The BIG Reality Check Topic [part III]

Asclepius, you should mention this RC in the Technodreamer’s RC list. I don’t remember I saw it.

Oh that is a great RC Asclepius, I shall have to try that one!

:wave: Lexa - hope it works for you. I’m practicing it during waking life, looking forward to next opportunity in a dream!

:wave: Basilus, thanks for the tip, I’ve posted it in Technodreamer’s thread as well.

im just new to LD’s and i had my second ld last night. i had one by chance and started to try and LD more regularly. i have been trying to think of a good reality check for me to use and i came up with the answer. I have a large tattoo on my right arm going from wrist to elbow and when i discovered that texts look different in dreams i thought ‘hey so would tattoos!!’ so i start doing rc’s on my tattoo from yesterday afternoon and would you believe last night i did a rc in my dream using my tattoo and it worked!!! instant lucidity!!! :cool_laugh: sadly i didnt stay lucid for very long but this is a huge step up. Hooray for my idea. so if anyone is having difficulty with a rc, try a tattoo!! :smile:

Hi Sheree! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

That’s a great RC idea you gave here! :smile: I remember some people write a letter in their palm and when they look at it in a dream, it’s different.

I had a ND last night and I started playing with some light switches (making an almost strobe light effect), and the switches worked perfectly fine and I didn’t become Lucid :ack: . Also, I saw my hands too, they were perfectly normal! :angry:
I guess I’ll just have to come up with better RC’s

How many RCs should I do per day ?

As minimum ?

Ysim, did you wonder if you were in a dream or not? If you didn’t, your problem wasn’t due to reality checks quality. It’s more like the “What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?” topic. :smile:

Petter, I think a minimum would be 5.

I had a slight feeling something was off, but never really questioned if it was a dream. I guess that was my problem :content:

Next Time I dream, the RC I think I’ll try is to pop open my right arm particle cannon and shoot stuff. That way, I’ll know that it is a dream, and I’ll already have my powerful Weapon That Blows Stuff Up (WTBSU) equipped.

Ok, this idea is based on fantasy. Have you watched anime, manga, cartoons. They have their superhero and bad guys with superhuman abilities.

Well get this. The thing is, if you’ve ever gotten into anime or whatever fantasy so much that you’ve tried to pretend you had the power but it wouldn’t come :grrr: , then if you try it in a dream and it works, whereas it wouldn’t in real life, then you must be dreaming. So, next time you dream, make your RC to be Kurosaki Ichigo from the anime Bleach and reach for your Zanpukto, draw it from the sheath, and do the Bankai thingy.:astral:
If you reach for your sword in real life and end up with a backpack in your hands, then you aren’t dreaming…

This may only work if you practically are immersed in a fake world that you nearly believe it/are used to it. Like in the PC game, Descent ][, you turn the headlights on, except you’ve been playing too long, so you walk into a dark room in real life, and try to turn your Pyro-GX headlights on but can’t do it. That is the obsession I speak of.

The principle is trying to assert that things AREN’T normal instead of checking to see if it is normal.

There are my two cents, now to actually attempt it.
I joined ld4all just on Sunday, 2/26/2006 (Yesterday, at the time of this post) Hi everybody.

I also recently thought of another cue/RC. There is a device that flashes light into your eyes when you enter REM sleep. Now if most people enter REM sleep after 5 hours of sleep, why not use an outside physical cue? Instead of light, many people have a cellphone. Keep your cellphone on you, set it to vibrate mode, and set its alarm to vibrate in a little more than 5 hours from the time you fall asleep. Then use any strange motion on the corresponding part of your body that feels odd in your dream as a cue that you are dreaming.

Again, this method has not been tried or tested. I have had no Lucid Dreams or any dreams that I remember lately, but I do remember that I’ve had them. I mean, I don’t remember their content.

I’d just like to post my experience with RCs, a few minutes ago I had my first (4.5 second :razz:) lucid dream, and the only RC that worked was holding my nose, I tried looking at my nose with one eye closed and finger through palm… I guess it is different for everyone :shy:

I just can’t imagine myself in a non-lucid dream attempting a RC. The only use for RC for me is mixing them with WILD/MILD or even VILD, but they’re an essential part of VILD already, but anyway, do you think I can still get a decent LD using these techniques, even if I don’t remember most of my dreams in the morning? By decent I mean clear enough so I could describe it. Because, as said above, in the morning I remember quite a few fragments from my dreams, but never the complete thing with the detail as seen in many people’s DJs.
And… In a LD, you control yourself in real time, right? And does an LD always end with waking up or FA?

My fav RC is holding my nose tight with two fingers and attempting to breathe : I don’t see how I could think I’m awake when I can breathe that way :smile:

Laidas, as I said to you in another post if I remember well, you have to increase your DR. It’s rather easy, you can use autosuggestion before going to sleep. If when you wake up you manage to remember immediatly to recall your dreams, you will make quickly big progress.

About your other questions: yes, in a LD you control yourself in real time, just like IRL. No, a LD can fade and become a normal dream and those ones are the most difficult to remember.

Laidas, last night I successfully performed a RC in a ND (hands check) and counted 6 fingers on each, and realized that I was dreaming. Of course, right after, something happened which caused me to forget.

The entire day I made it a habit to RC randomly about 10 times per hour (don’t know how normal that is/isn’t, but I kinda want to experience LD again after not having done it for a year). Also, I unsuccessfully tried a WILD that night, but I don’t think that explains it. My dreams were very fuzzy and I couldn’t remember the first one(s).

EDIT: Do you think it’s better, if you have a string of RC’s, to do them all at once, or to do them at different times? To do the same order each time you RC, or to mix it up?

My RC don’t work very well
I have a nice recall! I can remember a least a dream almost every sleep ( more than 90% of sleeping). But nearly every time i sleep for more than 4 hours…

Hands, Switchs, Jumping, Nose ones, clocks…
Mirror worked some times, only times i tried to induce that i was another person. (but sometimes it can become frigtening)

I just recently tried that RC where you look at a piece of text, look away, then look back–but it didn’t work–the text was the same…I still went lucid, but it was weird–I thought for sure it would change, but no–nothing…it had the same writing, in the same color, in the same order…

Yes, many people complained about this kind of problem with this RC. It seems it depends on the people, some have changing texts, some have stable texts.

@Huey: I’ve had the exact opposite happen to me once. I looked at something someone scribbled onto a wall, but when I looked back, it had changed. That didn’t cause me to become lucid, though. Instead I just thought that I didn’t read it correctly the first time. :ack:

It isn’t always a reliable reality check, I suppose. I always stick to plugging my nose. It hasn’t failed me yet. :wink:

Anyone tried pinching your noses and still tried to breathe? Always works for me. :smile: