The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIX

Welkom zup :content:
There is also a Dutch site (and forum) from this one available so if you rather read in Dutch you could go there. I prefer the English forum over the Dutch one, but the Dutch site can be nice if you just want to read about Lucid Dreaming.

Welcome to LD4all Alex :wave:
I hope you like it here and if you want to know anything you can read or ask it [=

Thanks for the warm welcome :smile:
I know there’s a Dutch version, that was the one I got to know LD4all through. But since I prefer English over Dutch, and the English forum is much more vivid then the Dutch one, I signed up here instead :content:

Hi I’m new!!

But you couldn’t guess that huh?

Anyway, my name is Larkin and I’m from New York.

I’m Female, 21 years old, and my eye is itchy…


:wave: hello My Psychosis, welcome to LD4all :grin:
I hope you spend a lot of happy hours at LD4all. In a different post … I think I read that you have had a lot of LDs in the past :happy: it would be great if you could share a few of your favourite LDs with us in the dream diary forum :boogie:

heya im new here, im learning to become lucid to help my art career, i am currently studying in york. i would be particularly greatful if any1 would tell me about sleep paralysis and any methodes they uses to dream while they are actually still awake, boardering the walking state. i believe this would be interesting to appy to painting. i have already entred trance like states and hallusinated during working but i would like to aid this process with out the help of drugs. thanks

Welcome to LD4all Critch :wave:

I would love to see some art work in Fruits of Lucidity (if it is inspired by a dream) or theGarden of Creation.

You can find a thread about sleep paralysis here. You might want to check the BIG WILD topic too, since some people use sleep paralysis as a beginning for WILD.

Hi everyone.

I started reading up on LD about 2 weeks ago, and had my first LD on Tuesday.

My preferred method is WILD, sometimes with a bit of WBTB.

I had another LD last night, and it was awesome.

Great forum, looking forward to plenty of LD discussion… S.

:wave: hello Critch and Sparrower :smile: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
Critch, lucid dreams are a great way to get inspiration for art :boogie:
congrats :yay: on your first two LDs Sparrower :yay:
you should consider beginning a dj in our dream diary forum or at least posting your first LD into our MY first LD collection topic which is near the top of the same forum :smile:

I hope you both enjoy being members of LD4all and enjoy discussing dreams in our friendly atmosphere :content:

Hi my name is Jean Pierre Kin and I’m new to this forum. I’m Red Galactic Earth and looking for likeminds. And for legendary Red Galactic Earths as well.

Als I’d like to learn more about my Kin. What are Kin all about? What can I learn from it?

:welcome: to LD4all Sparrower,
Congratulations on your Lucid Dreams. I hope you have many more and you will share (some of) them with us.

:wave: Welcome JPK

You could check the Dreamspell board, where there is a lot of information about this subject. So you can learn more in that section. You could read there and if you have any question feel free to ask it.
I checked in the book of kin and I sawfreedom88 is a Red Galactic Earth as well. There are probably more out there, since not everyone adds his name and kin to the list and it is not possible to sort the memberlist on kin (yet)

Well um I’m known as either Olas or Yoba either one, and I just started trying to do this although just reading this now makes me think I was connected to lucidity as a child. But It’s to late for that. And well um… I dun know what more to say.

:wave: hello JPK and Yoba :grin: welcome to LD4all :yay:

In addition to the dreamspell forum, you could visit the links provided on this page has a lot of information :boogie:

did you have low level LDs as a child?
if you have had some awareness in past dreams it should be easier for to get into LDing now :smile:

I hope you both enjoy being members of this great LDing community :happy:

Hi, my name is Andy. I read about lucid dreaming on another forum and it reminded me of some lucid dreams I had a few years ago so I decided to look into it some. I hope this place will be good help for future dreams.

:welcome: hello gruby22 :smile:
I hope you enjoy the “LD4all experience” :grouphug:
Feel free to start a dj in our dream diary forum if you wish to share your dreams with us :thumbs:

Merry Meet all! I am new here. I was discussing how I dream on my Wicca sight and was led here. I am a 33 year old single working mom of 2 girls. I am a practicing Wicca. For years I have ‘programed’ my dreams. I have lucid dreams quite often and always thought it came from my Indian heritage. I have even called myself and told myself to wake up because the dream was boring! I can wake up and pick up a dream where I left off if I want to finish it sometimes too. The current problem I am having is staying up when I want to fly. Anyway, it’s great to have some place to talk about all this. Can’t wait to get to know all of you![/i]

Welcome to the forum, I had a few lucid dreams myself long before I found this place. I was no older than 4yrs.

Anyway, welcome and have fun.

:wave: hello anjelkitty, welcome to LD4all :grin:

We have a topic called different styles of flying … 075#329075 it may give you a different way to fly and keep in the air :thumbs:

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I happy that you decided to join our community of dreamers :smile:

Hey guys, I’m new here, I want to start having LDs, it seems hard, but I’ll try!

Had a lot of OBE experiences during my teen years but everything stopped when I was in my early 20s. Having been trying so hard to astral travel again but until now at age 33, I’ve only had two recent ones.

I hope LD will unlock the astral plane for me again. I truly hope so. :sad:

Have been trying Dream Recall for the past two days and have managed to record 2 dreams in my Dream Journal. Am truly excited about the possibilities.

Hello, all! Being a new member I figure I should (or want to) introduce myself. Years ago I was a master of lucid dreams. I had no idea how I did it, but it was cool and happened regularly. I know “it was cool” is not a very descriptive sentence, but I was 10 at the time, how do you expect me to explain that I could create scenarios in my brain when I dreamed?

I did not know what I had going for me until I lost it. Now, years later (9 to be exact) I have lost my ability to create lucid dreams as easily as I did. I have trouble even remembering what I dream. So my work starts over. Wish me luck, as I do to everyone here!