The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II

Meh, i still don’t know how that is done. But still apparently others know how, so

*Hands a cookie for Robin for being a hero


yeah me neither… sounds great though, cause that way you dont even have to move at all. perfect… now just have to figure out how to do that :razz:

P.S. this tech worked for me once again last night, and it was a higher level ld than the last one :smile: no other tech has worked this great for me.

For those of you who don’t know how to do this, all you have to do is close your mouth and try to breathe in (through your mouth. Pinch your nose if you have to). You will feel an area on the lower part of your neck go in slightly. It is right in between the closest points of the collar bones, and goes up an inch from there (between your collar bones and where the adams apple is for guys). When you get the hang of contracting the muscles where the back of your mouth meet your throat, you can do this without closing your mouth.

Gah, this still hasn’t worked for me. I think I’m getting to excited at the prospect of having my first LD. I really need to relax and just let it flow over me using this technique.

just to let you all know that once again this worked for me, and I even did a slight change to the tech, not much, but it worked great.

go here if you want to read about it


lol…well i just wanted to give my own support to the HILD tech. I just learned about this tech last week and i’ve had problems with remembering i had to move my finger once i was really tired…instead i would just roll over and go back to sleep. But this morning i was able to remember to do the tech and became lucid!!..amazing stuff i tell ya…lol…hope that helps!

It’s called FILD.

I’ve got to start trying this technique again…

It’s also the same way you hold your breath. Essentially all you’re doing is holding your breath, while you’ve no breath to hold. If you hold your breath you’ll notice that you can’t breathe in, because the muscles you use to hold your breath, also prevent you from breathing in.

i highly recommend it! I don’t know how it works so well but last night i was able to have four LD’s through this tech. It’s come to the point that i just automatically do the tech when i wake up in the middle of the night…and if it doesn’t work…it’s cool…just go back to sleep…there’s not point losing valuable sleep time…maybe even because you’ve done it so much though you’ll do it in a dream…and become lucid! Goodluck on your tries!

I’m trying this again tonight and it’s going to work because it is so simple.

Thanks Hargart!!! I just had my 2nd LD ever. I succeded with this technique on my first try. I moved my fingers and thinking that I´ll soon do a RC. i fell asleep and had a ND, I noticed something was weird, and I did a nose RC. Everything started to fade, and i did the method were you spin round your axis, and it worked.

:eek: It…failed me… :scared:

Actualy, it was probably because I had another dream bothering me that just wouldn’t leave, even after I woke up. It was not fun, but atleast its behind me.

Congrats to everyone else that it is working for though.

WOW it got stickied! Thanks to the mod who didi that, it’s a really good technique and should be seen by everyone.

well i first found the technique yesterday, so i decided to give it a go. before i went to sleep, i practiced it ( sounds weird, but just to make sure. now it was about 4 am when i woke up and i gave this a try, almost instantly as soon as i started, i felt all tingly, and suddenly felt a falling sensation, i heard hypnogogic sounds become very loud in my head it was one deep voice saying something don’t remember what, and i tried to imagine a scene but nothing happened. i can’t remember what happened afterwards, but im still not sure if i dreamt the whole thing :wink: but im definetely gonna try again 2nite

Hmm. About 2-3 months back, I tried this for about a week, with no success. Everytime I have tried it since, I normally fall asleep before I can comprehend anything I am doing. For example, I wake up and start to move my fingers, then I fall asleep waiting for a minute to do a RC. I think with some self discipline, I would have no problem. But as I said, this didn’t work for me the first times I tried it and did it correctly.

It’s called FILD when will anybody ever realize this?

“Due to confusion with the Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dream (HILD), I have decided to change the name. HILD is now called FILD.”

Hoom. For some reason, this method - I think - will work really well with me. I’ve no idea why, as I havn’t even had a LD yet, but just reading about it makes me feel positive. Maybe as it’s because I quite often lie on my bed and know that I’m falling asleep as I get rapidly more tired lieing there. We’ll see next time I do feel really tired - but I’ve good hopes.

so, I’ve decided to do this on my weekend WBTBs.

Gunna give it a shot tonight. wish me luck! :grin:

okay… I´m tired of FILD/HILD now. I succeded the first time. But that night. I woke up 3.00, failed, got up 4.30 and let out the dog, and then back to bed, woke up 5.00, and tried it again, And scucceded… So it was probably more of a WBTB.

And For the last 1 ½ week, this tecnique has failed, I just fall asleep all the time without even testing the nose RC.