The BIG WBTB Topic - Part II

I did the WBTB method a few days ago. No success, primarily because i didnt follow it properly. I went to bed at around 12.00am and woke up at around 4.30 am…However, i only stayed awake long enough to record my dreams in my DJ and then fall back asleep. I also didnt do any MILD or WILD before falling alseep again.
I have to stay awake next time and read some Ld4all articles.

Although my attempt was quite poor :tongue:, i still remembered heaps of dreams. I recall around 9 dreams, and there was even more…they just kept flooding back. But then i fell back asleep. :roll:

WBTB is not a standalone technique. It won’t give you LD’s if you don’t practice an induction technique before falling asleep again.

I’m currently in my hour of wakefulness :content:

I’ll post my success and some info if it works.

Trying second WBTB at the moment - tried first time last night and didn’t get any dreams at all after it, which is strange :tongue:

Is 6 hours the definate time for doing it, or is it the recommended? As I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve realised I hardly dream at all in the first half of the night, and loads in the morning. (I sleep from 12 to 11, or so) - I seem to start dreaming about 7 in the morning - so for both my WBTB I hardly have any dreams to think over.

Should I still try 6 hours, or add a couple and wait for the next REM cycle?

Well, it’s now morning, and I’m two lucid dreams better off :content:

I stayed up for 40 minutes or so, then tried to get back to sleep, but couldn’t for ages, and in the end gave up doing MILD and thinking about dreams, and just tried to sleep. Next thing I know is I’m having a crazy WILD like experience…while asleep…and then LD’ing.

They only lasted about 30 seconds each, and I didn’t do much, but it’s still a great start.

hey if i slept for 6 hours, woke up and mowed the grass (which take an hour and an a half), and then went back to sleep, would that work for wbtb?

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Depends. Some people WBTB better when just barely waking up while others find it better to stay up for an hour (or more) before going back to sleep.

I’m thinking it’d be really hard to fall back asleep after doing something so active. It also would be very loud most likely and sure to wake you up completely. But man, more power to ya if you can do it!

I’d say you should just give it a few tries and see how it works out. If it works, keep it up, WBTB can really help a lot of people get lucid. But if you can’t fall back asleep than you know its not worth it :smile:

Not to mention your neighbors! :angry:

…But yes, that would count for WBTB.

Ooh… on second thought, don’t do it. Your neighbors might be having lucid dreams and you might wake them up. Unless it’s like 8 in the morning already…

Yep, I was just about to mention your neighbourinos might just make a nice little complaint. :tongue: Maybe some other form of housework that wouldnt make much noise is a better option. :smile:

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Hi, I am pretty new to this LDing having started about 2 weeks ago and oddly enough i somehow managed to go lucid on my first attempt, albeit for only a minute or two. I think i just got too excited :hurray: and didn’t really know what i was doing in the first place anyway…

anyway my question is what is the best (well most common) length of time that people go to sleep for until they wake up and begin their prefered lucid technique?

I realise its going to be different for each person (eg 4.5 hours or 6 hours etc) and that it should be after a 90 min sleep cycle, but i guess i’m asking because i want to maximise my efforts in finding the best technique that will work for me and therefore using the most common techniques that work for people seemed to be the most logical first step.

Oh yeah that first time i went lucid i didn’t even need to wake up it just sort of happened in a dream (is that whats called a DILD?)

Hope this has been a valid question and if there is another topic on this somewhere else a point in its direction would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for any help :ok:

Well, If you realized that you are dreaming in dream, that was a DILD. :yes:

Main thing: If I am doing WBTB’s it’s mostly about 6 hours of sleep, then I perform MILD. But I am not doing it often, I just dont want to stay up for long. Another thing that everyone is diffrent, so I guess you need to find out by trys-and-faults method, what is best for you.

I won’t be having classes until february, so I figured that, since I don’t have to wake up early anymore for some time, I’d try some WBTB.

What do I need to know about it?

I mean, I know I have to sleep about 6 hours, wake up, stay awake for some time (30 min?) then sleep again, using WILD.

Is there anything else I need to know? The time I have to stay awake is only 30 min?

i just wake up and then do WILD and i get great results from doing that

That works really well for WILD and FILD. But if you are using MILD, or find that you fall asleep again so quickly you have no time to concentrate you should get up and fill your head with lucid dreaming for awhile (10-25 minutes, 5 to fall back asleep. If you’re up for to long you end up going into deep sleep and not REM sleep like you want.)

Simply going back to sleep will not induce a LD

oops, sorry ment to say i wake up and then do wild.Thanks for pointing that out :happy:

Rodrigo, the first thing that you have to do is learn just how “awake” you have to get when you wake up for WBTB, so that you can keep your mind awake, while your body goes back to sleep. I just wake up, sometimes I go to the bathroom, and then just start with WILD. If I get up for 30 min’s then I can’t go back to sleep. :sad: Some people just go back to sleep if they don’t get up and do something for a while. It just takes them a while to get their brain awake enough that it doesn’t also just go back to sleep. :tongue: The correct amount of sleepyness is when you can get into the HH stage within about 5 to 15 min’s.
Then you just have to learn how you can get from there into an LD. That is also different for different people. :bored:
You can keep trying WILD until you no longer can get into HH, so if you can stay in bed for 10 hours, you can practice for 4 hours if you first sleep for 6 hours. :grin:
Good luck with WILD.

Is the 4.5h just your choice, or is there some significance in the sleep cycle that makes it eisiest to LD at that point in ur sleep?

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