The BIG Transformation topic

I hope you edit it soonm i’m having trouble with things that arn’t there. I mean transforming into sometihng that doesn’t have arms or something, i can’t get rid of my limbs :tongue:

I tried to create a tail the other night (nights, actually) but failed. I tried pulling but it didn’t work and just hurt abit :lol:

I probably should try thr changing clothes first…

Last night I grew an extra finger! :happy: well, sort of. Half a finger. As soon as I stopped pulling it would just shrink back :sad: But I had a bit of feeling in it too :content:

I try to transform whenever I get my own lucid dreams. Unfortunately if I imagine even the slightest change while I’m set on changing, even if I didn’t mean to think that up, it will happen to me. (I thought one thing up, that led to a chain of events that ended up with me thinking of the part in the Matrix when Neo’s mouth was kinda fused shut… it happened to me, I didn’t want that to happen)

Do you have any tips on how to avoid unwanted transforming, during or after it’s finished?

Guess that above all things you have to keep lucidity , that way you know you are in control and can truly decide :wink: and try to focus on the real image of you, it should help stabilizing.

Hmmm… I still need to learn to fly, ect. (in fact, my only LD superpower besides walking and talking is pizza-vision, which make a hot pizza appear out of nowhere…). But transformation sounds really cool… I’m going to to study your guide!

Nice guide :happy: i always had troubles with transforming in LD. i hope this will help :cheesy: ill try it out when i have my next LD.

Nice on how you explain growing wings… now what about gills and tails?

I managed to semi-grow a tail in one of my LD’s. Check out my DJ.

Your tutorial could use:
How to grow tails
How to grow other body parts
Gender Swapping

You don’t really need those, do you :tongue: everyone can breathe underwater without even trying.

My thoughts exactly. :tongue:
Although if you wanted to turn into a fish I suppose they would be necessary.
Growing gills is very much like changing clothes. It’s useful to have a mirror. Look away from the mirror then look at it and expect gills. For more sensation, imagine the sensation. Kind of like you would do when you prepare the sensations from WILD. Imagine the sensation first and the real sensations will eventually follow.
The reason I included the changing clothes exercise and finger growing exercise is because this is perfect example of where these skills would be used together.

It was only a matter of time before people started requesting how to change gender. I wonder why. :tongue:
Seriously though. While I was making this tutorial, I searched around for the most wanted/popular transformation and that was it. I suppose I’ll have to give the public what it wants.
Everything you mentioned besides gills will go in the tutorial. Also need to add how get rid of limbs.

Well I guess (and sincerely hope) the final version will cover complete animal transformations :wink:

That’s a lot to cover really. You have birds, fish, cats, dogs, and so on. It’s all a matter of using the techniques together.

Well, what i really meant was, we’ll be able to transform into animals following what’s written in the guide ;D doesn’t matter at all if it’s in separate sections. IE. growing fur is only an advanced part of “changing clothes”?

Thank you for this guide Wyvern. Having tried out a similar method that Bombax used I may have you know that you have the honour of being the 1st person of LD4all ever to appear in my dreams :smile:


Guys, a pattern is forming: next time you need help transforming, just ask Wyvern to help you in person :rofl:

hey wyvern, thanks again for that tutorial. i successfully shrinked myself by pushing another object up. im looking forward so use some other technics in my next LD :smile:

Funny, once, in a ND, there was a coffee machine with 2 nozzles. Above on nozzle was a female symbol, above the other, a male symbol. I tried some of the “Female Coffee” and well, I started to transform into a female ( I think…), but then I got scared and started guzzeling down “Male Coffee”.

This morning I transformed into a dog! :woo:

I simply put my hand down and imagined it turning into a paw. Suddenly my whole body started… morphing! It’s like I didn’t do anything at all! My point of view got closer to the ground and I barked :lol: I tried to smell the ground but got nothing (my smell in LD’s isn’t usually that strong as a human either). I looked behind me and saw a bit of my body and tail. I didn’t feel my dog body completelly (same as human too, usually)… I guess it was something like a 60% transformation… Still was awesome though… it felt so freaking weird!!

Sorry, had to share! :smile: