The Forum Dream Topic!

An old one, but I have had forum dreams :grin: *starts digging after more to edit into this post :tongue:

The New Link… :user:

Im on ld4all, seeing a link to a forum I havent been on before :cool: I click it and get shocked as I see the content :confused: I think about doung RC when I realise what forum this is.

26th september 2008:
Fragment Of My Brother On This Forum

I am entering the living room and see my brother doing something. When I came closer I saw him sign up on this forum.

I suppose this comes under the umbrella of a forum dream :content:

Letter to Q

I can see a letter written to Q, it feels like a forum pm.

Bear in mind the dream is short so I didnt filter away part before the elevant part, however I will make the relevant part orange :cool:

The New Group In Ld4all

I am around Långedrag (man, Ive been dreaming a lot of this place lately :tongue:) [part forgotten since I havent written it down]


I am on ld4all and some peoples names are yellow :razz: I see an icon that leads to the group. I am surprised of the description (forgot it unfortunately :razz:) and see that moogle and a few more people have been added to that group.

Woah, Moogle just showed me this place. Okay, so I had a dream in Jan, 2012 called "Fix and Siiw get a Pool

[spoiler]Fix and Siiw get a Pool

Fixato has announced that his IRC server is now opening a Ragnarok Online server. I am at the opening of Fixato’s swimming pool. I am the note taker. I tell Siiw that my last RO server also had a pool, and it is a great way to get new people. She seems to think that it is a great idea, and if anything, it will at least cool us off in this summer heat. Fixato comes over to the stage, and I get out my 3DS to show people the notes. The 3DS is connected to a large screen behind us, which shows what I am doing on it. I open up notes, but realise these ones are the ones about breakfast, and close them, trying to find the right notes about the server. [/spoiler]

It was likely last year, but then I had a dream that LD4All had a house. Moogle, Siiw and DreamAddict were all there. The house was very large, about three levels on top of a bottom split level. The four of us were at the bottom half level, which held a laundry and what was likely access to a car garage.

Today I had this dream “LD4All gets a Pool”. Well, it was technically about the LD4All house getting a garden, with “shared dreaming pools”. It was an add on to the previous LD4All house I dreamt of, and likely a continuation or of my dream in which Fixato decided to get a swimming pool for the server.