The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 75

Thanks you moogle, i’m happy to read you’r dream journal too. :wink:

Might want to keep it to the Lucid Leap DJ, just LDs in that one. :peek:

Yet, another forum I joined. Well I am hoping to become active on the other forums I am on but, I might be able to handle a few more. A lot of people call me Pebble for short or Lil Pebble. I am an artist and a writer. I wanted to start experementing with lucid dreaming because I want to take my Tulpamancy to the next level I have several tulpas. To keep this short I will be sure to create a basic description of them all in my public diary on blogger.
The art that I do is traditional mixed media. I am confident in graphite/charcoal but, I am still learning color pencil, and acrylic painting. I normally use mixed media paper because canvas does not work on light box’s for transferring my sketches. I mostly create fantasy creatures and still life. I hope to become confident with landscapes and not just futuristic city settings.
As for my writing, I write two blogs, I keep a private dairy, and I am working on a book series I hope to self publish. My book series is a scifi fantasy where there is both magic and advanced technology. I am also spiritual at times in my writing. Hopefully no one minds because I can’t separate my wonderland from my beliefs. When I manage to learn how to lucid dream I may not be able to keep my spiritual life out of it. I joined this forum because I was inspired by the fact “respect peoples beliefs” is in the rules here. I hope my beliefs can be tolerated. I will respect yours as well.

:yes: There is a personal beliefs topic current part if you wish to make a post or two.

Hope you enjoy your time on ld4all. :content:

Hi All,

Thought I would introduce myself, I go by Sam (Or DreamMystic if you’d prefer :smile: ) I’m new to the forum, but I’ve had an interest in LDing for a while now. I’m somewhat familiar with the basics of some of the induction techniques but I’ve never had much luck on my own. I’m really looking forward to diving in, chatting with you all and hopefully getting some lucid dreams under my belt!

Hello DreamMystic welcome to the forum.
If your recall is ok, I would recommend joining LC65 which will begin soon. It will motivate you to do reality checks and a short meditation daily. Also you will get to know some forum members better.
Link - [LC 65 - The Great Library! Books found: 38)

Thanks Moogle, I’ll check it out! :smile:

Hello everyone,

Pleased to meet you all. I have had a fair number of LDs in my lifetime, but I have never made a concerted effort to cultivate them. My nightmares often turn into LDs, but I usually wake up before anything interesting happens. I think I can change this by changing my attitude about lucid dreams.

I am a civil servant in my twenties, with a wife and a little baby girl. I enjoy reading and I’m deeply interested in psychology (both normal and abnormal), which is one of the reasons I am interested in dreams.

My dream recall is currently abysmal. I am remembering 1-3 dreams a week, but it has been much better in the past. I wake up aware that I have been dreaming, but it has already slipped away. I will be working on dream journaling and reality checks for now, until my recall gets better. I have a new baby (4 months) to wake me up all through the night, which ought to help, but in practice my recall is much worse than before I became a father.

Happy dreaming to you all!

:content: Hello Olrandir welcome to ld4all.
I find that lying still on waking and attempting to recapture the dream by working up and down the timeline. What happened before? What happened next? helps. BUT having a baby in the house I can appreciate that this isn’t always possible. :peek:

A big “Hi” to everyone!

Indeed, I’m new here, although my experience with lucid dreaming dates back to 13 years ago. At the time, I begun to be very interested in lucid dreams, and after joining a similar community I became a skilled oneironaut.

Changes in my life led me to set aside my interest in the dream world and to develop my Search in other directions. I am a regular practitioner of Yoga and meditation, a university researcher in Biological Sciences and an aspiring Medical Herbalist (or Medicine Man, if you prefer: I do!).

But during the last years, the Dreamworld call’s became stronger in me again. After many years of little dream recall, I had a series of very meaningful dreams, including several spontaneous lucid dreams, which rekindled my wish to devote myself to lucid dreaming. I begun a new dream diary, and (remembering how helpful it was for me to share my Search with other Dreamers) decided to join this community.

Ultimately, I see lucid dreaming as means of exploring the nature of Mind, and the forces that govern it.

Hello and welcome! I wanted to comment on that last part you said: the forces that govern it. When I had my first lucids, I was in awe and treated the world of my lucid dreams like a hidden temple inside my mind that I had just gotten access to. A place that I had to respect and learn how to “communicate” with in order to get the most out of. Recently I’ve started to think more about this attitude and I think it’s hindering my lucid dreaming progress.

So if you believe there is a “force” that governs the dream, you are surrendering your power to the dream. I read the lucid dream you posted in you DJ. In it, the dream was blurry or fading to darkness and you had to fight against that by using stabilization techniques. I’ll offer you another way to solve the issue: The dream can’t be blurry or dark. You are not using your eyes to see in the dream. Brain is creating something you understand as visuals, it’s all fake sensory inputs that you control. Does it feel like your eyes are full of water, making it hard to see in the dream? That can’t happen if you are not using eyes to see. Is it dark? No light is hitting your eyes anyway, you can see what you want. The only roadblock is the power you believe the dream has over you.

But all that said, I still struggle with this level of control too. I guess confidence will come with experience and I still lack both.

Hi Letaali, and many thanks for your reply and your advice. Perhaps this requires a little clarification as this is not exactly what I meant: I didn’t mean to say that I feel dreams have power over me, or that there are limits to what one can achieve in a LD. I agree with you that with experience it is possible to have complete control over a dream, and (especially when I was younger, and more immersed in lucid dreaming) I had a little taste of this.

Rather I was referring to the psychic forces that govern human patterns of thought and action, for example what Jung referred to as archetypes of the collective unconscious. I see dreams as means of exploring this world, which is normally hidden during our waking existence, pretty much in the same way as the stars are hidden by daylight. I am not particularly interested in achieving total control over a dream, but rather in finding ways of deepening its stability, duration and my awareness of dream-reality.

That said - thanks for sharing your experience with me, I think that your advice is precious. Perhaps I should be more assertive and trust in my ability to control the dream environment. I have read that saying “Clarity, now!” or similar sentences can be helpful in this regard.

“Clarity, now!” just sounds like you are asking the dream for something, which was the original problem. Reminding yourself that you are not really using eyes is a logical reason for the dream to be clear and full of light. I don’t think this takes away from any of the cool mystery of our unconscious worlds. It just helps you explore it, to get past the roadblocks you are setting for yourself without meaning to.

Interestingly, I found myself in a similar situation last night. I tried to remind myself that the dream was under my control, and to use my willpower to restore the dream environment, but that didn’t help much. When I tried to say “Clarity” I felt it was more like giving a command, asserting my will, than “begging” the dream for something. That seemed to help for a while.

Perhaps it might be better to continue this discussion over there?

Hello, I’m new here! I originally looked into lucid dreaming after having very bizarre dreams my whole life. I’m currently 23. I’m actually unsure If I am lucid dreaming as I don’t really control myself, but all 5 of my senses are in every single dream. I remember them very well and with many details almost every day.

I’m here to learn more, and hopefully find answers to some questions I have. :3

Welcome to the forum Aichann. :wave:

They could be vivid dreams.
The definition of a lucid dream is
[size=150]being aware you are dreaming while in the dream[/size].
There are lots of topics for you to explore on the forum. Knowledge base or adventures may be the best places to start. :content:

FAQs and Tutorials

Lucid Adventures

Hi Aichann! In time, you can learn how to control your dreams. This forum is a great place to learn. Welcome :smile:

Hi! :peek:

I’m really glad I joined this community! For a long time I’ve been frustrated. I simply can’t talk to other people about my dreams because whenever I try to describe what it’s like for me, they never understand. I get it, maybe I’m a bit atypical, but it seems to me that everyone is too closed minded about what dreams are like… family, acquaintances, even my close friends.

I eventually just learned to switch topics immediately or steer the discussion away but I still wished I had some way to be involved in it since I’m so interested in dreams. So here we go, here I am :wink:

:wave: hello Ondoira welcome to ld4all :yay:
Glad you found a place where you can talk about dreams. :content:
Have you experienced lucid dreams yet? edit ahhhhhhhh just saw ‘just enough’ :happy:

yup, I’m familiar with what lucid dreams are :wink:

But actually that’s not quite why I’m here. It’s a bit more complicated than that and tbh since I’m new to the forum I’m not sure if it’s better to introduce it here or start a thread about it… it’s quite a big thing.