The BIG "Hi, I'm new here" topic part 75

A new Wing Quest will be available from August 1st and will be open for two months. :thumbs:

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Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum. I’m completely new to LD and this forum. I’ve finished the Robert Waggoner’s book “Lucid Dreaming: gateway to the inner self”, have tried to get my first LD but without success so far. I’m a father of 2 kids, working professional, have been always interested in human psych and my work benefits hugely from that interest and understanding. Keen to explore into the LD world.

I live in Sydney Australia, seems rather difficult to find local community of this nature. And specifically I’m looking for LD accountability partner to share and learn together on this fascinating journey.
Please reach out to if you’re interested too. Thanks!


Welcome to LD4all, @williamaquila :wave:

Good luck on your journey to lucidity.

What does the concept of a LD accountability partner entail for you? I haven’t heard of this term. Do you mean somebody who is in the same situation as you and trying to make progress alongside you?

Hello @williamaquila if a LD accountability partner is what I guess. ie a long term sharing and learning partnership progressing together. I think it would falter since the partner may become unreliable and fade away or one of you may proceed rapidly while the other is slower.

If I were you, I would browse the DJs here and just start interacting with the posters that are on the same wavelength as you. That way you will get a handful of members to share with.

Hey everyone, I am fourteen years old, I have had lucid dreams off and on in the past over the course of about two years and have been active on communities like r/luciddreaming and astral projection communities (I have had an OBE.) My goal is to have an OBE through lucid dreams, currently working on maintaining a meditation schedule and improving my dream recall.


hello @starsdust_42 welcome to the forum. There is some discussion about OBE in the beyond dreaming forum here. Some individual topics plus the big topic The BIG OBE topic [part IV]

Hi, I’m new. I joined a week ago, my name is haveen and I’m a Hindu, I’ve gotten about 7 lucids within a month, and this is all thanks to you guys!! Thanks so much and really, I appreciate it.

I have roamed on here for 3 months until I decided to join to help. Right now I’ve finished the advanced tutorial and have earned a trust level. Is that good?

[spoiler] Whenever I read an old post (like maybe from 2005)i feel like I’m in that period of time.There are many techniques to help us and I hope everyone will eventually get the hang of LD and have fun. My motto is

‘Live to the fullest!’

Goes for everyone

Thanks to pasquale moogle, eliatin(correct, sorry??) Ysmin and all members to helping us.[/spoiler]

I live in England and have had 7 LDs within a month. Thank you LD4all!


hello @Lumiscnt I’m so glad you are enjoying the older topics and all the accumulated knowledge. I hope you continue to enjoy your time on ld4all

Thank you moogle,i hope everyone else here as well do too!


Hi All!

I’ve been thinking about joining a lucid dreaming-oriented forum for years, found ld4all today, loved what I saw and here we are.

I was a fairly dedicated practitioner 10 years ago, but work, school, etc. Now I’m looking for lucid dreaming to assist me with some specific goals and what better way to get back into it than being part of a community? I look forward to reading everyone’s lucid dreaming adventures and discoveries as well as sharing mine. :love_you_gesture:

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Hello @Kirkrrr, welcome to LD4all!

Engaging with other people in lucid dreaming is a good way to increase your chances of having lucid dreams. Feel free to start your own dream journal in the dedicated subsection of the forum to share your dreams with us, I’m looking forward to reading them :wave:

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Hi @Kirkrrr,welcome to LD4all

I am going to say you chose the best place to share your LD experiences because this site has given me 7 LD’s so far.Be sure to post topics or a DJ which on where we can all check out!I’d love seeing them,what better way to start?!

The main thing here is have fun with you LD adventures,i hope to see you soon again posting!

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hello @Kirkrrr I hope the forum inspires you again. Great to have you here. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Marvin, @Lumiscnt, and @moogle for the warm welcome! :smiley:

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Your very welcome @Kirkrrr
I hope you enjoy the stay at ld4all,quests,experiences,stories,tutorial,FAQs and more are available here,i hope to see you posting soon

Once again,you are very welcome,all the best and i wish you the best throughout your journey on ld4all

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Helloooo dreamers! I’m not new here, just a resurrected ghost. Glad to see this site is still alive and well in the 3D. :blush::purple_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

Sara (staroflife)


welcome back staroflife :wave:

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I’m new here. I’ve been lurking for a while but I’ve decided to make an account to support the forum. I don’t want to see another good forum die and eventually be stuck with Reddit. I’ve been trying off and on for the past couple of years to have lucid dreams without much success until recently. I’ve had 3 lucid dreams in the past two weeks which is more than I’ve ever had in this amount of time. I’m also into the spiritual side of things (oobe, ap, etc).

Well, that’s about all peace out.


Welcome back to the forum staroflife, great to see people joining back.

Welcome zaat. 3 LDs in the 0ast weeks coming. That’s pretty good. I also do believe in spiritual stuff, OBE AP etc.

Hope you enjoy your stay and make a DJ while you are at it?



hello zaat

The best thing about joining as opposed to lurking is that now you can view the ‘member only’ parts of the forum and add your experience / views to the various topics.

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