The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part II

You really encountered a SP , im sure. The effect that you describe are a hit-in-the-mill.

You encountered well this effect , thats the thing to do.

Everytime I go to sleep I say to my mind that everything that im gonna do is create by my mind and there is no danger.

Thats the attitude to be and you will never be scared by this kind of thing. And nightmare will be almost extinguish…

But youre good because the first time I haved SP I was a little bit scared but now I think they are funny.

Nightmare - The cold women - Feb 23, 2006

Before beginning I would like to say thats its near 5 years I didnt have nightmare and the one before
that was not very scary. I have to go back to my childhood to find good nightmare.

Anyone have heard about the cold women ? Dont know why but after the dream that was like I read
somewhere about that nightmare … Any idea someone ?

The dream start normally . Im in like a mini-van but look a lot bigger. Im feeling im to my friend house
OD. Two DC that I didnt know about are here with me. The one that have the mini-van look a lot like
someone who like girl… You know the big fat lazy men that dont miss a occasion to look at a woman.

Were talking about his mini-van that he have to change a couple of things because the van getting very

Like coming from hell , three woman are standing outside and looking from the window . Theses woman
dont look like normal. At first look , they looked like Alien , yes you read right alien. I dont remember
them well but we can find that there here not normal and look very satanic. I was feeling terrible cold
when they were standing outside watching us.They were projecting winter … Maybe because these was
dead woman.

Next thing , the scariest moment , im literraly in my bed in sleep paralysis. The thing is I was dreaming
of Sleep paralysis not doing it for real because my bed was not at the right place. I was in my older
chamber. So I know I was dreaming of Sleep paralysis and not doing it. The scary thing is I haved a
rope to the neck. Like the cold women wanted my dead and thats was the way to scare me.I was just
feeling the rope pulling upper and that was really hurting my neck. I almost chocked… That was really
hurting me. Maybe at a time I die because…

Im in a Normal Dream after that. Im in school. First thing I do is checking my neck through the school
window, they ware trace of chocking really bad. So I go looking around. There were many random
Dream Character. I go to the ping pong table and there a DC that really want to help me.

Its freaky how your mind play on you :I ask him if in a dream or I just awake. He say that him in a
dream and dont need to be scared. He say to me that this was the cold women that attacked me.
Finally he say to dont say that to a certain teacher (Jeanno) because he wouldn’t believe it.

Finally I awake scared. I was not fully scared because you know im not a child anymore and that I
have a good knowing of dream but the sensation of the rope was with me a lot.

I do a Reality Check to see if its a False Awakening or really me and it was In Real Life. I touch my
neck but I dont seem to have a rope injury . Hourray ! :smile:

What does this mean ? The false Sleep paralysis was very weird.

It was a true sleep paralysis experience IMO. When you experience sleep paralysis, you’re hallucinating. So your bed hasn’t to be at the right place. The fact your bed was at a wrong place made you realize you were dreaming and it’s a good thing.

And the difficulty in breathing is classical in SP.

I haved other SP in my life and I were always in the right chamber and seeing my chamber through my eyes.

That was the first time that I was hallucinating on that (surely because of the cold women that I made a nightmare about that) and the first time that I was having problem breathing …

I swear the rope was really hurting me I dont think you can hallucinate hurt in a SP , what do you think ?

you can feel pain in dreams… it probably means something is wrong with your body and you’re dreaming about it…

what i’m thinking is maybe sleep apnea, where you stop breathing for periods during the night… since you had a rope around your neck, but who knows.

You can definitely feel pain in dreams though, its just not that usual.

and for SP I agree with you, there is “dream SP” and real “SP” in dream SP you can generally get right up and go lucid and do whatever you want because your environment is all crazy, but in real SP you’re just in the bed completely paralyzed and the dream is pretty much over, your body just hasn’t woken up yet.

Sepultura123, do you think I can merge this into the BIG SP and Old Hag topic? All what you describe is very interesting yet normal and I don’t think it’s at its right place in the Beyond Dreaming forum.

Go ahead it will be a pleasure for me.

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I’ve read it about the WILD method and how you get to see scary stuff, like the old hag, or that you would see yourself climbing some stairs… but, unless I didnt understand it right, aren’t this kind of things too subjective to be put as something that can happen to anyone ? Maybe I’m not understanding right what the old hag means.

Yup it can happen to anyone.

Even if your not doin WILD you can get it. WILDing increases the risk.

I got cisit from the OLD Hag 2 days ago, and it wasnt fun! :smile:

But when you say old hag, you mean something like this
or … %20Hag.jpg

or when you say old hag, you’re just using this as a term to describe something scary that visited you while trying to get a LD.
Because it doesn’t make too much sense that everyone gets a visit from the old hag, unless of course, that anyone who got it already expected her to come.
But anyway, guides about LD should not mention things as specific as the old hag, scary experiences while WILDing or the set of stairs. This is too personal to be told to everyone as a side effect that might happen during a certain LD technique

The ‘climbing stairs’ visual isn’t a part of old hag or SP - it’s a technique to help people keep their mind and imaginative senses active while WILDing.

I’ve had old hag a few times years ago (it really confused me, had no idea what it was). There was no hallucination of a figure in the room, just SP and extreme anxiety.

Remember, this is all in your head - you can snap out of it at any time, you just need the will power.

It does sound like something scary, but it isn’t something that should keep you afraid of WILD. I’ve only had sleep paralysis once, but it wasn’t scary for me because I had already read about it here. I wrote about my experience in this thread, so if you can find it, that would keep me from having to write about it again. For some people, it is just a cool experience, and that’s all it was for me.:tongue:

the old douche bag has never given me any trouble even though I get SP almost every time I WILD and I kinda want to see her.

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I experienced sleep paralysis while conscious early this morning. I awoke from a rather long dream during which I almost became lucid. Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t move a muscle. It was pretty bizarre, but it didn’t frighten me as much as I would have expected. I think I eventually got my hand to twitch, and then my whole right arm could move, so I brought it up to my face and used it to turn my head to the side. That brought back some feeling to the nerves and started reminding my brain okay, you’re awake now…time to let me move again… It was pretty weird, although it seemed pretty similar to the accounts I’ve heard from other members. I feel even more sorry for quadriplegics now.

Just felt like sharing. :happy:

Am not entirely sure but I think I may have experienced sleep paralysis as well. I was trying the WILD technique two or three nights ago, and I felt a weird weightless sensation as though I was floating. While I was looking up LD’s on wikipedia today, I found a link to sleep paralysis, which said this could be one of the less-common side-effects caused by sleep paralysis. I’m not sure if I could move or not though, because when I try to get to sleep I try not to move anyway.

Anyways, here is link:

Sleep Paralysis

By the way, what are quadriplegics…?

Thanks, Kay. :grin:


SP isn’t that scary unless your brain tricks you into thinking it’s dangerous. That happened to me before I found LD4all and it was weeeeeird. I was half awake/half asleep and thought I was going into a coma. :eek: Every five seconds I would try to shake myself awake, then fall back into the SP state and freak out.

Just felt like sharing. :content:

I wanna experience SP! I’ve never felt it before. Had plenty of LD’s though.

It ain’t that great, Wyvern. If you’ve read about it, you know it’s harmless. Then again, what if you awoke in a state of SP with your room on fire…

Actually, in a case like that, your brain would probably be motivated enough to instantly break down the barrier shielding the areas of your brain that control motion. Not something to worry about. Still, while it’s happening, you can have thoughts like that.

I often experience a lesser form of SP as I’m falling asleep. I can move, but my brain is very reluctant to allow me to do so. Hard to explain. But this was different last night. I told my body to move and it flat-out refused. Weird stuff. But I should be thankful for it, because who knows what kind of harm could be caused by physically acting out our dreams without awareness of our real surroundings…

^ Hey I think I get that too! That’s when I know I’m really starting to fall asleep.

I’ve only had SP once that I can remember. It was a strange occurance, but for me it wasn’t too bad. Instead I just tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep. It probably just didn’t seem so bad because I had just woken up from a scary dream, so a little bit of SP doesn’t seem so bad compared to that. I still wouldn’t want to do it again, though. :neutral:

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