The Lucid Dream Library

Post links here to the best and most helpful topics on Ld4all that have helped you personally. Then we will hopefully have collection of helpful topics on how to Lucid Dream.

I got this idea from Wyvern.

from the “Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious” Topic.

1.[color=green]Stop trying to dream[/color]
[Stop trying to dream.)
How to Lucid Dream is on page 1 n00dle’s 1st post, and How to get rid of Doubt is on page 2. Or you could read the spoiler. :smile:



2.[color=green]Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious[/color]
[Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious - #40 by Lucid76092)

Well, first and foremost, The Lucid Living topic. Easily the thread that has helped me the most.
Then there’s a little forgotten tech that I find successful and useful, the “Imagine the feeling” by Wyvern, and on a similar note, “The body remembers” by Speculator.

Also, Writerscube’s DJ would be worth a mention, even if we can’t really put that in the library :lol:

Beginning mantras

Okay so it really didn’t help me, but all knowledge base articles help.

But that lucid living thread, man that was some raw inspiration juice.

/me sips inspiration juice.

I also found this helpful.

The BIG Transformation topic
Thanks Wyvern