The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXII

Welcome Lucid Shard! :wave: :handshake: Boy are you going to like this forum!

:wave: Shard

You’re got a really nice avatar, bud! :smile:

Hello everybody, I’m UTagamex. I’m from the United States, and I’m a fan of various genres of visual arts. I stumbled to this website from a link I found on another forum, about a few days ago. After reading posts and the contents of the webpage… Well, here I am.

/me waves to Lucid Shard, UTagamex, and…Ignorance, whom she already knew. :wave:

hi I’m new too. I’m 15. I am very interested in lucid dreams and hope that I can have one. I only have had very low intesity lucid dreams when I was young. I hope I can get help here. And please anyone talk to me I dont anyone!

know * anyone. Bare wit me I have butterfingers

Hmmm… butterfingers…

Whaoh! :notify: It’s been a while since I was last here. looks sheepish and reintroduces herself I’m Kiff, and I have far out wacky dreams, which tend to get even wackier when I go to bed well past my bedtime.

I didn’t mean to disappear, but I go on Walkabout from time to time, and I tend to forget to put up a sign that says “Not Here Right Now” :tongue:

Um, I’m back, still trying to get the hang of LDing and OOBing, so far without success, but practice makes perfect.

waves at the people she recognises

/me waves at LoneWolf.

KIFF! :happy:

It’s been too long, kiff, ol’ pal! How are ya, and do tell, how’re the kids doing these days?

Small talk, I know. That’s what happens when people mysteriously disappear and return later. :gni:

Hmm, maybe you should post in the “I’m back” topic?

Haha, I’ll potter right over and do just that. I think I may have been away for too long if I ended up with kids in the meantime. :lol:

I’m okay, for the most part. Still not finished with college, hehe. And no LD/OOB yet. :tongue:

How’s you?

Hey, I’m Adfedamine, or you can call me Adfed. As you can probibly see I’m new here ( I joined lastnight 4/19/06). I am happy to be here, and what-not. About me : I’m 25, my b-day is Jan. 23, I live in the U.S. (thinking about moving to the U.K. thoe), I’m a male who sleeps on a futon in an arptment ( just like I hoped it would be, but I’m happy with it ), I have a mini-cooper (now that is what I love the most) it is blue with a white roof, and through it all I’m preatty happy!

welcome to LD4ALL :grin:

:welcome: hello UTagamex, XLonewolfX and adfedamine
welcome to LD4all :grin:

:eh: You may like our fruits of lucidity and garden of creation forums. Members post artwork etc in there.

we are a very friendly forum, :grouphug: just make a few posts in gathering and the playground and you will soon know and be friends with lots of members :wink:

/me wonders why? :eek:
most people want to emigrate the other way :tongue:

:yay: welcome back kiff :yay:

I would like to move because of the countries near england, like france, iceland, greenland, many more. I also like the history there too. The cars are allright. But what I would realy love to see is the arborn highway, in germany!

Hey new people. :welcome:

:peek: hello all,

i’m new in this forum, but i already had some LD’s, it happens sometimes… I’m a 23 year old Brazilian girl, and i hope I can learn a lot with you guys… :read:


Hello! My name is Michael and I found this site earlier tonight by searching for information on drugs…lol… I dont really remember much why…because I was on drugs I think(I had a surgery this morning and I am on heavy pain medications)

Anyways I read all of the steps to acheiving a LD and will be working on that for a while. I remember dreams more often when I wake up slowly and just lay in bed a while. This means the only dreams I remember are usually on weekends when my mom doesnt shake me awake and tell me I am about to miss the school bus.

Anyways, I am 16 years old and I live in Louisiana and I sing and play guitar and write music. I also like to paint and draw sometimes , so I am hoping for some insipration for my art through more dream recall and lucid dreaming perhaps. IDK. In fact I`m about to go sleep so I can try to do the trick with the water with drinking half before you sleep and drinking the other half when you wake up…

            - Michael

:wave: :welcome: :handshake: :grouphug:

:wave: hello LadyBa and claytonthebrave :happy:

LadyBa, we have a lot of members from Brazil - so if you have minor problems translating the odd word I’m sure Bruno or Rodrigo will be glad to help you via forum private message :yay:

/me thinks claytonthebrave chose his user name due to the bravery of undergoing surgery :yes:
I hope we see some of your artwork in the Fruits of lucidity, Garden of Creation or even your LD4all dream journal (hint, hint :smile: )


Welcome Michael and Joaninha (LadyBa) :content:

Sure thing! :smile: If you need any assistance, would like a tour or anything, just send me a PM! :content:

Hey! :happy: I think you’re the first Brazillian girl I see joining the site! Coolness, now it’s no longer a men hegemony here! :grin:

Michael: I see you’re into arts. :content: You should consider starting a thread on the Garden of Creation to share some of it with us. :smile:

Welcome, everyone!

By the way, Huey: nice new avatar. :tongue:

The introductions continue in The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic - Part XXXIII