The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XVII

I would also like to introduce myself

I am a 16 year old male living in iceland, reykjavik
i first became intrested in lucid dreams when i saw the moives Nightmare on elm street 1-3. after watching those i did a little research on dreams on a internet encyclopedia and found out about lucid dreaming. As i got intrested i decided to take a look at a link below witch ended upp to this site.
so hello i guess

:wave: Welcome to LD4all Deviant and bomberman
We are a friendly forum and you will soon feel at home :grouphug:

What is your recall like now Deviant? As soon as you have done a little work on your recall, you can begin to experiment with LDs while still improving recall. :content:

:eh: usually members say “Waking Life” or “Vanilla Sky”
:happy: Everytime I see your nick I will have an image of the bomberman of the game in my mind! :tongue:

I hope you both enjoy your time at ld4all
:wiske: moogle

Thanks for the warm welcome :smile:

My dream recall is really bad, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember. When I remember dreams it’s all very scetchy and out of order. I’ve started a dreaming journal, and I hope this will help.

I am new here. I just got interested in LDs two days ago, and I have a long way to go. So far I have tried WILD technique 3 times with no success. I also need to work on my DR, because it is currently close to 0.

well ok now everytime you see my nick u will see him on my avatar :wink: the thing is i usually use another nick but i use my other nick to much and i dont want any1 to recognize me, so i thought, hey how about bomberman , it is a cool game

:wave: Deviant, bomber man

Welcome to LD4all Jeremy. :grouphug:
Do you currently keep a dream journal? :read: it is a great aid to improving dream recall. Also the sticky The BIG Remembering Dreams Topic - Part II [The BIG Remembering Dreams Topic - Part II) will give advice about helping dream recall.
Just keep at it and the recall will improve over time. :content:

I hope you enjoy your time at ld4all and enjoy your first LD really soon, BTW LDs are easier to recall than normal dreams. :wiske:

I just started one the other day. So far, all I have is a small fragment of one of my dreams last night.

Hi I’m new to the whole “Lucid Dream” scene. I’ve been trying to have one since last year when I first discoverd that you can actually control your dreams. So I just found out that there was a name for such a thing this week. I’m looking forward to learning more about LD’s. I downloaded the Lucid Dream Induction a few days a go. I’ve been trying to keep a journal but that hasn’t been going to well. Well thats it peace out.

hello HvnSntGurl … well LD4all is a great place to learn about LDs and get first hand information from other member’s experiences. I hope that you enjoy your time at LD4all and experience your first lucid dream really soon. Good Luck. :thumbs:

Well hi, i’m new here! lol :razz: been reading this site for a while now and been working on dream recall for a week … but since the first day i tried i remember at least 1 dream a night it seems… (yes yes i’ll start writing em down in the dream journal forum too heh).

But last night i tried MILD but other then weird stuff i didnt go lucid :sad:

with weird stuff i mean i felt my eyes move as if i was in a REM sleep (way hyper), could like see dots and such but nothing really happened… think i was to focussed on it tbh.

Prolly gonna try WILD tonight by visualizing a falling sensation (saw someone suggest that), but if anyone has a better idea, you have 2 hours before i goto sleep prolly :razz:


hello Tarskin

:lmao: /me thinks that Tarskin has read quite a few of my posts encouraging members to start dream journals on the LD4all forum :tongue:

If you got weird sensations… it sounds more like WILD :eh:
Good luck with your lucid dreaming :thumbs:

Hi, I’m 40 years of age and am so relieved to finally find out what these amazing experiences I’ve been having are. I’ve been having lucid dreams quite frequently all of my life but didn’t know what they were called until recently. I stopped talking about them years ago because people seemed to think I was mad.

The first thing I do when I go lucid is to tell myself that I must stay awake (while I’m asleep), then I usually go flying for a minute or two, it doesn’t last long.

Once I sat up in bed, there was a man in a suit at the end of my bed sitting in a chair who I believed to be Sigmund Freud, I have read some literature about him so knew what he looked like and he said “How do you do it?” which to this day has puzzled me. Like all of my lucid moments at the time they seem very, very real.

Anyway, nice to meet you all.

:wave: hello ukdave, welcome to LD4all
Since you are a natural LDer, you will soon be able to lengthen your LDs and there are lots of ideas of different things that can be done in LDs on the forum.
You may like to post in our “are you 35 years or older” topic in the gathering … even though some of our younger members have gate-crashed it :tongue:
I hope you enjoy your time at ld4all.

Hi, I’m Enamored_Spirit, I’m new here. This LDing stuff looks cool!


Hi am new here! :tongue: As a kid I have dreamed lucid before, although I didn’t know what you could do with it and I didn’t know the name and that you could train it… :cool:

you didn’t need to post

I realised who you were right away Dream_Reacher :content:
[color=indigo]/me thinks you changed your name so players may vote for the wrong nick in wolfgame and you will survive :tongue:[/color]
:wave: hello MVX, welcome to the LD4all forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and we get a chance to get to know you better :happy:

Thanks, I hope so too. :smile:

Excuse me while I make myself invisible enough to suprise you with my big bang appearence in a few years from now.

Hey guys, im new here.
just letting you know i exist :tongue: