The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 75

Start a new topic :smile: if you don’t see one already discussing it. Now I’m wondering what the big thing is… :eh:

HEY! Sam Ram Here :smile:

:wave: Welcome to the forum. Hope you are enjoying browsing all the topics. Feel free to start a DJ topic in the Dream Journal forum if you wish. :grin:

:welcome: Hi! I’m new here too but despite that the forum has already turned out really friendly and welcoming. So have fun and hope you have a great time here! :smile:

Hi all, I’m new here!

My name’s Troy, I’m 41 years old, and regret not learning about this sooner. During Christmas a relative brought up the topic of lucid dreaming, and I was instantly engaged! I felt “plagued with dreams”, having anywhere from 1-3 vivid dreams on an average night and waking up tired, but was delighted to hear it may be possible to control your dreams…perhaps I could learn to change my normal dreams of mowing my neighbor’s lawn to something a little more exciting! lol I didn’t know if I could trust my relative (and he was awful quiet about it after), but he did tell me about a good book to start with - “Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge. Not getting any more help or discussion from him, I ordered the book and patiently waited for it to arrive.

While waiting for the book, I quickly Googled lucid dreaming to get a quick feel of it…was it a scam? What do I do? The words “Dream Journal” came up pretty quickly as a bit of a prerequisite, so I stopped there and got a journal. I recorded dreams I had for a week before the book arrived, and was already becoming more fascinated with dreaming. 2-3 of my dreams that week I believe are recurring (at least variations of them), and when I get a chance I would research what that means.

Then at last the book arrived…school is in session! Between a girlfriend and younger kids I didn’t get much time to read it, but did get about 30 pages in. Unfortunately I didn’t get “to the goods”, knowing what to do to become lucid, but I laid in bed and was determined to try. I ended up posting in the forum about my experience (sorry, don’t have the link which would be helpful if anyone cared…haha)…and after reading my book again last night I’m sure what I experienced was a WILD, somehow doing a self-taught version of the 2-body technique where I laid in bed and eventually transformed to my dream body (which was a rippling cape). Out of all the dreams I have (which in my opinion is a lot), that was by far the most exciting and exhilarating one yet! At the time I did not know about WILDs and thought I just dreamt I became lucid (and who knows, maybe I did), but it was so vivid and real and crazy. Then the next night I did the exact same thing again, but this time my dream body was just my normal body. I yelled “I did it, I’m dreaming and know it!”, but apparently that’s a rookie mistake and I felt like I was heading back to my waking life. Before I got kicked out of the dream world, I moved my eyes from left to right, left to right just to prove to myself that I could do it. Again, not 100% sure that means I’m lucid or just “willed myself to do it”, but after reading what a WILD is I’m sure that’s what I did for the 2nd night in a row following the book. Last night was night #3 but there was a snow-grader on our streets all night and it disturbed my process…so I’m sad about that but at least the pressure’s off to try getting a WILD every night…lol. I wish I wasn’t working at the moment; I’m so tired, that I’m pretty confident I could have a WILD right now if I wanted to. Maybe I can close the door? lol. In my profile I’ve stated that I’ve had 2 lucid dreams as a result, but as I learn more (I’m starting from ground zero here) and discover otherwise I will surely change it.

Anyway, I’m super psyched about dreams and lucidity and can’t wait to become proficient with it! Also can’t wait to be in a dream and then awake (rather than vice versa)…I suspect I will feel in great control at that point. Infinite stuff to learn but I’m hooked and loving it :smile:

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A dream inside a dream…So close to lucidity, yet so far… is a link to your topic :smile:
I have been following it, so it was good to see that you had found your way to the introduction topic. :wave:
If you look in the FAQs and Tutorials, I think you will find these useful…

“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

New here, nice to have u all.

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:wave: welcome to ld4all. Hope you enjoy your time here. :content:

Hi all! :wave:
I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was 14 years old (I’m 26 now). I used to learn tips and tricks on lucid dreaming back in my early teens, but since I got older I was too busy with school, exams and university so I lost all of my skills. I’m finished studying now, and I feel like this is the right time to get back into lucid dreaming again!

I’m also a digital artist. My artwork is mostly inspired by my dream characters, dreamscapes and dream stories, so I would love to re-learn all of my lucid dreaming skills again (and learn even more skills) for inspiration for my art!

I’m super excited to start my journey again, especially here on LD4all! This site is wonderful and also gives me such happy nostalgia (I came across it when I was in my teens)! :yay:

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Welcome to the forum i_am_asteria
wow, great that you found us again. :yay:

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Hi! Im Rebecca. I am interested in dreaming and dream therapy and analyzing dreams and lucid dreaming. I used to ld often but for years they are gone!

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Welcome to LD4all Rebecca :wave:
I’m sure your lucid dreams will return due to browsing the forum. :user:

Hi! I’m new here so thought I’d join the big Hi, I’m new here topic, to let everyone know that I’m new here, so Hi!

I’m not new to lucid dreaming however. I’ve had quite a few, and tested and explored my dreams, but there’s always more to learn and do. Lately, I haven’t had any lucid dream goals, and don’t practice it, but hearing and helping others, while sharing my own stories should be fun, and give me motivation.

I look forward to discussing lucid dreams, how we perceive reality in the first place, get philosophical, or joke around and have fun.


hello Bob :slight_smile: you might enjoy trying our official LD4all Quest if you succeed you earn a badge. Current one involves going through a mirror in a lucid dream.
We also have a Lucid Challenge at fairly frequent intervals. When sign ups begin, it will be featured on the banner.
Have fun and I hope to see you around the forum.

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I am Rodulf, living here in the Pacific Northwest USA with my wife. When younger I had several dozen lucid dreams. Seemed to go into a hiatus but now seems to be coming back. At the present I am retired and am planning on a more intensive plunge into shamanic dreaming. I seek contact with my ancestors, both North European and Native American. Lately, I am experiencing very powerful dream contact with Animal Spirits. Looking forward to sharing adventures with you guys.

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Hello Rodulf welcome to the forum. Has your wife developed an interest in dreams too? Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

Yes, we share dreams and both consider them important.

Hi, I’m Sara! I’ve been trying for a couple of years to have lucid dreams (with fluctuating effort) and now I’m at it again. I started reading again Robert Waggoner’s book and I (almost) had a lucid dream already. I look forward to have conversations with dream figures and I have some questions that I really want to ask the dream itself, or my subconscious/inner awareness.

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Hello Sara (zarath333)
I never got any sense out of DCs in LDs.
One time I asked, “Have you anything interesting to tell me?”
My reply was, “No”
I look forwards to reading your dream adventures.

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what an attitude! :joy: