The BIG Remembering Dreams topic - Part III

I never remember any of my ND’s or LD’s :sad: I also tried VILT incubation for 1 hour but I didn’t have the dream…
please help! :cry:

it seems like since i posted here my recall has improved,mabye i just needed to lower the fustration a bit,though im still only getting 1-2 a night. i write a dj and do intention setting, is there anything else i can do? :confused:

Not to move when you wake up (I suppose you already do that). Another good technique, when you don’t remember anything when you wake up, is thinking about random words “a plane… a camel… flying… a boat”, etc. until you feel one of them has to do with something you dreamt. Then you focus on this feeling and you can sometimes remember a dream fragment, from which you can rebuild your dream in the reverse order, wondering what happend before.

Following the advice I got from these forums, I was able to recall 4 dreams last night! This is a big deal- I have alot of trouble with DR.

I put a journal next to my bed and after each dream I woke up and jotted down key points. I used a pen that lights up so I what I wrote wouldn’t be completely illegible. When I woke up this morning I could barely remember my dreams, but when I read what I had scrawled in my journal they all came back to me.

I try not to just jot bullet points, but at least have a medium level of detail. But once you’ve gotten it written down, it’s harder for your brain to exorcise the details in the usual waking dream-amnesia.

Doesn’t keeping a DJ get chore-ish after a while? I really had to force myself today, not really having any interesting ones. (One vaguely horrorish, the other I can’t remember now, lol.)


What technique do you use in order to remember your dreams?

A good place to post this question should be the BIG VILD topic. :smile:

I think so. But it seems that stopping to keep a DJ is the best way of not having LD’s. :grin: Probably because it means that you’re no more interested in dreams. Thus the best thing could be finding a new interest in your dreams, for instance remembering them in order to draw them later, etc.

Hello, I have had excellent dream recall in the past (i.e. 3 or more a night.) but ever since I started keeping a dream journal, I am lucky if I get even one a night. Any answers?

Hi lehigh nagy!
I moved your post in the BIG Remembering dream topic.

When you say “in the past”, when was it exactly? Did you lose your dream recall a long time before you began your DJ?

Actually, it was the exact day. I remembered three dreams from the night before, one dream my first DJ night, and none since ever.

It might be a psychological block… I don’t know what to think about… :confused:

Last night I had a dream and all I remember is a voice saying, “Yoda is real.”

LOL ! :lol: Then it must be true. :wink:
I hope that your dream recall will be better and better.
Good luck! :smile:

Well, that’s because its not really science fiction. It merely happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away :wink:

Like the poster of this message, I am having a big problem with dream recall. It seems the the more excited I get over dream recall and LD’ing, the less I remember! :grrr:
I’m lucky if I remember a few dreams each month. (but, I’m newbie). Does having a dream journal really help? (I started one 3 days ago, but haven’t seen much improvement yet…but, duh, it’s only been 3 days. :smile: )

Yes, having a dream journal really helps. :smile:
Have your DJ and a pen near your bed. When you go to sleep, repeat mentally something like: “Tomorrow morning, I’ll remember my dreams”. That’s autosuggestion and it works very well. Then when you wake up, don’t move! The first thing you have to do is thinking about your dreams. Don’t think about anything else. Once you have recalled your dream, then write it down on your DJ, even if it’s just fragments.
3 days aren’t enough to see big improvements, but it will be better in a week.

After a 10 day dry spell, my dreams returned. Not only that, but in this dream, I had a low level of lucidity. I realized I was dreaming because of something I said, but when I said in my mind, “I’m dreaming”, the dream started to fade so I just kept doing what I was supposed to be doing-namely fighting catwoman. I decided we should stop, so we did. The comment that drove me off the edge?
“Post-coital lucicity.”

I’ve never tried to just lay there when I wake up and remember my dreams. (I really should start doing that! :content: ) I figured that if I didn’t remember them when I first woke up, there was no hope in trying to remember them. Guess that thought was wrong…lol

What do you do about remembering dreams when you have to get up straight away?
Eg.most days i have to wake up for school and dont have time to think about it too much so i never remember. :sad:

If you have to get up straight away, you can’t remember your dreams and write them down. So, go to sleep half an hour earlier, and get up half an hour earlier too. I don’t see another solution to your problem… :sad:

What I do to recall dreams is clear my mind. Literally try to forget about everyting…almost like meditation…and let the thoughts come to YOU, not the other way around.

Hope I helped :smile:
Dili Dali