The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XI

Hi! I’ve been lurking this site for a few years now. I stumbled on it after my first lucid dream long time ago. My lucid dreams have become more frequent lately, so I’ll start posting them. :smile:


cool…hope you enjoy being a member :smile:

Once you put your head in you`re hooked:)

lol Jack i love your icon!

and me your taste:)

Hey Chris

Welcome, I’m new here too. lol, Jack’s icon is hilarious :lol:

That’s far too long to lurk. But welcome!


The adventure continues.

Or begins, rather.

Enough spooky-talk. Welcome to the forum, lookin’ forward to seeing you.

Hello swm, and WELCOME.
“The adventure continues”…I like that. Reminds me of having a full memory of a past life.

That’s got to be the shortest introduction post I’ve ever read here :tongue:

Welcome swm! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here (with lots of LDs ofcourse :wink: )

Happy dreaming! :happy:

PS. We actually have a BIG “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic. You can find it here.

Wow U lurked for years. That is a long time. Well you joined now and we are glad to have you. Welcome. :smile:

Glad to hear your lucid dreaming is progressing. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Welcome and have a lucid dream!


Hey there is a thread for this: [url]The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XII]. I bet the unoficiall ld4all-welcomers will greet you there and make you feel at home better than i can :smile:

Welcome to ld4all Panther :grin: I hope you enjoy being a member here.
As Dream Monster has already said we do have an official “Hi I’m new” topic (and Dream Monster you gave a good welcome :content: )
Have you had any lucid dreams yet Panther? When did you first hear about lucid dreaming? You may like to tell us more in the official topic. :wiske:
Don’t be shy we don’t bite. :wink:

A big WelCoMe to Barbizzle(cute name) & SparkyDawg(cute name 2) !! :happy:

Hope u enjoy being apart of this forum :content:

Wow! I love your Avatar Kat :happy:

thanks alot… i do !:slight_smile:

The BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - Part 12 can be found here!