The Lucid Wishing Well [part II]

Well I dropped one in a while back and for the past 5 days I have had an LD every day so heres hoping that my “Luck/Ability” dosnt run out :cool_laugh:
flips :tryfly: a smiley who tries to fly yet soon succumbs to gravity

I wish to have long LD tonight


I wish for a LD tonight!


I repeat my previous wishes.

/me puts :wizard: on the edge and lets him float down.

I wish i get fully controled long lasting LD at least once every night from now on. :smile:

Welcome boopdodge :wave:
(you might want to introduce you in the big “Hi, I’m new here” topic: [The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXI) )
You forgot to add a smiley…

I wish I have a LD tonight and I remember it clearly in the morning :content:

I wish tonight that i can LD and battle rap eminem, and steal his rhymes
I wish i can visit my pacific ocean underground brothel and make love to a beauty queen
I wish that i can turn into a godzilla sized kangabear and destroy a city

all in tonights LD

I’m in the middle of my WBTB and I want to:

Wish that I will get lucid when I go back to sleep,
Remember my LD’s in great detail,
and finaly find that field I’ve been searching for.

I wish that I would have more patience when practicing WILD and AP.

I wish to have many LDs

I wish to remember all of my dreams, lucid or not.


Xazlael watches the small smiley disappear into the gloom of the well, and wishes it a safe journey.

I had a LD this morning! Thanks agin Lucid Wishing Well! :happy:

I wish for my dream recall to increase greatly.
I wish to have atleast 2 LDs a week.
I wish for all my LDs two be long.

-kisses :content: on the head an gently lets her onto the well’s rim, so she can go down in her own time-

I wish I had an LD tonight, how I have longed for the experience,
please please let it happen. :confused:
(Ive only had a pathetic one, but it was a good one)

I wish to have more LDs.
I wish my lDs to be longer

Hindi and Kangabearxclusiv, you have to toss a little smiley in the Lucid Wishing Well if you want your wishes to be granted! :wizard:

I wish to have a long lucid dream tonight that takes place somewhere I’ve never seen :content:

I wish i can master WILD very quickly, and my dream recall to be a lot better whith loads of details, and that my LD’s last a lot longer.

Mister Smiley says bye and jump :wave:

i just wish for sleep :neutral:

I wish i could LD at least once a week *picks up a random smiley who happens to be confused and tosses him down :confused: *

I wish that I’ll have a real, full-scale LD before the end of the year.

Toss in poor helpless smiley


Swim or sink, little smiley, you’re being sacrificed to the gods of random wishes!

Slagy, I really like your sig.
Similar quote: "The exclamation which most often heralds a breakthrough in science or thinking isn’t ‘Heureka’, it’s ‘Hey. That’s strange.’ "

Yenia’s wish is exactly the same as mine. I wish that before the year’s end, I’ll get a full-scale lucid dream… I still have yet to get one, but that’s mostly my fault. It’d be great if that lucid dream has some of the people here. I would love to dream about you guys more.