembering dreams topic part VI
there is also a short Improving Dream Recall in the FAQ/tutorial forum.
To help with quality, this is a brilliant article
Techniques for Longer Lucid Dreams [by Robert Waggoner]

I hope you both enjoy your time on ld4all. :peek:

Thank you, it’s nice to hear, even if, you know, if we actually spoke with each other, you wouldn’t have any doubts (this russian-ish, slavic accent of mine) : D

And thank you for the links, it will make everything much easier :smile: I’ve always blamed the blurry dreams on the fact that I don’t have the best visual imagination. I mostly imagine things with words, as sort of a tale told by a narrator, but imagining a detailed look of a place or a person is complicated to me. When I am in a dream, even when it’s a lucid one and if I was able to remember it, I often feel like in an empty space, with my mind trying to fill the blanks, but without much success.

So… if it is possible to train and fix, I would be damn happy :wink:
Once again, hello everyone :smile:

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Goyette and have recently started practicing my DR and working on entries into my DJ. No LD’s as of yet but I am confident and hopeful that with time and effort I can dream like some of the amazing people i’ve read about on these forums. Any advice would be more than welcome. I am currently working on enhancing my awareness in my WL as to be more aware of the “strangeness” of my dreams while I am inside them and spontaneously become lucid. I’m not %100 sure if I am posting this correctly so feel free to let me know if I have done something wrong.

Hello everyone

I’m Atmic and I discovered lucid dreaming as a child, or more accurately, lucid discovered me. That was 15 years ago and I’ve gone from being utterly terrified by the experience to understanding and controlling it. I regularly experience spontaneous lucid dreams and also self induce astral projections at least once a week. I believe this is something anyone can do, given time and practice.

I’m a firm believer that dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection are all the same thing, with the only difference between the experiences being the dreamer/projectors level of consciousness at the time. I’m also a believer in the union of science and spirituality and believe that one day they will also be one in the same.

Despite my experience, I’m far from arrogant and definitely not all knowing. I decided to join this community to add to my knowledge and to share with others what I’ve discovered so far.

I’m hopeful that you guys will help me find my place :smile:

Hi there, forum of people.

My name’s Phil. I started keeping a DJ 3 days ago, and so far I’ve got 3 dreams and a couple of disconnected images in 3 nights, so that’s exciting. This isn’t the first time I’ve started a DJ, but it is the first time I’ve put any effort or forethought into it. Also working on RC, which is not as exciting, but which I’m finding not particularly cumbersome either. In some ways, it’s good to be checking in occasionally with how I am perceiving life around me.

I’m not worried about becoming lucid as quickly as possible. Honestly, my non-lucid dreams are pretty awesome, so I’d be psyched if I could just remember them more often and more vividly.

I don’t know if I’m looking to find deeper meanings or anything like that, but I am hoping to find great stories in myself, experience some things that are impossible, more productively use a third of my life, and maybe learn how to make the rest of my life better. Cheers.

Welcome to forum Alex, Atmic and Phil! :welcome:

Solid plan. Visualize becoming lucid every now and then. Add oddness to the visualization so your mind tags it important and you recall it better. For example: “I’m in school. The teacher has a tail and is disarming a nuclear bomb. I can hear a siren outside. I wonder if this is a dream and look at my hands. Fingers are joined together and sway in the air. I realize I’m dreaming and I feel really happy. Then I… insert your desired goal here” Your SC might catch it and dreaming about it can help you a lot even if doesn’t make you lucid. Welcome to ld4all!

Congrats on your lucid dreaming! I haven’t read that much about astral projecting, but I hope to learn a lot from your posts. Welcome to the forum! :content:

Hi Phil! I started out with the same mindset. I dreamed about planet-sized monsters, foreign planets + game and movie inspired stuff. Just writing them down kept me motivated, but the first good lucid dream was the thing that pushed me to these forums. Your attitude is good. You don’t stress about becoming lucid. That helps, because some of us create mental blocks when we try too much. Good luck on your lucid dreaming journey and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the welcome Letaali. Sound advice, I will be trying to visualize myself having a lucid dream while I’m at work today :happy: maybe it will make the day go by a bit faster :razz:

Hi! my name is Julia am 17 years old girl from Sweden!
I fond this website and i thought it is a great way for me to get a lucid dream.
:content: :cool: :grin: :woo: :happy:
:astral: :seer: :wolf: :fly:
Working with MILD right now.
Love Julia

Welcome to the forum Julia! :welcome: Good luck on your lucid dreaming journey. This is a great place to find inspiration, motivation and talk about dreaming.

I’m new! Trying to learn lucidity again! Good luck to me and you! :smile: