The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVIII

:wave: hello Phobetor :grin:

basic information about LD frequency can be found in some members signatures and in the rankings topics in the quest forum.

As for how many are into new age stuff, LD4all is a very mixed forum. We have every type of member you could imagine. There is no reason why interest in LDing should be linked to new age interests. So I would guess it would be the same as the general population :eh:

New here: “HELLO!”

I’ve been interested in LD for years now. My friend in elementary school would have them every night. He would try to help me, but I could never do it. Once I fall asleep then that’s it. My dream is almost like a movie and I’m just watching.

However I have had two LD on accident in the last 5 years. I realized I was dreaming when someone was about to attack me and I picked up a huge stereo speaker and threw it at them, then I jumped out the window. Another time I was walking down this dark alley and I again realized I was dreaming. I had a crush on my computer studies teacher at the time so in my dream I decided to make him appear behind one of the doors that faced the alley. He was sitting at his computer and I jumped into his lap and started making out with him. That was a fun one. :tongue:

The only thing I am able to do in dreams is make myself wake up. If I’m in a scary situation in a dream I tell myself over and over, “Wake up Amber Wake Up” I’m trying to work on not telling myself to wake up, but to actually go, “Hey let’s change this into something fun.” Hasn’t happened yet.

So there’s my long hello intro. :content:

yep its me from sealife. I think I’ve seen you there as well. Thanks for the welcome!

:wave: hello ZenKitten :grin:

Reading LD posts here, your sub conscious should pick up that you can change the dream, so it’s only a matter of time now :yay:
:thud: I called myself Amber in the current WolfGame :eh:


im mike, ive been trying to get lucid dreams for maybe a week and a half now.

The only problem is, i cannot remember a dream for my life!

i’ll be lucky if i can remember a normal dream one time out of 1-2 weeks.

Can you give me some tips on remembering all dreams, because i may have had sucessful ld and not remembered it!


:wave: hello mikey980 :grin: welcome to LD4all
you should get your recall better before using methods to have LDs since as you said it’s a waste of time having a LD if you can’t remember it.
We do have a topic Sticky: the BIG remembering dreams topic part IV <— now on part 4 … everything you need to know inorder to improve your recall is in that topic
the main points are …

  1. set the intention to remember your dreams! before going to sleep tell yourself you will dream and remember the dream!
  2. when you first awake … don’t move … just think and try to fish for the dream … see if any dream fragments are remembered … then think yourself forward/backward through the dream
  3. keep a dream journal

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: to everyone!

i was introducing myself here not too long ago…

Hi, another LD newbie here. Though I registered in October.

I haven’t managed to get an LD as of yet, though I’ve been rather addicted to the idea of being able to control or realize a dream. I can remember most dreams without having to keep a dream diary (though I have an A4 pad with a couple of scribbles down).

Long story short, I’m just here to learn about LDs and dreams. It all seems very exciting.

:wave: hello SteveUK

How many dreams are most dreams? Since it is possible to have 10 plus on a good night?
Since you are keeping an A4 pad to record some notes, that should be enough to give your recall that small boost :smile:

I can remember about 2 from the night (not that impressive I know), but that’s without attempting to recall it after waking up. Normally I just get up and I can remember some key points within the dream.

I can usually remember the last one to happen in more detail. But that’s probably a common thing.

When I was about 13, I had an unforgettable dream. I was sitting… crouching, in some kind of desert - or asphalt road, I’m not really sure. One thing clear was that there was heat shimmering all over, like summer. I don’t remember being hot though.

Anyway, I was playing with my friend, also crouching and doing something with the sand. Funny, I’ve never seen him in reality but it felt like I’ve known him for many years. Then two people came to us and this time I didn’t know them. But my friend(?) seemed to know, and told me I’ve known them for a long time, just like him. He also told me I had a dept to pay to them, that I have done something bad(?) to them.

What? Then I looked up and saw two figures… shadowy? I don’t remember any details but I can’t forget that atmosphere. Everything was… I don’t know, blissful? Hard to put it down on words. They didn’t look like they were coming to collect anything from me at all. So there was two sitting, and two standing. My ‘friend’, told me we’re all related to each other. I also remember the word ‘The Third Friend’ but I’m not sure he really mentioned this one. I must have made that up, but it still sounds errie to me.

And then several years later, after going through information and experiences, I found this site.

What I really want to do is to meet them again in full consciousness and ask them why they visited me, and feel that blissful atmosphere again.

So, yeah, that’s my story : )

P.S. I had an interesting WILD a few days ago but I’ll save that for the other forums.

:welcome: hello silverwater welcome to LD4all
Reading that dream reminded me of timeless’ dream experiences with a group of DCs that were totally different to usual DCs.
here is his dj link
He met a group of DCs in quite a few dreams that seemed to be aware and to know him from elsewhere as if they had links with him from previous times… (if I find the post later, I will give a direct link to the dream)

It was also interesting to read your post in the personal beliefs topic :wiske:

Hello everone, I hope I can get together with you and have a good time… let me tell you some about myself…

My first lucid dream I can remember was about five years ago. My brother had been playing a lot of Quake III, and I had it pretty much in mind that time. Some time in my dream I realised that indeed I was dreaming, I don’t know exactly how though. At this point I tested to shoot lightning from my own hands and it worked! I must sound completely stupid telling you all of this…

Anyway it continued with me jumping around on platforms and shooting lightning at whatever came into my way.

Another lucid dream I had was about tornados. I’ve had very many nightmares about tornados. Whenever, inside a dream, I thought about a tornado, it would appear in front of me and I would have to run from it. Once I actually confronted the tornado and said “Come and get me”, it took me up and there was no else harm done. I was not afraid of tornados anymore (at least not as afraid).

I joined this forum to recall my ability to have lucid dreams when I was younger. I rarely dream lucid dreams anymore and I have trouble even remembering dreams. Any help at all, or any guidance is very appreciated… thanks for your time.



I’ve started lucidity practice already, and I just found this site, so I’ve decided to join. Seems like a pretty good site for lucid dreaming.

hello, I’m a college student and until yesterday i had never heard of lucid dreams. I have had two lucid dreams in my life, neither of which i was able to manipulate with any kind of control. Until yesterday i did not have any name to put to these dreams i had experienced.
After my second accidental lucid dream which happenned about a week ago i was hooked, it was all i could think about. The reason is in my first lucid dream nothing i tried to do worked at all, but in my most recent one i attempted to fly and actually did get off the ground for a very short period of time. Now that i know i really was trying to manupulate my dreams ( and had a small sliver of success) i know i must learn this skill.

:wave: hello Python Angel, CrazyStickFigure and notallpowerful :grin:

Python Angel, your LDs sound good and the way you allowed yourself to be inside a tornado in a LD was a good way of removing the fear :thumbs:
I had one dream where I was inside a tornado but it was a fun one … I enjoyed the tornado lifting me up and down, it was more like a funfair experience :wiske:

CrazyStickFigure, I read your first dream in your dream diary and I hope it gets filled with lots of LDs :yay:

notallpowerful, I read your first lucid dream too (link} I hope you decide to keep a record of your LDs in a ld4all dream journal too :smile:

/me wishes you all lots of fun LDs :content:

Welcome new people!

Python Angel: I tend to have many Tornado dreams some of which have made me lucid. I’ve been inside tornados and had a “ride” with them, but in a recent LD I actually became the tornado, that was probably the best tornado dream I have had.

Sounds wonderful. You can do so much in LD’s. I hope I get my first one in 5 years soon :smile:

yea, im “new” here, but i am not new to lucid dreaming.

Well, hello from Croatia. I’m somewhat new here / registered month ago, but lazyness…lazyness… :smile:

My first LD was the best I ever had; it was when I was about 15 I think, I flew, created DC, even had s… :smile:, but I didn’t think there was all science about that dreaming. I thought Great Dream, move on. But then I saw Ed episode about lucid dreaming, so I get offline, and read hundreds of pages, and here I am now.

I had 56 LD’s that I can recall, mostly about flying… who knows maybe I was a bird in some past lives of mine. Maybe even Phoenix.

Heh, or Midnight Phoenix perhaps :smile:.