The Circle of Sound (np: K.O.D. by Tech N9ne)

dylan wouldn’t want us to interpret his music…

I don’t really understand your point. What do you mean?

He didn’t leave hidden messages in his lyrics, he didn’t like being “labled” either.
He was constantly changing his style and behaviour and music. He played his own game.

Yep. He was both loved and hated for it too.

Like when he went electric in '65
He lost a whole legion of fans, and gained a new one

Yep. People were pissed about that.

I know the thing has been out for almost a month now, but no matter. The album of this next little while will be Modern Guilt by Beck. It is short, only 33 minutes, and Beck had help producing it from Danger Mouse. I am only listening to it now for the first time, and is very interesting, in that it’s different from other music. It is more electronic than his other works, but seems to be a cool think to listen to.

Happy listening folks :smile:

Hello faithful listeners. crickets

Having only three listens on Modern Guilt, I can only say a few basic thoughts that I have about the album. I think it’s pretty good stuff. I find the first 7 songs to be pretty solid, but feel that the album trails off a little bit after that. Walls is a pretty solid song, I like the sound the drum makes on that track. I do only have 3 listens on the thing though, it could be that the last 3 songs on the album are only challenging songs, and that I just haven’t discovered how awesome they are as of yet. On Sea Change, also by Beck, I didn’t like two songs on the album for about 50 listens, then I really liked them afterwards.

So basically, what I’m saying is, that it’s a decent album, at least I think it may be, though I’m not sure :razz:

EDIT: Though I will say, Soul of a Man is awesome.

Gotta say, this is basically a practice of masturbation of sorts, but no worry, I enjoy it.

Modern Guilt was bloody great. Saw Beck in concert. As did wnvoss, and we both really loved it. Great times. Grand album, etc, etc.

Now, for this months album: That Lucky Old Sun by Brian Wilson.

Collaborating with Van Dyke Parks once again for a very positive album. It’s a song cycle, with spoken word tracks in between songs. After hearing it once, I feel it’s in the same vein as Smile, my favourite all time album. It’s really a refreshing thing to listen to, in that it’s so different from everything else that’s considered “music” these days. It’s sad that it probably won’t even place on the charts, but then again, that helps me feel much more elitist than I already am…probably a bad thing, all things considered. Anyways, hopefully one of you listens to it. Only problem is, it can’t be downloaded via torrents for some reason. If need be, I can send it if you give me your email address. Happy listening folks.

Ah, a new album!

/me doesn’t know much about Brian Wilson, and didn’t know that he was still making albums.

I’ll give it a try this next week and beyond, and report back. :cheesy:

hmmmmmmm. I’ll say, I had trouble listening to that album. wasn’t a favourite of mine, that’s for sure. well, that’s not entirely fair. i had about 4 listens of it, and i liked it twice, but i listened two more times and had subpar listens. i’ll probably be back in 5 months saying how brilliant it is, but still, i don’t really like it as of right now.

anywho, new album for the month! It is Ram by Paul McCartney. I’ve listened to this one once, and i’ll tell you i really like it. it’s much rockier than McCartney’s first solo album, McCartney, with very little in common. the main difference between the two albums is that i actually really liked the album cover for McCartney. the album cover for Ram however nearly scared me off, almost diverging me to one of his later albums with less, ahem, “colourful” covers.

anyways, to all my canadian brethren, have a happy thanksgiving :smile:

I love that album, I can’t believe i missed this haha

I haven’t listened to it in a while, so I’ll give it a go later and post what I think.

Oh, I’m really feeling Dear Boy It’s got a real Beatles feel. Haunting.

Oh, and let’s not forget Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, brings chills remembering this song. Songs are a time capsule of feelings.

Oh, especially the “hands across the water, hands across the sky” part, and after that. Brings back a lot of memories…

Yeah, I would agree with you on that.

I’m of the opinion that Uncle Albert should close the album, or at least the side, because it’s such a strong song and it has a climatic, endish sort of feel to it.

The album is rather interesting, because it has shades of real poppy music, but then more harder rock type songs mixed in as well. Like, Uncle Albert, and then Smile Away comes up next. Monkberry Moon Delight, Ram On. I like this type of set up on an album, it makes for diversity and greater balance, and usually the album sounds a lot better because of it. Sort of reminds me of Abbey Road a little bit actually, like “She’s So Heavy” with the heavy guitar to the lighter acoustic songs, like “Here Comes the Sun”.

Well put, Monkberry Moon Delight is pure solo McCartney. You could tell that he really was the driving force behind them, you could hear his musical genius in all the Beatles songs.

Funny, because I had this ava before I stumbled upon the Ram topic. :peek:

I would agree for the later Beatles most definitely - he was the one who took the reigns and pushed the band, mainly because George and John and Ringo were wanting to leave the band and do other things. I remember reading a quote that Ringo said it wasn’t “healthy” for them to remain working in the same studio together anymore. I would say that while Paul made them force two of their best albums out, he probably made the relationships so uncomfortable and forced that the band wouldn’t want to return to the studio again. Maybe, MAYBE if John didn’t get assassinated by that nutjob, they would’ve made one in the mid to late 80’s. But still, Paul was the driving force in the late albums for sure. His medley at the end of Abbey Road is probably one of the greatest moments in musical history after all.

Well put.
Yeah, he wanted to continue so bad, but in the end he just had to let it be. They all had their own things going on during that time.

Hey everybody, I’ve been put in charge this month of selecting an album. Of course, i’m having trouble choosing one but I had a few come to mind. After a good listen in my own library I came up with one of my personal favorites:

The second of The Who’s rock operas, Quadrophenia.

From wiki: Its story involves social, musical, and psychological happenings from an English teenage perspective, set in London and Brighton in 1964 and 1965.

I grew up listening to this album. Unfortunatly, back then, I disliked this kind of music because my dad loved it (you might be familiar with this). Anyways, the track listing is here:

Side one

  1. “I Am the Sea” – 2:08
  2. “The Real Me” – 3:20
  3. “Quadrophenia” – 6:15
  4. “Cut My Hair” – 3:46
  5. “The Punk and the Godfather”[4] – 5:10

Side two

  1. “I’m One” – 2:39
  2. “The Dirty Jobs” – 4:30
  3. “Helpless Dancer” – 2:32
  4. “Is It in My Head?” – 3:46
  5. “I’ve Had Enough” – 6:14

Side three

  1. “5:15” – 5:00
  2. “Sea and Sand” – 5:01
  3. “Drowned” – 5:28
  4. “Bell Boy” – 4:56

Side four

  1. “Doctor Jimmy” – 8:42
  2. “The Rock” – 6:37
  3. “Love, Reign o’er Me” – 5:48

Slight edit, please remember it is not allowed to facilitate copyright infringement. :dragon:

Happy listening

Got the album. Just skimmed the wikipedia article on it, and then some reviews. Now I’m listening to it for the very first time.

Ah cool. I have this on vinyl actually, and I’ve listened to it a few times. I really like the thing, but it has fueled many a rant by me and my brother. For instance, Bell Boy, a decent though questionable song considering the quality of the other songs on the album, was put on the album. They put it on there so it would suit the album’s concept of the story that they’re telling. Without it, the album would be stronger, because let’s face it, the song isn’t their greatest piece of work. This frustrates me, because look at Who’s Next. Who’s Next is the Who’s greatest album, and it succeeded because the “concept album” idea failed, and they just strung great songs together, something that they would have been much more adept at doing if they could just let the whole “rock opera” concept down for a while. I’m of the mind that sometimes the concept needs to be looser so as to avoid limiting the quality of the album. Like, on Tommy, does Tommy need to get raped by Uncle Ernie? Honestly, why was that necessary?

Good choice though :razz: