The BIG Remembering Dreams Topic - Part II

Yes I agree with r3m0t. Write down every single detail you can remember, even if it’s just a vague impression. This way you’re actively working on your dream recall, which may get better as a result.

Actually I don’t understand what you’re saying. What do you mean when you say you live your dreams instead of remembering them?

i mean while im dreaming, i know im gonna wake up and remember it, rather then jus waking up and tryin to peice together the dream from little details i can faintly remember

like everysingle dream ive had before i was tryin to remember, has felt like im living it, these dreams happend very rarely(and randomly)

i can remember most of the dreams ive had in my life, cause theres been so few, and when i wake up its like i jus teleported from my dream to my room, so they are very easy to remember and stick with me for a long time

i hope that explains it a bit better? its a tricky subject

So you know you’re dreaming and are therefore lucid?

You just mean recall which is so good you don’t need to think about dream recall, you just remember it. Right?

ya im deffinatly not lucid(altho maybe a very low lucidity)

i guess you could say my dream recall is jus incredibly good at random times, but then when im tryin to remember my dreams, my dream recall is horrible, worse then anyone i know

this shit is really hard to explain, especially since it happens to me so rarely

I think these particular dreams you are talking about, are the ones that your subconscious wants you to know about and probably need to be worked with in some way? A problem that needs to be solved for example.

hmmmm, ya thats very possible?, infact a few things from my dreams come to mind as far as something my subconcious wants me to know.

but theres still the question of - is it possible to have these kinds of dreams everynight??

Personally I wouldn’t think so, unless you have a huge problem in waking life that needs a lot of work. :sad:
But then again some people have great control of their mind. :bored:

damn… that lowers my spirit… when i started up on this site i thought thats what i was gonna get to learn to do, ive never rememberd a dream any other way :sad:

You will start remembering them…just give yourself the time to get used to recalling dreams as soon as you wake up…it will become automatic in time.

for the past 5 days dreaming has been the last thought in my head when i go to bed, and the first thing in my head as i wake up

im not givin up, im gonna keep doin it till it works


Good for you. That is exactly what it takes. Refusing to give up. You will get there in time. Just keep practicing and have patients.

Happy dreaming

Yes, listen to the wise words of milod789 and moogle :smile: If you keep trying and persist in your practice, you’ll enjoy the results of your hard work. However, if you quit you won’t make any progress and everything remains the same…

Good luck!! :happy:

I started trying to have LD’s in very late november. In about 2 weeks time I was able to remember 3-5 dreams a night in great detail. I took a break from trying to LD in late december but I could still remember my dreams really good. Recently I started trying for LD’s again. I haven’t been able to remember hardly any dreams at all. Just figments of the dream. I havn’t really changed anything about how I have been doing things except that I try to MILD when I goto bed.

Let me make sure I understand your situation. You were remembering 3-5 dreams per night then you started to practice LD techniques and your dream recall stopped.

What LD techniques are you using?
Are you getting enough sleep?
Are you taking any medication including over the counter meds or supplements?
Have you changed your Diet?

Sorry to be intrusive but, all the above could have an effect on your dreams and dream recall.

Try and get back to the basics. Keep a dream journal and get used to writing down your dreams every morning. Remind yourself every night as you go to sleep that you will remember your dreams.

I would not worry about it your Dream recall should come back quickly. Just keep practicing. I have had times when I would loose dream recall but it would never last long.

Good luck and Welcome back to LD ing.

sorry, i forgot to mention that when i re-started, i remembered 2 dreams in great detail (check my dream journal) then it all just went bad!

What LD techniques are you using? i was telling myself that I will realize that I am dreaming while I am dreaming.
Are you getting enough sleep?As much as usual. 6-8 hours.
Are you taking any medication including over the counter meds or supplements?I take an A-Z vitamin thing once a day, but i always have.
Have you changed your Diet? nope…well I haven’t eaten ramen noodles lately.

i do keep my dream journal daily. I had better luck this morning with dream recall. I remembered 3 dreams, but then I forgot one of them and the other 2 were just fragments of a dream. :neutral: so maybe it is coming back to me.

this is just strange to me because I have a great short and long term memory, and I have been able to remember dreams well almost all my life.

I think if you just keep practicing your dream recall will come back.

When you wake up try not to move or anything and just try and remember what you were dreaming.

You could try to get some extra sleep. Maybe go to bed ½ hour earlier and wake a ½ hour later so you get 9 hours instead of 8, that sometimes helps.

If you are really ambitious you can wake 1 or 2 times a night during the later part of your sleep cycle and write down what you just dreamed. It is what I did way back in the beginning when I first started to practice LD ing. I only had to do that for a few days. I then started to remember 2-3 dreams in the morning with out waking in the middle of the night. I don’t think you need to do anything this extreme at this point though. I think that if you just practice you will be back to remembering your dreams.

Happy Dreaming

alright, ill look into that. thanks.

happy dreaming to you too.

It is very strange. It is really impossible to tell exactly what the problem could be. There are so many things that affect your dream recall. Maybe you are sleeping deeper than usual. Stress, use of alcohol, and some even say that as we age we get less REM sleep. The possible causes are endless. I have very good dream recall yet I have had periods where I could not remember a dream to save my life then it would go away and I would be back to remembering my dreams again.

Maybe you were just anxious about starting LD ing again.

its probably one of those 2 things

“Some say”? No, it’s actually true! However, the decline is so slow and small (about 25% → 13% I think) that this definately is not the cause for your dream recall dry spell.