The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXIX [XXVIII missed out]

:wave: hello RobinGodd and dylnuge
I hope your quests for lucidity go in leaps and bounds :thumbs:
There is lots of information already posted on the LD4all forum… and anything you can’t find, just make a post and members will be queuing up to answer :boogie:

Hi LucidSpade, RobinGodd and dylnuge. Look forward to reading more of your posts :smile:

WELCOME ALL :smile: :smile:

:wave: RobinGodd

That’s my first post on that forum too.hello
Its idea is really amazing.

For years I’m very good at remembering dreams even when I manage to.I even knew some techniques to remember them when i read. But trying being lucidy is quite new for me (my sister can do this naturally. She is 5 years older than me and married).

Ohh, I have almost done it for more than one time…
I don’t know yet I cannot believe my RCs and I remember easily that they failed, just look was happened the last time:

I dreamed that I was reading about that subject, and I made many checks and I laughed after noticing that I was not dreaming (fake thought). And I wondered “It must be cool to suceed on this!!”.


When I woke up and really got pissed off because I realised that I was dreaming when I thought this! How could!
Hahahaa, it is funny after all!!
(But I will not give up, I need to sleep anyway.)

Hello everyone. I am new here, and I am new to the whole idea of Lucid Dreams. The last week or so I have been studying it in great detail and I find it fascinating. I have already taken some steps towards becoming lucid in a dream and I must say reading through these forums have been very helpful :smile:. I am very excited to be a part of all of this.

:welcome: To all new members–I’m kinda confused–no wait, that’s normal–did you guys try the cookies :cookiemon:

Umm…:uh::wave: and…:wave: again–huh?

rejectedromance and Tggtt :welcome:

I hope you both enjoy the forum and the ld4all community.


Don’t worry, with practice you will learn to LD as well as your sister. It is great that you already have good dream recall as that is the first step.


I wish you great luck in you quest to become lucid in your dreams. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. There are lots of people here to help you.

/me is also confused…
Welcome, RR! :grin:

[color=indigo][b]I’m new here. I’ve joined not only in the interest of exploring the concept of lucid dreaming, but to discuss my dreams with people who are interested. Most people I know aren’t all that facinated with dreams, so it’ll be neat to get to hear from some people.

You can read some records of previous dreams in a thread I’ve made here.[/b][/color]

:welcome: hello Tggtt, rejectedromance and Linko_16 :happy:

:yes: it is so easy to be fooled by a failed reality check. :cry:

rejectedromance, which technique have you decided to use? They all have a greater chance of succeeding if done together with WBTB

Linko_16 … I read your dream topic :yay: and look forward to reading more.

Well I look forward to reading all about your LDs in the future :boogie:

Hey :happy: Linko_16–remember that one time…:eh: Oh, wait…you’re new–you don’t remember…:sad:

:wave: Linko_16!

Hey guys, I’m a new member, but I pretty much checked out the whole website before I joined. I hope that this website can help me achieve more lucid dreams (I’ve already had 3)

:welcome: hello Voices inside your head :smile:
When I joined LD4all I also only had 3 short LDs… so you are bound to get very many more :boogie:
Are you going to post your very first LD in our “My First LD Collection”? - it’s a sticky topic in the dream diary forum.

:welcome: Linko_16!
:welcome: Voices!

It’s so nice that we have a topic to welcome our new members…In some of the forums I have been to in the past, everyone was very rude to new members… :grrr:
…But not at LD4all! :boogie:

I remember part of your first post in this topic BlissfullBlues :smile:

:tongue: … it seems a really long time ago now :smile:

Hello everyone :welcome:

Hello Voices inside your head, being sure that you can achieve it is very important.

I cannot have LD (yet) but I can control my dream recall for years.

control if I will or not remember my dream after waking up.

For instance, when I know that I will have to do something important the next day (a test, a especial event… ) or when I get angry or bored, I just put in my head that I won’t remember my dream (very effective to avoid nightmares).

My sister has never read of LD, it’s very impressive her naturality. She says it happens more than 3 times a week without any techniques (but her memory is not so good as mine, then it’s possible that she have many more LDs)!

I really don’t know what would happen if she knew these techniques!
hahahaa :grin:

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The introductions :wave: and welcomes continue in Part XXX :yay: