The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XVII

Welcome BlackAngel :partying_face:

Your English is fine so, I hope you feel free to post as much as you want. It seems like we get a lot of people from the Dutch forum here which is great. I’ll have to learn to speak Dutch so I can visit over there as well.

i just wanted to say hi and i am really excited about all this. i have been so amazed by dreams and the power of the mind that this lucid dreaming sounds amazing. I’ve had them before but didnt think that controlling them was possible. I was wondering if i could get someones msn messenger address cause i have some questions. Also reading through everything, everyone seems really cool easy-going and helpful and i look forward to talking to you and embarking on this LD experience!

By the way my name is jonny i live in harrogate, north yorkshire, england which is a boring town. i hope to study music technology at leeds and huddersfield over the next 5 years. lovely! speak to you soon

Greebings banyard85. :smile:
I’m DePerc, your local pychotic maniac. Good to meet you.
/me shakes banyard85’s hand.
No, really… I’m not actually psychotic… I just see and hear things that aren’t there. :razz:

:welcome: hello banyard85
welcome to LD4all :grin:
have you tried our #ld4all and #dreamtime chatrooms, you would get a wider range of members to talk to than if you used msn.
btw the most frequently asked questions are probably already answered in the lucidity intro and quest for lucidity forums. :content:

/me hopes that Deperc isn’t scaring all the newbies away :tongue:

hi my name is roman,
im here to figure out the lost art of remembering my dreams
lucid dreaming would be a nice bonus though
any help would be appreciated and im sure i will find plenty

welcome roman05

Check out the Sticky: The BIG Remembering Dreamsthread

Hopefully, once you have mastered dream recall you try to explore the art of lucid dreaming.

Hi, as you can see, my screen name is Defiance (I wanted it to be Legend but someone beat me to it :cry: ) but my real name is Alvin.

To give you of a more formal intro. Here it is…

Age: 16
Location: Philippines
Gender: Male
Interests: Imagining and writing concepts of stories, reading, and playing video games.

I’ve first encountered lucid dreaming when I was 10 or 11 years old, and I was instantly hooked. But alas, without the proper guidance and with the limited patience and attention span I had back then, I never really got into it. But recently, my interest has been awakened. And I promise you, this time will be different. (I’m a lot more determined now than I was back then.)

Anyways, besides lucid dreaming, I am totally excited about improving my dream recall. (I’m almost excited about it as much as I am about LDing) You see, I have extremely poor dream recall and the prospect of remembering my dreams really appeals to me.

Well, I hope I do get an LD soon.

Hello Defy :smile:.

Imporving your DR is actually quite easy. A very simple way is to just repeat the mantra, ‘I will remember my dreams’ (or something similiar) in your head whilst going to sleep.

Keeping a DJ helps a lot as well :cool:.

Yes. Imporve indeed. Imporving will occur. Yes…

Hi and welcome, Defiance :cool: You say you write stories…Have you ever used a dream to base a story on? It is strange how we sometimes have a better imagination when we sleep than when we are awake!

Welcome, roman05 :cool: I hope we will meet in chat again!

Hello dreamers. I am a newbie. I have been inspired by a dear friend to lucid dream. Look forward to learning and sharing.


Howdy, Im new. My name is Connor and i just learned of lucid dreaming and im trying to remember my dreams now. I have a few questions about my “kin”. What is it and how do I know what kin I fall under?

:welcome: :grouphug: :woot: welcome to LD4all roman05, Defiance, Mr. Moldavite and concon :whew: lots of new members again :smile:
Mr. Moldavite is the friend a current member of LD4all?
I hope you all enjoy your time spent at LD4all.

You should read our dreamspell forum. You can find out more by clicking the kin image on the top right corner of the ld4all pages. The page you are taken to has many links on it about the kin etc.
you can find out your kin here by inputting your date of birth into the calculator. :cool:

Uhm… Im just a completely regular norwegian dude named Kenneth (my friends call me Ken-kun)... And... I dream of becoming a comic artist, preferrably in the "manga style"... I have had three lucid dreams that I can rememer. And, um... Theres really nothing else to say, I guess…

Greebings Krueger. :welcome:
I’m not weird… I swear…

i think so. she instructed me of the lucid crossroads but i am not certain that she posts here. tanks for the open arm welcome, i have made huge progress in two nights sleep towards lucidity. :smile:

I’m really excited that I found this forum! :cool_laugh:

I am brand new to this, and haven’t had a lucid dream…yet. What got me interested was seeing the movie “Waking Life” and then reading Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe.” I see potential in the phenomenon of lucid dreaming to do some experiments, and learn more about the nature of reality (for example, Talbot mentioned visiting a neighbor in a lucid dream and finding a book he had lost; when he woke up and told the neighbor, the neighbor found the book exactly where Talbot saw it in his dream!).

Considering other phenomena like OBE’s, reincarnation, shared hallucinations (I’ve heard some interesting stories from people who have shared hallucinations while on LSD), I feel there’s alot more to reality than the little bit we see in our daily lives, and I want to learn more about it.

Anyway, I look forward to conversing with all of you and making a few friends!


The Rev

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all The Rev
I wish you good luck on your lucid dreaming quest :thumbs:

The Rev

Welcome to the forum :partying_face: :beer:

You might find the beyond dreaming section of the forum of special interest. That is where people talk about things such as OBE.

Thanks! :happy:

I’ll be checking out what everyone has to say. I also have one of Leberge’s books on order, and we’ll see how it goes. I barely remember my dreams right now, so I have a ways to go. No big. I ALWAYS have a ways to go. :lol:


The Rev

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