the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic [part II]

Oh God!Firehorse is not on duty!

On his (and ours)behalf id like to greet warmly all our new members!
Im bit nervous cuz i do it first time…but ill try…

Hi Accrete,Hi Foolish,Hi Jimi,Hi Ancient_pretzel_monster!!!
Welcome to the forum:)

Pretty good job Jack, Thanks for taking up the slack.

Here goes,

Hi WingsofFury, good luck to you too!

Welcome ancient_pretzel_monster, after you read a few of the dreams on this forum, yours may not seem so bizarre.

Hello Azelma, if you are looking for interesting people you came to the right spot!

Welcome jimi , yep this is the place for you.

Hey accrete, I’ll check out your website when I get a chance.

Welcome foolish, the longer you are here the smaller it gets, trust me.

Glad your here infection0, don’t worry, it’ll happen!

Welcome Sleepy, Cool Name!

Hi Deev, individualists are always welcome.

Welcome Phayden, fun it is!

And welcome back grandpaDEATH.

Goodnight all (I’ll go back and see who I missed tomorrow)

Under the better late than never heading,

Welcome rainyeternity, LDing is better than drugs in my opinion, it helped me drop weed, actually it was a either or situation. I hope you’re still checking in.

Hi Sezil, I hope your dream journal is going well.

Welcome Xoalin, cool site!

See ya around the site.

is he the official welcom-er here???

or does he just do that because he loves kids?

I think he wants everyone to think he does it because he wants them to feel welcome, return and hopefully have a LD, but I think he does it because he is a self-aggrandizing ego-maniac who will do anything to be noticed (and it doesn’t help that Jack encourages him).

i didn’t get that. are you talking about yourself in third person? and that’s bad jack

I thank him for the welcome. Thanks FireHorse!

Talking about yourself in the third person is not a good sign. I do it all the time. Even worse, however, is talking TO yourself in the third person. Thats when you should worry. :wink:

Hi! I’m another new person, and I’m very happy to be here! I’ve been looking for a good LD forum, and it looks like I found one. :content:

I’ve had about 7 lucid dreams, but none of them on purpose. The first time I had a LD, I had never heard of them, and after telling a few freinds about it one of them said, “Hey, I think those are called lucid dreams.” I looked them up on the web, browsed a few sites, and stopped for whatever reason. I guess since I wasn’t having any more, I didn’t have much motivation. Anyway, since then, I’ve had more, but they happen very rarely (1 maybe every 3 months), and I’ve never succeeded in inducing one, although I’ve tried many times. Sigh…:sad:

Of course FireHorse was, anybody in here is talking in 3rd person, even traumgänger
Well, at least I am not shizophrene
And I am luckily neither

Welcome all, and don´t take me serious :wink:

Bye the way, what is a “pretzel monster” ?
Has it anything to do with the german word “Bretzel” (You know, these brown bread-like things with salt on it…) ?


Hey Shift,

Glad you’re here. Having 7 LDs already should help with your inducing, but everybody is different. You may have to practice as hard as a true beginner, but at least you’ve had a taste of of the pie. Keep up the effort.

pie? infection wants pie! pie! more pie! infection is very hungry

my preeeeecciiiooouuusssss pie
my precioussssss

man here infection is getting frustrated 24/7 because it’s too hot to sleep and he can’t recall at all or have any LDs… and this new guy comes and kicks his uh, butt at this!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! can’t somebody think of infection?

my precioussssss

oh hey shift wassap

… i just killed it, didn’t i?

oh well i usually kill jokes on accident

er, sorry

Hey everybody, I’m new! :cool_laugh: A friend told me about LD’s and gave me the link to this site bout 3 days ago and I just had my first LD last nite. Yay for me :neutral:
tries to think of something else to say
errrm…hi! yeah I’m done :tongue: heh

Congratulations to you Moo! :tongue:

Hello, everyone. I’ve been coming here alomost everyday since August of last year and I’ve finally decided to register and start posting. Lately I’ve been having horrible Dream recall and almost no LDs :sad: . Before this I was remembering 2-4 Dreams a night and having at least 1 LD a week. So i’m hoping I can get back to how I was.

Welcome Talyn,

Glad you decided to make the big step. I wouldn’t worry too much about your dry spell, it happens to all of us, here’s hoping it ends soon though. :tongue:

I’m new here and I dont really know what I’m doing so if anybody would like to be my friend and help me out that would be great!!

the names Mer…Mercy Hershey that is. :thumbs:

P.S. oh ya HI everybody!!! :smile:

Hello everybody ,

My story is a bit like the story of talyn,
I followed this site for a long time (even the old Forum) but because I have a bad dream recall lately (and no ld for over a month) I decided to join this forum and get a bit more active , I hope it will help me ?

Ps : I would like to thank all those people who make this forum a success and provide all the information to get great experiences in world of the dreams.

Hey merdreamer,

Glad you’ve arrived. I’m sure you can make many friends here (including me). Just let us know how we can help. :tongue:

Hi BoebeeBoe,

Welcome, I think being more directly connected to the site may help with your dry spell (couldn’t hurt), if not, I’m sure it will pass in time anyway. :alien:

Hellos Everyone!

I have been around this forum for quite a while, but I just am now joining.

I have currently been slowly loosing interest in ld’s and other things like them. So I am joining in attempt to re-spark my interest in it.

Not much else to say right now…