The BIG WBTB topic, part III

sorry, but I highly doubt that I was sleepwalking, as I could feel my face on my pillow, and yet I was out on my roof. I’m pretty clumsy, so if I really had slept-walked to my roof, I probably would have slipped and died.

on another note, I had my first lucid dream the other day by using WBTB. school was delayed due to snow, so I had myself a cup of hot chocolate and went back to bed.
WBTB+Chocolate=Magical Success. :content:

I just wanted to say this technique very often works for me, which is especially snappy since I always get up early in the morning and sleep again anyway. :grin:

my problem is that when i wake up for WBTB, i’m not motivated enough to stay awake. does anyone have any ways that the use to really wake them up?

The two times I have managed to have an LD I have got up and watched a DVD. I planned what film I was going to watch so that I had something specific to do when I woke up . Any other time I have tried WBTB I have just gone straight back to sleep as I have no motivation to get up.

Since I’m off school all this week, I feel like it’s the perfect time to try WBTBing.

Basically, I set my alarm for 4.5 - 6 hours into the future, then I go to sleep and when it wakes me up I stay up for about half an hour to an hour doing something lucid-dream related (probably surfing these forums), and then I go back to sleep and hopefully have an LD…right?

I’m definitely going to eat chocolate during my next WBTB. I’m kinda a part of the whole chocolate experiment thingy in the “Does chocolate affect dreaming?” forum, so I’ve been trying different types and quantities of chocolate before I go to sleep. I’ve heard that WBTB and chocolate works wonders, so I’m definitely trying it. :smile:

I had never noticed, but I might just be a natural WBTBer! since I began my lucidity quest, every night I unwillingly wake up at probably 3 am (I go to bed at 9-11) and I only try wild, but do not succeed and wake up at 4:40-5 am naturally too, before my alarm goes off. I spend that time stuck in my dream journal

I’ve been doing WBTB for the past four days. I set my alarm clock at 03:30 and every time I just get up and turn it off. Then I just go back to bed after saying that I’m too tired to stay up for an hour. I just need to be motivated more. I’m doing WBTB tonight and hopefully I won’t just go back to bed right after waking up.

I have almost the same problem, but I don’t want to go back to bed after i wake up. I fell asleep right after I have turned my alarm off, even if I don’t want. My alarm is also ringing a long time before i wake up. It was ringing 90 minutes before i woke up last night. Does anyone have answears to my problems, or is it just that I’m to tired?

I did WBTB last night. Instead of being awake for one hour I was awake for two hours :razz: It took me awhile to get back to sleep because I thought that I was too awake to go back to bed.

Sorry for the necropost, but I have been trying WBTB, and every time I wake up at my alarm (I usually go to sleep around 12am-12.30am and my alarm is at about 4.30am), I am really annoyed and grumpy, hehe. Does this mean I should set my alarm earlier then? Or is it fine how it is, and I just need to get used to it?

So I’m new to this forum, I spent a lot of time looking up the WBTB method and then I tried it out for the first time this morning. I stayed up for about half an hour, but like a few other people I couldn’t get back to sleep. I think I must have used the WILD method because I remember waving my arm around, realizing I was semi-dreaming and thinking that I was waving my arm for real. But suddenly I was actually awake and I couldn’t move my real arm, probably because of sleep paralysis, which made me realize I’d been dreaming. When I finally got dreaming again, I had a brief lucid dream where I couldn’t control much but I knew I was dreaming. When I woke up, I experienced more brief sleep paralysis which was bizarre but I knew what it was, having read about it. This one was more intense because I felt fully awake but couldn’t move at all, even when I tried raising my head. What’s the best method for success when trying the WBTB method? Does anyone have any tips that might help me get back to sleep while still increasing my chances for lucid dreams?

i have a timer with a pleasant melody that i use to wake myself up for WBTB. i used to set my timer for 5 hours 10 minutes beacuase it was a convenient time to set. recently i decided to set it for 4 hours 45 minutes becuase i fall asleep in about 15 mins and i figured that would wake me up closer to the end of an REM period. with the 5 hour timer, i would never remember any dreams and usually feel relatively awake. with the new 4 hour one, i dont even remember waking up. i wake up in the morning and think “$% why didnt i wake up?”

i guess the question is, what is the ideal time to set my timer for if i fall asleep in 15 minutes and want to wake up in an REM period, remember waking up, and proceed to do MILD?

WBTB works for me sometimes. I find I don’t really need to use WILD or MILD with it, I get lucids anyway (DILDs).

I’ve been having the same problem recently with not remembering to wake up to my alarm clock, if you dont already have it this will definately help you…

Depending on what time you go to sleep (taking into account when you have to get up and go to work/school/will be easily woken by others in house you should definately have a buffer between then and when you wake up so as to have time to LD, id say an hour minimum (so if you normally get up at 7 make sure you get up at 6:45 (allowing 15 mins to fall asleep) maximum.

At least 5 hours of sleep is good, this wakes you up in the first of the strong REM sections that only get bigger as time goes on (however staying asleep for 8 hours is a titantic feat to accomplish, i sure as hell cant sleep for that long so much as sleep for most of it then lie in bed in a groggy state, unless very tired.)

Just before the 5 hour mark (maybe 4 and a half hours) is good too as you can wake up in the Stage 2 period. So far as you can see it looks like you have the whole 5 h 10 min and 4 h 45m down well but the problem may not be the times but rather whats waking you, you say “pleasant melody” which may not be an inducement to get up, try something more shrill or hell just a different tune or sound as the body may have trained itself to ignore the sound (from you getting up for what seems like no reason to it).

For me ive got 3 tones on my alarm that i switch between every week or so.

That is by far the best sleep stage/REM graph I have ever seen! Everything now makes so much more sense than it used to. I’m not sure where an appropriate place to put it so everyone can see it easily, but if a Mod could find a nice place for it, I think it would help out many people with understanding the concept of WBTB.

I think my problem with the 4:45 wake up was that I was ending up in stage 2 sleep instead of REM and I just went back to sleep as it is not the best time to wake up. With the 5:10, I ended up in the REM period and woke up much easier.

Trying different tunes is a good idea. I’ll have to switch them around, maybe it will remind me to be motivated to do a true WBTB.


The reason you’re supposed to wait 5 - 6 hrs is because after this point your body is pretty much maxed out all the deep sleep it needs, so when you do go back to bed you tend to go immediately into dream sleep. You want to wake up fully before going back to sleep so that you will be more aware when these dreams suddenly begin. And don’t forget to spin

ive actually noticed that usually when i get up in the morning and then i lay there cuz im tired i eventually fall asleep and have a dream its actually the best way for me to have an ld

  also          ive actually noticed that trying way to hard to LD concentrating way to much really doesnt work out just relax and fall asleep and if your dreaming I usually notice it ( <------ wake back to bed technique)  the wake back to bed teqnique is the best way for me :content:

WBTB works fairly well for me. I set my alarm for the 2/3 point, wake up think about my dream and what I am going to do in the next one, then go back to sleep. The problem is, however, that I don’t achieve lucidity, it seems, until I am about to wake up anyway (there are times when I can feel my extremities on the bed while I am still dreaming).

I’m doing my first WBTB currently. Surfing around LD4all and all the like. Me and my dad reached an agreement after a long argument, I’m only doing this WBTB for 15 minutes. All staying up late does to my behavior is make me tired in the afternoon. I don’t know why it’s so frowned upon. I’m going off to see how much I can read of LD4all before I have to go to sleep.