The BIG VILD Topic - Part I

I am going to do WBTB and then VILD tonight, but there is one little thing I am confused about, I hope you can make it a little clearer for me Pedro (or anyone else). Let’s say I do VILD and eventually I do end up in the dream. How am I supposed to know that it is a dream and I am not just imagining the scene again? Even if I can’t see my nose or I can breathe with my nose plugged in the dream, since that was the scene I created I don’t see how I am supposed to realize that I am dreaming and not just still imagining it happening. I hope you understand what I mean.

Yeah I know exactly what your saying! It might not make much sense just now but if it works you’ll see that there is a difference. When you get in the dream you are actually IN your scene rather than just visualizing it. You do realize this but you don’t really since you aint lucid and your goin with the flow. As soon as you do the RC’s you become lucid. I promise you won’t still think your imagining it. It’s a totally different experience. Very hard to explain but you imagine the room and imagine doing the RC’s. When you actually enter the dream though, you DO the RC’s rather than imagine them…

I have a question as well, seeing as how I’ve only halfway succeeded once (not even fully). Does it matter at which location the incubated dream is? I’ve been working with a location I made up and doesn’t exist in real life, as well as a DC who doesn’t exist for real (but who’s known to show up in my dreams now and then). I meet the DC at the location, he then tells me to do a number of RC’s. But at all times I just fell asleep without entering into the VILD. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the location and DC don’t exist for real, so I have less memory to hang on to? But you also stressed that it’s important to not change your initial planned dream.

I guess it works differently for everyone, so I don’t know… :neutral:

is this method intended to be done with WBTB? i’m guessing so since you are trying to get yourself straight into the dream, and you will in the middle of REM… but by your description of this technique it sounds like you do it when you initially go to sleep. So, when you do it, do you enter your dreams when you first go to sleep? Thanks in advance…

You could use it with WBTB if you think that will help (IMO it probably will) but Pedro uses it from when he first goes to sleep. Of course, at the moment he’s doing a marathon thing of LD-wake up-LD again-wake up, which accounts for his high LD count this month!

yes, i understand him and lucidity_master are really getting high in the ranks… thanks for the response r3.

well i guess your extreme proof pedro that a WILD type technique can bring you into a dream upon first sleep.


How long did it take you from when you first started doing VILD until you were having such great success? Also, did you practice visualization much before you created VILD?

VILD has given me 100% success so far. So it worked from the word go…you gotta be good at visualization.

If your really wondering how long everything took me then look in the Dream Diary area for a thread called “Pedro’s Lucid Timeline”. Someone asked if I would make that thread coz they were asking similar questions.

Have fun!

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I made up my own Vild method.
Nice post pedro, sounds like one of the most enjoyable methods if you can get it to work :smile:
Thats why i put some effort in making my incubated dream.

This is how it should go

I am sitting in a big room whit Morpheus. The rooms looks like some kind of a 3D world. He tells me 'Björn, You are dreaming. You should do some RC to check it. So i do that and i become lucid, jeej :grin:. I thank him and tell him i hope he can help me become lucid in more dreams. (I find the nose RC nice btw, so i took those 2 + a book thats in front of me wich i can check.)
The room looks like this ->
I made some more pics so i can imagine it better:

So what do you think, sound like a bulletproof plan or some faults in that?

Here is the question :smile:

Do you still use the same ritual before going to bed if you want LD?
the eating something drinking, reading thing?

Or do you just get in your bed, vizualize your dream and go to sleep?
and maybe its hard to tell, but like how many times do you rerun that dream before falling asleep?

are we supposed to visualize ourselves doing the reality checks and having them fail, succeed or actually try to do the reality checks each time? I assume we should have them tell us we’re dreaming, whether thats considered having the reality check succeed or fail I’m not sure.

Success for a reality check means that you get the true result. And you’re imagining that you’re dreaming, so imagine that it gives the true result, i.e. shows you as dreaming.

(Pedro already answered this question for me)

Thanks r3m0t…yeah he’s right. I always see myself doing the RC and realizing that I am dreaming.

I’m not sure how many times I run through my scene and it is very different each night though, I can tell you that! Depends how tired I am. Yes I always do the same thing before bed…I always eat and drink coz…well I’m hungry and thristy lol. And I always read for a while to get tired…unless I am extremely tired for some reason.

I’m not sure of this. Your eyes are simply plug and wait and play instruments. This plug wait play is also desmonstrated with science, where they have mamnaged to make artificial “eyes” and interface them, by electrodes on the tounge.

Your brain takes the data and organises it. But the funny thing is, that a blind from birth person does see objects in their minds. Therefore, I would conclude, it is the brain that sees, but it does not sense.

I am not being picky, I am just getting confused by what the tern “see” is being used like.

You could say the eye sees (as in senses), or you could say the brain sees, as in, it is the place where images, the world are reconstructed, from 2D, to 3D.

Infact, when I think upon it, images themselves do not exist. A literal visualisation of the world around would be millions of photons (light). The world is a “model” Our eyes sense, our brain sees the way the model it has designed guides it.

I have tried VILD two nights in a row, but no luck so far. It seems to keep me awake a little longer than usual and instead of falling asleep i almost WILD. Three things apparently can happen when I’m about to WILD when going to bed.

  1. I become aware that I’m about to WILD, and I wake up.
  2. I suddenly can’t remember some part of the VILD scene, and I force myself to remember, and I wake up.
  3. Suddenly things start changing and images start popping up in my head. And i either fall asleep or wake up.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do. Last night i kept on running my VILD scene for over one hour before finally falling asleep. Should I just keep on practicing?

Those are the same exact problems I’m having. (btw, thanks for the VILD instructions Pedro) I think the reason why it’s so hard is because we’re trying to visualize a room that we’ve never seen. If we were to see a photograph of the room, it’d be much easier to imagine it. I’m thinking that maybe if we construct this room with little dream pieces from previous dreamscenes…or by using environments from reallife, it might make visualizing this room easier.

I use my livingroom so it’s familiar to me. I have tried using VILD for a week now but no success :sad: . Maybe I should try WBTB with VILD and I might be more successful, because if I wake up in the morning with the intention of WILDing or WBTB I’m usually so tired that I fall asleep within 1 min.

Here’s a suggestion: practice with what’s easier for you to visualize. For example, through practice Iv’e found that certain colors, shapes, motions, etc. are much easier to hold in my mind than others. Although I don’t use VILD myself, if I did I would probably keep my room extremely simple (as Pedro said) with a yellow ceiling, white walls, and a hardwood floor. This combo just seems to work very well for me, though it’s different for everyone. The only thing I might have against JaRoD’s idea of using a room familiar to you is that it still might be too complicated for some people to fall asleep while imagining it.