the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 72

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Hey everyone, Caldera here!

About a year ago I discovered that it was possible to become awake in a dream while your mind is asleep, and obsessed over the idea of having a lucid dream for months. However, nothing seemed to be working for me I pretty much gave up. The desire to have a lucid dream still nagged at me when I got ready for bed each night, but I didn’t put any further effort into inducing one.

Now, thanks to a spontaneous false awakening I had two weeks ago that left me confused and in awe at the vividness of the experience, I’m glad to say that the lucid dreaming community has once again caught my attention! Five days ago I had my first true lucid dream. It was very short, only lasting about twenty seconds or so before fading, but it was extraordinary! I can’t believe how your mind manages to fill in those tiny little details! I didn’t remember it at first, but when I had been awake for about 10 minutes and couldn’t dismiss the feeling that I had forgotten something, it just came to me! I was grinning like an idiot for the rest of the morning! :razz:

Can’t wait to have another, and hopefully it’ll be longer next time!

Hello Caldera!

I really like False Awakenings, and I can assure you that they can be more fun than annoying (yes some of them are).

Good luck and may the FA be with you.

Hello everyone,
My name is Bart-Jan I’ve never recalled much of my dreams so working hard on that right now. I can’t wait to lucid dream and its really interesting to learn more about it especially since i’m also studying biology. This forum seemed like a good place to learn how to lucid dream and spend some time talking about dreams.


I was pointed here after mentioning wanting to start a dreaming-related blog. I’m just a girl (I’m 27, but calling myself a woman feels wrong lols) who happens to easily recall my dreams. I might come here to share what I dream about, if that’s okay.

Maybe even learn if dreaming is related to me being tired all the time. XD

Welcome Melaniipon! I’m sure you’ll find there’s lots of information about dreams here which might help you with your question. Take a look around in the the stuff dreams are made of sub-forum for stuff about dreams and sleep in general.

Also… I can’t wait to read your dreams! :happy: :wink:

Hi y’all!

My name is Kosenu (well, not actually, but call myself Kosenu). Ever since I was a child I have always remembered a lot of dreams, and since they’ve always intrigued me, I decided to finally do something with them, and try lucid dreaming!

Hello all the February people :wave:
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Hello everyone! Well, I created this account a few years ago in general interest in lucid dreaming but barely touched it, with about ~10 posts if that, so consider me new! :smile: However, after having someone I cared much about leave my life, I decided to pursue lucid dreaming with dedication, as well as talk to some interesting people!

Hello! MR. Awe here
i usually dont do introductions but since i wouldnt mind gathering a crew i might as well.

among other things … lucid dreaming is part of my passion, im greatly into exploring and experimenting it, if you are not just lucid dreaming for fun - which is a great goal to lucid dream for! but one can not ignore the vast potential lucid dreaming possess! please contact me here or through a PM id like to organize a group of excited people about this subject and see how far we can go.

aside form that i really hope this site is active, being surrounded by lucid dreamers does feel warm and fuzzy :spinning:

Hello Hyzoran. I’m sorry to hear of your loss.
Welcome back and good luck with your lucid quest.

Hello Awe, I think ALL the ld4all members make me feel warm and fuzzy. :smile: Glad to have you aboard.

Just joining this site as the last community I was in kind of lacked what I was looking for. I hope to make friends on here and deepen my understanding of lucid dreaming farther. ~.~

Welcome to ld4all Noxy. I hope you find what you are looking for on ld4all. :spinning:

I looked at several lucid dream and astral travel web sites before settling on Ld4all. I lurked here for weeks before subscribing. The search function provided enough data to occupy my thinking without comment from me. It was not that I had nothing to say, but that there is too much. Also, I was uncertain how to answer the profile question “LD count.” An answer finally occurred to me and now it won’t wait. The best answer I can give is 1. In arriving at that answer I reviewed again and again in my memory a lifetime’s worth of dreams. It always came down to ‘I don’t know,’ which is little better than saying nothing. Looking at the question from a different perspective I have arrived at a positive answer. The number is 1 -but I cannot say with certainty that “I had” the lucid dream -or if it was elicited by another person. I am certain I have never repeated that type of dream, and yet it is a fact, an unexplained enigma. My next step therefore is to throw the matter out for public discussion.

Welcome to the forum jiva. Will you be posting that dream in the dream journal forum?

A lucid dream is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming while in the dream. I had only had 3 very short lds before joining ld4all and that was over the expanse of 46 years :peek:

By the way don’t worry about posting in the wrong place, it only takes a moderator seconds to move a topic :wink:

Yes, I will; that’s a good idea. I have been following my dreams for a long time. I have read countless dreams by others. It is becoming clear to me (at least cognitively) that there is a distinct difference between common dreams and lucid dreams. I hope to separate the common dreams of my sleep consciousness from the signs of lucidity. In other words, I hope to avoid writing about nonsense in the dream journal, whatever it may signify. I don’t mean to be negative, just to be negative, but I have to say I am bored to death of story-telling.

Hi, I’m new here. Recently I had a lucid dream after a long period of disinterest in lucid dreaming, meaning I had sort of forgotten about it for a bit. I spontaneously became lucid a few days ago, however. I hope to learn a lot and have many more lucid dreams.

Welcome to ld4all Ryuka. Congrats on your lucid dream!

Hello! I’m new here… Sorta, have been here about a few days posting my dreams that span about a week. I have never had an issue remembering dreams, I just have to put in the effort to write them down… as writing them down and then typing them up and color-coding everything and editing all typos can take me anywhere from one to one and a half hours. I used to lucid dream very regularly, especially when I was doing more meditation and staying aware of the present type stuff. So yea, that’s it… Just hoping to connect more in the present moment and in my dreams.

Hello and :welcome: TheUniversalOne.

Congratulations on your LDing successes. Also don’t worry if you aren’t LDing as much as you used to, I am sure you can improve it (eventually… as it can take a while but do not give up).

Good luck!