The FILD tech (was HILD) part III

Just to add that it seems that it’s working. I’ve had the same sensation as when WILDing, and as many already said, it makes logic : You just keep this low level focus while moving your fingers as you need in order to wild.

Trying it again this night,
thanks for the tech anyway. :smile:

Just a quick question, i may be wrong but when dreaming, dont you need to enter SP? and if so would wiggling your fingers prevent this from happening?
Im new to lucid dreaming and am really looking forward to trying this tonite. Feeling really confident that it will work too :happy: cant wait :razz:

welcome :wave:

that’s why you have to be really sleepy. The thing is, after a while you stop moving your fingers and enter SP, but as you keep telling your fingers to move, you think they are still moving and you actually feel them moving… but actually they are your dream fingers. does that make sense? :tongue: it’s like, as you fall into SP, your attention goes from your physical body to your dream body (fingers, more precisely) without you noticing.

OMFg, they dont! Ever since ive really been getting into lucid dreaming, i cant wait to go to sleep! And, thats not common for a 12 year old :smile:.

thankyou mattias :smile:, i completly understand, i tried this last night, and, (bearing in mind ive only had one vague ld before) it was the strangest experience, first try. Nothing happened, second try, after only 30 seconds, i try breathe wilst pinching my nose… and it workes, and i had literally such an amazing sensation as i knew i was breathing through my fingers. This then developed into a really strange ld. i knew i was dreaming, so i got up out of my bed, but everything was fuzzy, my head was dizzy and it felt like my head was filled with helium and trying to float to the cealing, i floated a bit off the ground, then all of a suden fell straight back into my bed and woke up. It was really strange but rather shortlived. Definatly trying it again tonite:) thank you for this technique, it is truely like golddust to me at the moment. :smile:

haha, awesome! I have the feeling FILD tends to give such hazy LD’s, at least in the beginning. There should be some nice techs to stabilize and increase the vividness and lucidity at that point, but I should let someone more experienced talk about that :tongue: There was some talk on FILD in this topic, you might find something that just might help in there… Good luck!

When drumming your fingers, do you keep your eyes closed?

And do you set your alarm for 3 hours after going to sleep?

Yep, eyes closed. And FILD should be done in the middle of the night or early morning when you are really really tired. :smile:

yea ive been trying it but setting my alarm for 4 am. i think it must be because summers comeing, as the birds simply wont let me go to sleep again :razz: so i think trick for me might be go to bed earlier and set alarm for maybe 3 am :smile:

definately gonna give this method a try toight

the first time i tried this it worked but it hasnt ever since

First post here

I’ve only had lucids when I have a kid. I just started a serious dream journal. I have yet to purposely achieve lucidity.

Trying FILD with the counting technique on the first page of this topic, tonight.

Welcome and good luck! :wave:

failure! faulty relaxation. I need a good method - under certain circumstances I can easily be on the border of dreams, but when I try, I’m just too inexperienced yet.

My first goal when I have a concrete lucid is to throw a bunch of leaves in the air, and quickly impale each on a sword

After last night^ I tried the 61 point relaxation technique. What a masterpiece!! I didn’t even get to the 5th point before I remember dreaming, but I lost focus and fell asleep. Anyway, now that I know I can relax, I’ll try some different stuff. Gonna take a midday nap pretty soon, I’ve been working out in the heat. Should I use a different technique for naps?

Didn’t work for me last night, but my alarm clock is across the room from my bed, so I had to get out of bed to turn it off, so that may be the issue. I also overslept the day before.

I was so close last night, but i had the strangest feeling that my consciosness was leaving my WL body and entering my dream body but after that it went away cus i must have got excited. That hapened like 3 times then i fell asleep.

Hey, that’s pretty good! :smile: Just keep trying and you’ll get there.

Next time you feel your consciousness going to your dream body try to imagine you really are there and try to feel and use your senses. Do this by simply imagining. In this state imagined sensations become really vivid quick and then you have something to hold onto in the dream world as it stabilizes around you.

What i just realized is if i would have done a RC at that moment my consciosness would have been enough in the dream that it would have probably worked (the reality check). i will try that tonight.

This sounds like a really cool technique. I’ll try it tonight and report in on how it went tomorrow.