The black void + What to do next

I am using my own method where I am alowed only to see what I am thinking through a tely screen. This got a bit annoying so I made sure I stayed contious. Anyway, I heard a sound and relized that I was almost asleep and I blocked the sound out. I went into complete blackness, and found that I was paralised. I felt the bed rub against my side and I then felt like somebody was sitting on me. I fierd at this and tried to move.

OK, so this must be a clear way to induce LD. But how?

If your body is paralyzed just imagine your dream body inside of it and just roll out of the paralyzed body and then your in a LD

This is not an LD it is an OBE (out of body experiance)
Maybe you should reaserch stuff on this since you all ready experianced the exit.

i agree with Lucidity_Master… Try to just kinda walk out of your body, vision might not come right away though… I nearly allways get physical sensations/dreambody before i get vision, so i just walk around in blind until i get my vision, which usually comes like 10-20seconds after

blue Tiger was correct this sound more like an enduce AP or OBE than an LD.

That really depends on the persons beliefs… I truly believe oobe/wild is exactly the same thing, except for the fact that ones who believe in oobe, actually think they travel outside their body, while others think they are all in your mind"a realistic conscious dream"

I personally beilive that OBE/AP is just an LD. I have done several tests such as unplugging a cord and doing a reality check. The relaity check behaved like a DL and the cord was still plugged in when I woke up.

Astral matter cannot effect physical matter like that. If you was to OBE/AP again the cord would probably be how you left it last time.

I shall do that becuase I find the whole leaving the body thing rather easy, If you have any other tests for me to do please let me know, as I am always open to new ideas or possibilities.

Lucid master, try to have a OBE and travel somewhere you haven’t been before nearby, wake up and then go find that area and see if it’s like that exactly or pretty close. Like a store or something.

Best test I can think of

I think we need an acronym-thingy for The Black Void, it comes up so often. When I get stuck with TBV, I “roll” out of my body toward the side of the bed. I do rolling, I guess, because it’s more gradual then just lifting your legs up. I’m always afraid I’ll move my actual body and wake up. After I roll out of bed, I walk around for a little and wait for my vision to be restored. If it’s still dark, I’ll phase through a wall and try to warp to some place brighter.

i know that when you are trying to relax your body and everything before you AP/OBE, that you stay completely still, so how do you know if you are paralyzed if you are not moving?

i’ve always wondered this when people say that they were paralyzed

Monitor199a, acronyms suggestions can be posted in the Dictionary - Acronym thread.

Lucidity_Master, I have a suggestion for an OBE test. Shuffle a desk of cards real well, and then randomly pick one and place it face up. Obviously you shouldn’t look at it, and try to place it high above eye level. In your OBE/LD try to view the card and then compare with the waking life’s card.

Technodreamer, sorry I don’t have any advice. I’ve never really had a problem with paralysis during my transition from awaking into dreams.

It is hard to explain, but you just feel it. Sleep Paralysis state feels totally different than normal waking state. Often you might feel vibartions, tingling electrical surges that goes through your body.
In my case my hearing changes aswell, like for example my pc fans change to a lower pitch.

In the very start of the SP state, many people including myself have reported hearing a sound best described as wind blowing on my ears.

In any case, you will know when you are there :smile:

Some scientific proof of alternate deminsions may be found at fermi lab, their getting some new collider and could find out about dark matter. One possible find could prove that there are 10 alternate dimensions and we only interact with 3. During Astral projection/OBE you can travel to alternate dimensions which would would definately mean people aren’t making up those trips to other dimensions.

No, I actually felt like I was really heavy and that I no longer felt my hand. I also felt like my side was pulling as though I had a sudden movment in my intestine.

I also got a cramp in my foot, and it woke me up. :grrr: Better luck next time.

Surely if you could do an RC to determine wether it was a dream or OBE. In an OBE I asume that you are looking at RL, so RC should proove no dreaming.

The black void, what a cool name.

I feel the onset of SP as if my body was a shell, and slowly through layers (outwards -> inwards) my body begins numbing. When my body begins to be altogether paralysed I begin noticing the vibrations, well at first it’s more like a throbbing, wobbling. I then begin to notice how I kind of ‘disconnect’ from my physical body…

And this free floating ‘me’ which is hovering in my physical body begins to vibrate… Now I do have a problem, it is at these times that I easily lose my consciousness… I find it hard to maintain my waking logic…

I easily can get caught up and lost within small ‘dream fragments’ or images… I am very interested in achieving WILD’s, mainly to experience the actual shift between realities, yet I always seem to fall asleep, and fall into a ND…

I have pretty vivid ND everynight and I was wondering if in some way I could have become ‘used to’ being in a dream, making it harder to remember to do RC’s?

I have tried with many yet the success rate is very slim. Interaction with DC’s never does the trick, they seem too real and I’m used to talking to them, so I usually get lost in the story… Checking parts of my body is hard to remember and when I do the parts are all correctly attached and without ‘glitches’

I haven’t been able to achieve lucidity through the breathing technique, I can never remember that. On the other hand, I have never dreamt of suffocating nor do I even remember about breathing in a dream…

The only RC which works fail safe for me is the reading one. Problem is that usually text is hard to find at first, I usually don’t dream with roadsigns, ads or anything. So unless I happen to find a book, computer, something by chance, like glance at a license plate, I don’t have many chances at it…

Point is I would like to manage WILD’s since that would eliminate the need for a RC… Either that or any suggestions, tips, would be greatly appreciated :smile:

thanks for the patience…

sweet dreams :peek:

when you heard the sound did you feel like you were wide awake or did you feel on the verge of falling asleep?

Sometimes I’ll get a little thump/crash and I’ll be totally focused and not tired at all… and I’m like “I know that’s a hallucination… but why?” becuase you k now… I don’t really know how I caused it, or why I am not tired.

This mainly only happens a few times per trying to fall asleep then the rest of them happen WHILE falling asleep… if I knew how to manipulate the ones I get while I still feel very awake that’d be great.

So anyway what you do in paralysis is stay calm, you can either OBE or LD, and OBE is a lot more fun.

OBE: Focus on your body, perhaps your torso, think about vibrations… if you are familiar with energy work, run energy throgh that part of the body (basically imagine something moving through your body up/down or in circles over a certain area. like the chest)

Vibrations should kick in fairly soon… from there you can either just lie real still and focus intently on the vibrations, while thinking about floating out of your body… and that should make you involuntarily exit (can be a huge rush) or you can try and simply roll out of your body from this point, you actualy TRY to roll over, it might feel like you are rolling in place and cannot get anywhere, or you might feel like you fell on the floor.

You can also try and lift your hands out of your body… or you can do the “rope” technique where you imagine a rope is in the blackness and just feel yourself in your mind, pulling on the rope, pretty soon you will feel your REAL hands pulling on it, t hen you pull as hard as you can til you exit.

For an LD you can also do the rope place, but pretending the rope is in another location you want to go to.

Or you can just try and picture a scene in your head of where you want to go, and imagine there is a solid object there, like a lamp post, and try and somehow reach out and grab the lamp post and refuse to let go… or you can just imagine it until it gets vivid enough to be in it… you can try to “step on the image” when it reaches a certain vividness, for me th is caused me a huge rush and i sort of was sucked outward and flown to the location… haven’t really done that method much.

Or if you are lazy the easiest method i’ve found is just imagine there is a guy standing next to you, either in your room, or imagine you are lying on the floor of where you want to go… it helps if it’s a trusted friend… and you imagine he is there and talk to him in your head, ask him to pull you out of your body, try and feel him grab your hand… try and will your “dream hand” to hold onto that feeling… try to feel the energy of him pulling you.

This method is best if you feel a presence in the room and aren’t afraid of it, or if you have woken up out of a dream and want to re-enter.

With a non/presence episode of SP it’s a bit harder.

I have experienced the black void MANY times when doing WILD after WBTB. I use this to have a FA. Once I am paralyzed I either pick up my ands and rub them together (obviously dream hands… heh) and try to picture them, or I just sit up and get out of bed. Then the dream scene of my bed room usually comes into focus and I do a quick RC and then fly out my window… heh… I have done this like 8 or 9 times in the past two months. This is the majority of my LDs since I have had about 24 in the past two months.