the BIG remembering dreams topic part VI

I’m remembering about a fragment a night, but I want to say, if you can’t remember anything for a long time, try sleeping elsewhere.

For some reason, whenever I sleep on the floor, an air mattress, at someone else’s home, or someone else’s bed, I always remember until I have slept in it for about a few weeks.

When I moved out to my dad’s, my recall was great, 2 dreams a night… but then I got used to the bed, and it turned into nothing… Maybe it’s just me, but someone else may agree with me here.

Hi again all Lucid Dreamers out there =D I’ve been taking a break from all this stuff but now i will finally start again but I got some problems with my recalling :sad: I’m thankfull for all tips and so on :razz: the best would be if somone had like a begginner tutorial with alot of tips. But as I said I’m very greatful for all tips =D

I kind of have the same problem, just with sleeping. I can easily sleep anywhere, but when I get used to sleeping somewhere I start having a harder time falling asleep. I don’t know about dream recall, as whenever I’ve slept somewhere else my mind wasn’t on remembering dreams. I might try this next weekend if my recall still isn’t good by then.

I believe I can explain why sleeping in a different bed can lead to better recall. When you sleep lighter, you have better dream recall, which is why sleeping in a different bed makes better recall, because your body isnt used to it and thus you sleep lighter. It works with other things too, I got new next door neighbors and their dogs barked all night, so the sound made me sleep lighter and I had better recall. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Thought that I’d just get back to you (no one in particular) on here and say that I had great recall last night, with the same thing happening as last time my recall was good. I did focus on saying the mantra over and over and I think that it did help, although I’m not really sure because it seems very odd in that both times I woke up early on my own without thinking of it.

This is the nearest we get to a tutorial in the knowledgebase
Improving Dream Recall

Thanks for the tips it seems helpful. I’m going to test it tonight. I recommend it to other people too. =D see ya next time ;D

Hi there, everyone!

It’s been two weeks since I started training my dream recall. So far, I had made a wonderful improvement. Three days ago, I could recall two full dreams average per night, and even full dreams during my half-an-hour-long naps during the afternoon!

With that in mind, I decided to give it a try to WILD and MILD, but my dream recall became void. Zero dreams per night or nap. It’s been like that two nights in a row, so I’m still not 100% worried, but just a little.

Maybe I became a victim of the you-are-trying-too-hard trap? Or I got so into WILD and MILD that I stopped paying attention to dream recall?


Dry spells are common.

the key is … 'did you think you had ‘ticked off dream recall’ and could now ‘forget it’ and go on to attempting to LD? You need to focus on both.

Different efforts when going to sleep can alter the way you wake up, and make remembering dreams a little easier or harder. A thing to keep in mind is, despite what you may think at first, you’ve always dreamt something, and one way to recall would be just staying in the position you woke up in, trying to remember what you last did.
Good luck :wink:

Thanks a lot! Last night, I tried to forget a bit about WILD and MILD ans go on focusing on dream recall. I woke up at 8.30 and again I felt my head was blank. I tried to stay calm and in the same position and voila! Images started to pour in into my mind. In five minutes I had a fresh memory of one of my dreams (and a pretty complex one, full of dreamsigns!).

I guess the idea is to find a happy medium, right? As you guys said, not to take for granted your dream recall skill and divide your efforts between old and new skills :yes: .

Glad I could have been of help :content:

About DR, it seems a conscious effort is always needed to remember dreams, no matter how many times you have done that, but it sure gets easier and lighter with practice and confidence, plus one way to skyrocket your DR is clearing your mind before going to bed ^^

Hello :woo: ,
During the vacancy, I recall a dream per night, but since school started, I can’t recall my dreams. I think it is because I wake up with my dial. How can I do for recall my dream and don’t be late at school??

Thank you for your help! :mirror:
Alaky :peek:

@Alaky sorry for the late reply.
Best way is to allow for the extra time in the mornings by setting the alarm a little earlier than you need. Also make sure you get enough sleep, might need to go to bed a little earlier than you would do if not aiming for lucidity.

Hi everyone, at the very beginning of my topic I wanna sorry for my english, I know I’m not good at it, but I still hope you’ll get my point.

I’ve been practicing LD and some techniques connected with LD (like mantras) for a week. I know this is not really long, but I’ve already became lucid (last night). It feels fantastic, but also I’ve got a little problem with all this. I can remember that I’ve been lucid for about 20 minutes, and I can feel subconsciously I’ve done sooo many great things, but I can’t remember what was it :neutral:. I can only remember that at the first time, when I was aware (i did reality check) I got kicked, because I was to much excited. Right after that I did the same thing (reality check) and there I was. Next thing I can remember: I was flying (I remember some buildings with foreign language inscriptions), and then i brought some sun because it’s been raining and i dind’t like it (I felt fantastic then). And finally, nothing… I woke up or went to the next dream - I don’t really know.
How I get there? It is quite like MILD technique, but not exactly. I woke up at night, moved, opened my eyes and wrote down all my previous dreams (to the diary), drank some water and went back to sleep (I thought I was talking to previous dreams’ characters).

So here is my question for you: What I need to do to remember everything and every detail of my dreams? :eh:

ps. I’m not sure if this is right section.

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Dream diarys,
Buy a book, and a pen, Only use that pen and book to write what you dream, That way your memory of your dreams should improve

I have a diary and a pen which i’m using only for lucid purposes.

Nonono, Write down ALL dreams, Remembering your normal dreams will help with lucid dreams, my dream memory had increased ALOT since i started.

It called dream journal (DJ).
Keep it beside your bed, and use it when you wake up after sleep.

You should write all your dreams, and not just the lucid ones.
Even if you remember very little about a specific dream, write what you do recall. That may be feelings, sound, pictures or a part of the storyline. Anything at all.

This way you will train your mind to remember your dreams and make them clearer.
When your dreams are vivid and (more) easily recalled, you could fully dedicate yourself to lucid dreaming.

Also, when you wake up at night, don’t move for a while, and let the dream memories come back to you. Only then should you write them down in your DJ.

I hope this helps :wink:

I have a little problem: when I wake up, I don’t realize I am awake.

Sometimes I find myself just lying in bed looking to the ceiling and I suddendly say “Oh, look! I’m awake already!” so I just get up and go away. But it seems like I have wasted a lot of time just lying in there and I cannot remember much of my dreams.

The only way I can realize the moment I wake up is when I use an alarm clock.

Any ideas on what I should do? (I don’t want to use an alarm clock during vacation)