The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part II

nickspry, any advice on how to induce SP?

True, but the SP and Old Hag experience are still no dream or part of a dream, beit lucid or not. The Old Hag experience is about hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations, which are different from a real dream. But you’re right that you can induce LDs from SP.

There is still an incredible confusion between Old Hag/sleep paralysis trouble and HH/WILD. I’ve about 100 LD’s and never saw any Old (nor Young) Hag. Most of the WILD’ers never experienced Old Hag, unless they had the sleep paralysis trouble before and became lucid dreamers later.

The Old Hag syndrome is probably due to the melatonine rate. And even despite this, most of the sleeped paralyzed people never experienced Olg Hag, so that just about 1% of the population are subject to the OH syndrome. By the way, they do no more see an Old Hag, they generally see little green men. :tongue:

Well, all the scientific research being conducted with Old Hag experiences have pointed to a combination of HH and SP.

From: “Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations during sleep paralysis: neurological and cultural construction of the night-mare.” - Cheyne, 1999

I used to always have old hags when i was young. They would normally turn up as a big scary animal like a black bear or a gigantic wolf. And the weird thing was that they always used to happen whenever i changed around the positions of my room. And they used to scare the living day out of me… so now everytime i have my room switched i get kinda scared :tongue:
But i do want to experience it again though cause i reckon now that i know about LD’ing i could possibly change the old hag into something else. I remember them being really really vivid to… and i would always wake up just as the old hag had attacked me.
I did have sleep paralysis about a month ago aswell, it was an attempt at WILD, and i was in a dream involving weird things, and i had a recording playing in my headphones repeating the words “you are dreaming”, and during the dream, i heard this and went Lucid :content: But then everything went black and i could feel my normal body again, but my eyes were closed tight and i was shaking violently, then i felt a humoungous pressure on my chest, but still couldnt see anything… then i thought to myself that i could be on the verge on an OBE, so i tried to “jump” out of my body, but just would myself up :sad:


Yes, but I think that the SP they talk about is not the dumbness you feel when you fall asleep (unless you have the SP trouble and thus SP episodes when you fall asleep, like Julian D. Iron).

I asked the question there: WILD, do you really have sleep paralysis. This thread got very few answers so that I suppose that people really feeling complete paralysis during WILD are very few. It seems that Xetrov and Popov agree with me. Moreover, WILD HH are quite different from SP trouble HH. In WILD, you see them in front of your eyes. In a few severe cases of SP trouble, it looks more like a LD, you sometimes see your bedroom and someone inside.

So I would like to stop this (silly?) confusion between the Olg Hag syndrome, i.e. the sleep paralysis trouble with severe hallucinations and what you can experience during WILD.

ok im a little freaked out about this whole “old hag” thing. should i really be scared though? I need advice! Does it only happen when you do Wild or does it happen when you try to lucid dream period? I have been researching lucid dreams a while now but still havent had one but i am curious about this topic. :help:

Heh…Old hag should be considered a good experiance, you could imagine something else…heh…

I liken being scared of ‘Old Hag’ to the same as being scared of watching a scary movie. It’s fiction, you’re only affected to a certain degree by how much you belive the experience is real.

Dragon_dreams, do you have read the post I wrote just above yours? Old Hag is an hallucination which occurs when you’re subject to a sleep trouble which is due to the melatonine rate cycle. If you haven’t a severe case of this sleep trouble, you’re likely to never see an old hag.

By the way, Old Hag is totally old-fashioned. Nowadays, sleep paralyzed people see ET’s. :tongue:

I disagree with the current thinking on “old hag”. As I said before, I believe that experiencing strange phenomenon in your bedroom can be simply proven to be a lucid dream by means of a reality check. The next time you experience this pinch your nose shut. If you can still breathe through your pinched nose you are dreaming.

Sleep paralysis usually begins with vibrations. When you are totaly relaxed you may begin to feel a vibration state creeping up on you. If you feel this, don’t fight it, go with the flow and let it intensify. It can become almost unbearbly intense - this is good and will lead to a lucid dream if you go with the flow.
Happy days.

There was one time when I felt a presence in my room. I was in sleep paralysis: I could distinctly remember not being able to move; and there was this white-valed entity walking back and forth behind me - and me unable to turn around and look. It was very paranormal!

I forgot about this topic. Oh well, i understand what old hag is now, and should this be combined with The big old hag and sleep paralysis topic?

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I don’t know why there is so much myth surrounding “Old Hag”
If you experience this state you ARE lucid dreaming. The experience of being in your bedroom is a dream experience, no matter how real it may feel - a simple reality check will prove it.

People, there is no such thing as the “Old Hag”. It’s just me. I like to dress up in ladies’ clothing and sit on your bed. Is that such a crime?

I’m not going to read this topic, hell, I never read stickies… especially on this site.

But I can say that the Hag is real, and frightening. You have to experience it to truely understand it… wow.

I had it last night.

I had what I believe was the worst case of “Old Hag” syndrome ever to hit a human being. :bambi: :scared:

It happened a little over a month ago, btw…

Also, about my room: The head of my bed is against a wall, the other three sides are open. Neither of the sides are against a wall. Therefore, there is space all around me. My room is the (furnished) attic, so it’s quite large. My bed is off to the left of the steps, on the opposite wall. In the middle, on the wall opposite my bed, are steps coming from downstairs.

I was sleeping normally and I woke up a little. I had SP, and I wasn’t too worried about it since I’d had it a few times before. But then… things went REALLY BAD :cry:

I think some parts happened when I was semi-awake and had real SP, and some happened purely in dreams. I’ll post parts that were almost positively dreams in green, parts that MAY have been dreams in blue, and parts that were possibly real in normal black.

First, I became aware of a presence behind me. (Old hag perhaps?) I didn’t see it, but I “knew” it was there and what it looked like, sort of. It was female, tall, semi-figureless, and EXTREMELY CREEPY >.<; This figure remained there the rest of the night, while the following happened:

[color=darkblue](I think I may have fallen asleep here.)

Shortly after I became aware of “the presence,” I began feeling INTENSE pains, jerks, and spasms coming from what felt like my brain and the nerves in the back of my head. This also happened in my arms. It was REALLY painful… After what felt like hours, I managed to move and jump off my bed. I don’t remember too well, but I might have caught a glimpse of the “presence” when I jumped. I landed on my head and it felt like I snapped my neck. I “blacked out.”[/color]

The next thing I know, I’m back in bed. (FA?) I think “Oh, man. It’s over… :content:” I walk to the middle of my floor to get a box of tissues there, and I see my dad start to come up the steps. (I had forgotten, he was on a week-long hunting trip 16 hours away!) I noticed that he had a HUGE, just barely wider than would be possible by a human, smile. I was back in my bed before he got to the top, and when I looked up from my bed he was walking over to me. Suddenly, he sort of “re-wound” back down the steps just barely to the point where I couldn’t see him. What came up next scared the HELL out of me. It wasn’t my dad, and it definitely wasn’t human. It was a semi-tall, extremely thin white humanoid creature. It had long figures, and its limbs were just as thin as its body. Its head was a pale, bloody stump. I clench my eyes tight, as both the creature and the presence close in on me…

The next thing I know I’m REALLY awake. It’s morning. I haven’t told anyone about the dream/Old hag encounter until now.

The spasms, pains, jerks etc, sound like they were just an extremly violent entry into REM sleep, alot of times people will experience this though it sounds like you had them real bad.

Either way it is a natural thing and isn’t something you should be concerned about unless it becomes a very frequent issue.

Also if you have problems with Old Hag try changing your sleep position especially if you sleep on your back.

Holy macaroni…that sounds horrible. I don’t wish anything like that to anyone! :scared: