The 'Lucid Insertion Point' theory...

Has this been discussed before? Over the past few days, I have noticed that when trying to WILD, I end up creating a scene for my brain to produce hypnogogic imagery (and sometimes sound) from. In my case, it’s the Publix I work at. I know the people there, what they look like, and how they act. I know the store, where everything is, and what people may ask. While I usually fail at the WILD and end up using MILD, the dreams I have almost always include some that take place in that scene.

The Theory
My idea is this:

If you create a scene for your brain to play with, you can consistently get dreams in that area. Now, mix that area with a dreamsign or two and you might be able to use this area as a place to easily start all your lucid dreaming.

The Method
On your way to bed (either at the start of the night or after WBTB), imagine a place extremely familiar to you. School, work, home, whatever. Imagine how everything is set up. Imagine who might be there. Imagine programming your brain with as many details as you can possibly think of regarding that location. Continue doing it as you drift to sleep. WILD if you want, or just start making your intent for MILD as you check over the details of your created scene. Then either enter the scene, or go to sleep.

Let me know what you guys think, if it hasn’t been done already :content:

it sounds a bit like VILD :smile:
[The BIG VILD Topic - Part I)

VILD is a bit different. In VILD, the person creates a place, and replays the beginning of a dream involving that place over and over in their minds as they go to sleep right?

The difference is that with my idea, the images your brain starts creating are almost fully based on memory. The imaging comes easy because you are familiar with the place. However, when you start thinking of a certain thing you are sure to see (like the hallway walls, or a hanging sign), you imagine something there that will remind you that you are dreaming.

I’m going to specifically try this out tonight, with the words “DREAMING” painted all over the walls at work. I’ll post the results of it tomorrow :grin:

sounds interesting :smile: you can also train yourself to do a RC on that place IRL or put a sign IRL that says am I dreaming, and RC when you see it IRL :smile:

So you mean, basically, setting up (ie. incubating) a familiar local and simultaneously making it a dream sign?

thats almost exactly how i VILD, i dont usually go over verbal conversations or anything, just have a dream sign or two, add an RC and youve got my VILD technique :smile:

Yes Bernard, you have the idea. I couldn’t do this last night because I decided to watch “Vanilla Sky” and ended up being too tired afterwards to do anything but sleep. Vanilla Sky sucked too :sad:

I know, Vanilla sky sux

Well, I gave this another test last night. Didn’t get much time to go over the details of the store, because I fell right asleep. I suppose this shouldn’t be tried with WBTB :bored:

At least one of my dreams did have something to do with my store (in a James Bond sort of way :wink:), so I’m sure this can be turned into something.

Also, I have found this technique is easier to used in a MILD like way, as opposed to WILD.

Correction, you think it sux. I think it’s a great movie :tongue: