The First Steps to WILD (for all basic WILD related Q&A)

i tried wilding for a while (that was a bit silly because im am still too green for that i belive) and i saw HI and heard funny stuff but after a while it just got too scary!! my friend allways tells me i am a control freek so the things that happen to my while wilding scare the *** out of me!!!


Should you try to “create” HI? I’ve been WILD’ing a lot recently, and while I’m at the beginning what I think is HI, where I get an image here or there, I try to make something. Is this bad?

And what is the transition like? The guide seems to say that focusing on an object will bring you into the dream, is that how it goes pretty much?

Trying hard to make something appear may be bad if it stops you from actually getting into a dream in the “natural” way, i.e. the way it will work for you.

I did not have many successful WILDs yet, but the way a dream scene forms for me if I am asleep but aware (also happens during normal LDs if I change the scene) is:
I am floating in the darkness, keeping awareness of being asleep and just letting myself drift. Then, out of nothing a scene will form around me. It usually starts with shapes in flat colors, which then become three-dimensional and realistic, until I am in a complete scene.

So there may be no need for you to do anything, really. You will have to find out by experimenting.

Quick WILD question:

Are quick flashes of dreams considered HI? I ask because after about 20-30 minutes of WILD, I began to get some dream fragment-esque things like that…

ummm well im gotta attempt my first wild but im kinda freaked out casue i heard when u enter sp and complete wild that u wake up sometimes and a shadow kind of creature will appear also reffered to as “old hag”… so im having second thoughts i mean lets see… in ur bed…in the basement of ur house at 4 o clock or soemthing like that in ur bed and u cant move but yet a shadow creature from what u think is the gates of hell lol coming for u idk maybe im reading to far into this a little advice plz and thxn in advance also maybe post ur exp. with the old hag plz

Nothing to worry about, mate. “The Old Hag” is only the work of your own imagination, and it cannot hurt you more than you allow it to. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s extremely rare, and it’s there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll ever experience “The Old Hag”. There are hundreds of posts upon this subject all over the forums.

Check this out for example:
[url]The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part III]

thnx man for the advice but idk i just read someones post aboult after they stopped being lucid he woke up in a FA i guess and he saw the oldhag and closed his eyes and she told him to open them ummm that liek shook me liek u wouldnt know lol… … oh and thnx again i just read ur link i see but still to see that its gotta be really frighting…

I would also like to know what those are. Last night I really wanted to dream about the day before so I thought about it alot while doing WILD. I also got some new songs off of a CD my friend gave me so i listened to them in my head and i started seeing wierd videos that went along with them that when i realised they weren’t real, I found myself aware of my IRL body and realised I was actually dreaming. That happened a few times last night.

well idk If im breakeing a rule if I post twice in a day I dont think so but there so close toghter… but anyway idk do u pple (as u can be girl or guy and have been told that dude to a girl is offencive lol) reccomned doing a wild. After I got over my “old hag” fear lol I want to do it but i just wanna know cause idk I didnt really find one here where they really expplained the imagery… after the vibrations and the weird vocies u might hear and as u close ur eyes do u see images rigth away and are theses images dreams so i just drift away in the image…i mean i know how to start a wild but when i start seeing imagery do i just focus or just w8 and ill just enter the dream naturally??

Yes, sounds like HI to me.

For the Lurker and one_winged_angel. Quick flashes of dreams are ether HI, which can also have other types of HH such as auditory i.e. sound, or they might be the start of dreams that end abruptly when you focus on them too much. Ether way, they are a sign that you are very close with WILD. :content:

For frekinrican. The old hag is not very common. It is related a bit with WILD because you remain aware as you go through the transition from awake to sleep when doing WILD. The old hag was well known long before WILD was. Most people who have the old hag, do it when waking up. It is not directly related to LD’ing.
As I said the problem with WILD is that you remain aware durring the transition from awake to sleep. What happens is that you can then see, hear and feel things from the real world and from the dream world. Your mind trys to make something understandable out of all that information, and puts together what it can. It can be scarry, or it can be funny. That depends on you. :neutral: If you expect it to be very scarry, then it will be, if you expect it to be funny, then it will be funny.
Fact is, if you have never had the old hag so far in your life, then chances are good that you will not have it even if you do WILD. I have never had it, and I have had a lot of time both before and after doing WILD.

The short answer is “yes”, as in all of the above. :content:
The somewhat longer answer is that it depends on you.
Some people can “leave their body” when they have the vibrations. They float up out of it, or roll out of it, etc. Others never get vibrations. :eh:
Some people can enter the HI when it gets compleat enough, or they can reach out and grasp something in the HI to enter the dream. Others wake up when they try that.
I personaly can’t do ether of thoes. I just have to wait. At some point, I have a short blackout, then I am in a dream. I always have this short blackout when I do WILD, it is only a second, but it is always there. In the dream, I always know that I am dreaming as soon as it starts.
So the bottom line is that you have to try different things until you find what works for you. :bored:

On the same night I wrote about in my last post here, I started remembering my friends and i found a rolling cart thing and we rode on it with someone else pushing it. I remembered that and focused on it as i did WILD so I started feeling that I was in it again.

I knew I was in my bed and flat but I felt that I was being carted around the room again and felt myself going from my starting position and going up into a more slanted position like the cart thing. I then felt that my body and head was vibrating, what was that?

Hi i’m new to WILD ing and have being trying it without WBTB with no success.
Could anyone give me a detailed explanation on what happens while using the Wild technique

WILDing with music?

Does WILDing with music on interfere with the WILDing process?

The music might keep you from falling asleep.
You should try for yourself and see if it works for you.

Music does not normally inhibit sleep, so it shouldn’t be a problem?

erm… :confused:
i used the WILD way, and i didnt feel numb or anything. i just felt like i was sinking out of my body, then i had a LD

I’ve been trying WILD the last couple of days with the Lucid Induction MP3. I must say this technique with WILD and music really helps me get into the HI-stage. The last couple of nights I’ve been listening to that MP3 while semi-concentrating on the music in my ears, so that I would remain somewhat conscious. After a little while I start getting dreamimages and very short dreams, often as a result of VILD, that the images I imagine actually become a small dream and the dream starts to carry itself out without me forcing it to carry on. But I’ve only tried this without WBTB, but I’m gonna try this VILD-technique with music and WBTB tonight and see how it goes.

ah. were can i get this mp3