The LD4all Museum Of Lost Memories

Transition Era: From Through the Mirror to LD4all.
19 may 2001 to 26 november 2004

The Transition Era. The domain is now registered, but the site design still is “Through the Mirror” style. Some new elements pop up though. If you click the above image you will see the url written below the “Through the Mirror” title.

In this Era, when you typed in, you ended up on a site called “Through the Mirror”. It had a bit evolved. More “feathers” in the navigation wings:

(click to enlarge) Do you notice the “” right below the eye of the mirror?

Early banners to promote LD4all:

The Forum
In this era, we got our own hosted forum. Here is what that looked like: (With thanks to greendragon for the screenshot :smile: )

An extremely rare commemorative plaque, made by the legendary DreamAddict, to commemorate the fact that we had left the old Network54 forum and moved to our own new forum.

The ranks, 5 stars the highest for mods and admin. It seemed a time far far away when a member would reach 5 stars. But that time did come eventually :wink:

our charming gender icons.

The LD4all Era
27 november 2004 to 31 augustus 2007

The LD4all era. A completely new design, with a new logo.
You may have noticed a striking difference with the previous designs: No more wings… instead this colored menubar with an attempt to make it a bit winglike.

The LD4all logo, as well as the inspiration for the layout came from a lucid dream.

The first Quick sketch of the logo, just after waking up from the lucid dream it was shown, a sketch later that day, with dream image still fresh in mind and lastly the final logo.

The forum got a facelift too - and here the lack of wings was even more obvious:

(Click to enlarge - with thanks to xx521xx for the image)
The forum used the same eye icons as the previous forum, but it also had mirror images added for each subforum.

New ranks, rainbow stars for the mods and admin.

The Return Of The Wings
1 september 2007 to today

Need I say more?

first “Twilight” version of the wings

Revised, a bit more colors :smile:

And eventually a bit more smooth.

And the logo got a slight overhaul.

The Mirror Collection
Because it was called “Through the Mirror” :wink:

Mirrors have always featured in some way or another.

Fun fact: in the First Era however, there was a striking lack of anything resembling a mirror. Possibly because of the overkill in the Prehistoric Era? Maybe I had ran out of mirrors :hmmm:


The mirrors really took of halfway the second Era, when I added decorative borders around the paintings. Before that they were just images. I made it a mirror theme, and every section of the site had their own mirror, with different images for each subsection and bonus images when clicking certain links in the text.

In the transition stage to LD4all I made a huge mirror splash screen.

In the LD4all era, I wanted a mirror to remember the “Through the Mirror” time. I chose one mirror design. The function remained the same: different paintings in the mirror for each section, and also changing images when clicking on certain links. Smaller versions of these are used in the forum.
So if you ever wondered what those were, now you know.


Miscellaneous Artifacts
Artifacts somehow having to do with LD4all.

Are you dreaming?

This is a very old avatar I used to have, with the award I received from Reality_Failure. I only forgot what the award was for :hmmm: According to moogle it was because of the cutest smiley ever posted in the smiley wars topic. (A topic, long lost, but who knows if it may turn up …)

There was a time where forum members had their own fanclubs :eek:
This flag was made by James, (AKA One Armed Scissor) apparently a big fan of Bruno. This flag is known to be waved by other people as well. It even was part of signatures.

When the Philosopher’s cloud was disbanded, Bruno carried it with him all this time, safe in this bottle. This is the original Cloud Bottle, now empty, because the Cloud has been released from it :content:

Historic fact. Moogle reaching 10000 posts and getting a special badge for it :content:

:ebil: <- An extremely rare Quuipo sighting :eek:

Treasures excavated by LD4all members

It’s your turn now!
Post your fondest LD4all memories, be it from far in the past or be it from recent times. It would be cool if you can accompany your tale by a screenshot.

You can also post LD4all artifacts you have excavated yourself - these may range from smilies never seen on the forum, to forum icons of now lost forums (or maybe never used?), to the most precious artifacts you just have saved for posterity.
Now is your chance to show them with all of us :smile:

Treasures that belong in a specific era may also be put on display there (meaning: I’ll add those to that page :content: ).

I’m looking forward to see your treasures!

I’ve got no screenies so maybe someone can help me with that- but thanks to Bruno i remembered the best topic ever: Testeiez. I’m pretty sure we broke 100 pages with that one, am i wrong?

~ * ~

While we’re at it, I’m changing my avatar to celebrate the occasion. I’m not an addict. But I might be partially responsible for the Atheist sighting after two years of his not visiting the forum. As far as lost memories go, here are a couple laughs and good moments (most of the so cryptic those actually involved probably don’t remember them):


And then there’s that picture. And that thing in my drawer, next to the little orange boat thing. And the lost memories.

Hmm… I don’t have much. :tongue:

Though I do have a key to a building known as the second addict hotel. :yes:

Until it was destroyed. :sad:

I think my memories are mostly related to the various meetings I have had with LD4all people :smile:
Such as the Apenheul meeting with the Dutch LD4all forum, or meeting Q&A for the first time, giving Bruno a real hug and having a beer with him, aQua/Water and Q&A.

And of course meeting my dearest :happy:,

Nice pictures Bruno especially the third (smileys don’t count as pictures =p) and the last one :grin: I’m still in for :basilus: though
I still have the previous version of the third one too, with a black angel and a fluffy dog close to it as well.

I remember the time I checked on lots of posts, especially from certain people, on the quote button to see if there was anything I was missing from it.

Looking through my photobucket I found LD4wolf from the Wolf Era (click to enlarge)
Yes, I do know this image is only half-completed, but I had to post it soon before the perfect moment was ruined.


(I remember the time we did not have center yet…)[/list:u][/list:u][/list:u]

I also remember making a screenshot of one of the last days with wings (quite similar to the one already posted by Q)

:wolf: :bruno: :moogle: :siiw: :josh: :magnus: :ysim: :dragon: :wnvoss: :sandra:

Does anyone were the truits truiting Wolf, Iluminada, and Q are stored?

Edit: found them

Oh so many things I have found in my travels!
/me donates to the museum:

Momentous Occasions:

Q reaching 6000 posts

Me reaching 666 :ebil:


Some old wings I’ve dug up that seem to be ancestral evolutions of the current quest wings. They also had a brother pair, I can only wonder what that brother pair may have evolved into.

I also found some signatures, enclosed with little wings.
It sure was a stranger time back then.

It is also my expert opinion that THIS may truly be The First Cloud!
The Cloud Of Ancient Times.


Members seemed to enjoy their
active threads watching them back!

There is also this. Another mirror I have come across in my travels.
I believe this one was used to tell the date.


Ah it was indeed a strange time back then, but the love and beauty of the forum has changed so little.

Found another one:


/me wipes a happy tear from his eyes.

that one is cute Bruno :smile:

So where did the chicken come from? I can’t remember it.

SPOILER - Click to view

… and don’t say an egg :tongue:

It’s the MSN smiley for the victory dance. Wolf’s was a cow.

I remember we had LD4all business cards once… … 0dpi-1.png


The very short-lived but still memorable DJ Awards!

Looking at all of these images reminds me how much you have done for the lucid dreaming community by giving “life” to LD4all – and creating an incredible forum for so many lucid dreamers.

May all of their joy and awareness light up your heart…

Anyone remember the toilet?

I can’t believe I fell for that.