the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part III

Take someone flying with you. Let him(her) have the time of her(his) life.

I like it. This is especially tricky because of the nature of text in a dream and its tendency to change. Might be difficult even getting to forum because URL could change on you.

Meet at least 10 people from ld4all in your LD. It will aslo get you lotsa points on the “Who have you dreamed about from ld4all” topic.

I got this idea indirectly from a LD I had last night… but make friends with yourself.

The idea is find a duplicate of yourself and try and be friends! See what happens, what you can learn about yourself?

Done it. :grin:

Look after your pets in a dream. They may look or act funny, or even transform.

I suggest ,

go to an amusement park, look at all the rides, see what they are called, how they work, ride them (be sure to skip the lines! :smile: ) and explore all the fascinating attractions the mind can come up with, what’s the park called ? what’s on the map ?

What about…

  • Travel through time to other periods of history, with a time machine or something like that… (Well, maybe this has been suggested before :shy: )
  • Change the ending of a story. :grin:
  • Explore the oceans !
  • Explore a library, see what’s in the books…

The best suggestion: Save the enviroment :razz:

Freeze time. :smile:

Step in front of a mirror and pull your reflection out of it.

Ive had an ND about this… the rides are pretty craaazy! :tongue:
I highly suggest this in a LD, itll be awesome =D

Surf through the air on a board…? :grin:

Make yourself tiny and meet your hamster/guinea rat/anything.

Fly torwards the sun and land on it.

Make an underground base.

Make some instant noodles and see how they taste.

Read a book before going to sleep, and when you LD, meet the characters/be in the story.

Imagine some scizors, and cut the world.

Make an DC that speaks a language you never heard of (it can be made up) and try to record what he says.

Imagine the last day, and watch it from a third persons view (can be a real person)

Spawn a TV, turn it on and go inside it.

Ask a DC if you’re doing OK with lucid dreaming.

Make your eyes very big, and imagine you can see every little detail.

Make a custom creature using just your imagination (kind of like in Spore)

Try to make a false-awakening yourself.

And last but not least, do a WILD inside a LD! Or just sleep in a LD. See if you can relax. See if you can dream in your dream. See if in the dream inside your dream, you can become lucid.

… Wow. I just writted some ideas that flowed though my head.

Fight something…

Or… :uh:
Build your own castle and defend it…

or some sort of adventure…

Save the Earth

Fly a spaceship

Go in space

Go to another planet with intelligent life

Make yourself 4 dimensional

Make yourself 2-d

Fly to the north pole and visit Santa

Turn yourself into an ant.

Enter your favorite book/movie I think may be entertaining… don’t know if it was posted yet :content:

find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
chase a lepricon, catch it, then get the reward (was it a wish or gold?)
teach someone in your dream how to lucid dream(this could maybe help you too)

face your biggest fear, but bigger. (scared of hights? be on a 300 story buildings roof. scared of spiders? battle an 8 foot tall spider.)

Hmm :hehe: I doubt that quests we already had not long ago may not be popping up again, but its the admin that chooses quest, what do I know? Maybe that quest comes again in the future :cool_raz: Only Q can answer that question.

The list of quests is found here.

While Im in here I want a quest “make it snow”, snow is beautiful :yay:

I had an idea for a lucid quest after watching this video > (I think each point of light resembles a galaxy or gas mass) <. How about for a quest we visit an actual place out side of our solar system. Wether we fly there or teleport, or whatever. As long as we visit someplace, somewhere outside of our solar system.

Please discuss I’d appreciate to hear what you have to say

Merged from a topic in quest. :dragon:

How about,throw a fantasy party? :tongue: