The lucidity challenge - LC1, LC2 and LC3

Please sign me up too :content:

I will position myself in #9 please :peek:/me will have a lucid dream this week…

Can I pinch the last place, please. I’ve just started having LDs again for the first time in almost 2 months, and this will be good motivation to keep having them.

Signups are now closed :smile:

I will announce later when the first task will start, probably friday or saturday.

(very busy at the moment)

I will keep all the stats in this post:

[The lucidity challenge - LC1, LC2 and LC3)

Noooooooooooooo :cry:

I finally thought : Hey, lets get started again, I need somethin t drag me into writing in the dj, and such, and the last post tells me I can’t join :sad:

sorry petter, you’ll have to wait until the next LC then :smile:

you can always try doing the challenges for yourself :smile:

Task 1

Dial a number on the phone, get someone on the phone and have a conversation with that person.* find a phone: 5 points

  • dial a number but nobody picks up: 5 points
  • dial a number and someone replies: 10 points
  • ask who it is and get a reply but don’t remember: 5 points
  • ask who it is and get a reply and remember what the other said: 10 points
  • ask if the person has a message for you: 5 points
  • remember the message you got (so if you don’t get a message or can’t remember that’s no points): 5 points
  • have a conversation but don’t remember what it was about: 5 points
  • have a conversation and remember it: 10 points

You have until monday 5:30 PM / 17:30 GMT to complete this task and post your dream in this topic, at that time I will give everyone their points and post the new Challenge.

good luck everyone! :dream:

edit: to make it clear, the maximum points you can earn with this one is 45 (not counting lucid points and bonus points).

I can only get a max of 10 points? That’s kind of a let down.

45 task points as max,

find a phone 5 points
dial and number and get a reply 10 points
ask who it is and remember the reply 10 points
ask for a message and receive a message 10 points
have a conversation and remember it 10 points

5+10+10+10+10=45 and then if you do it early you get the 10 bonus points to so 55 taskpoints not 10 :wink:

yup, mag is correct :content:

so if you get someone on the phone and ask him the questions and get a reply and remember all of that, plus more of the conversation you have 45 points :smile:

Oh. I thought that you were only allowed to get one of the amounts of points listed. Sorry.


Through I failed to have a real LD tonight, I had I weird dream in that I also used a mobile phone - but I’m not sure…
At some points in this dream, believe I got very low-level lucid - but it didn’t help me at all :meh:

The caterpillar-chase
[ND]I’m in some sort of stud, there aren’t any animals there - just hay. Suddenly something long and slimy crawls over my hand, it feels very real. I look at my hand and there is a red and green stripped, earthworm-like thing on it. Because I don’t know what it is, I think that I need a mobile phone to ask someone. As I look on the floor, there is an old mobile phone lying there - it looks just like the one my mum had once. I pick it up and dialed some sort of number and then a zoo director answered. I had a conversation about the caterpillar with him, but he didn’t know what this thing could be or what it would eat. He said I should look on wikipedia, and then he rang off.

The conversation looked like that:

Director: Hello?
Me: Hello, I have a problem with an animal here.
Director: What kind of animal is it?
Me: I don’t know, looks like a worm but it is red and green stripped.
Director: No, that’s not from my zoo - look on wikipedia what it is!

Then he just rang off.


I’m on wikipedia. I search for the name of this caterpillar (now my whole hand is full of slime because it doesn’t stop crawling anymore) and find some strange article about lions or something (even too weird for a dream ^^). Finally I find the right article. The name of this creature is “the jumping slimer”. Because the one in my hand doesn’t jump, I think he must be sick or something like that. I read that slimers become sick when they don’t have a partner, so I begin to search for another “jumping slimer”.


I’m in the bathroom of my house, but I notice that it suddenly had two doors and not one like the one in reality. Unfortunately I ignore this dream-sign. I open the door that wasn’t there before and it leads to a strange room with lockers.


I’m in the bathroom again. It is now filled with many beautiful women. Suddenly I see one that is so beautiful that I let the caterpillar fall out of my hand. The rest of the dream I just stood in front of her, intently staring at her face. She had black, curly hair, green eyes and some freckles. She smiled at me and I asked if she would come with me, but then she looked at my strangely and suddenly it went “bang” and I stood in this bathroom fully naked =D
I ran out and the dream was over.

Hey-- NEVER use the word “Fail.” …Or, for that matter, “Failed,” “Failure,” “Failing,” or “Republican.” :grin:

I had a ND with a convo! :woo:


ND – Don’t Judge a Dog Lover by Her Cover

[ND]I was walking my dog through the neighborhood and happened upon a woman with a Yorkie. She seemed extremely well-mannered and invited me to a small get-together with a few friends. I readily accepted. :cool:


There was a party all right-- but everyone was fighting! My friend from earlier screamed obscenities at a tall man who I assumed to be a neighbor. I had brought my dog along, and we nudged ourselves into another room.

To our surprise, a huge Old English Sheepdog lay on a couch inside. :yay: (FYI: They’re one of my favorite breeds. :tongue:) He looked to be in a comical mood, and rolled around with a big grin on his face. I played with him and rubbed his belly.

My cellphone rang. It t’was my aunt!

Aunt: Where are you?
Wolf: Party.
Aunt: When you coming home?
Wolf: Probably soon, if I can find a backdoor in this place… :lol:[/ND]

Wooty hooty! I DUDDITS! :boogie:


Wasn’t the task to dial a number too? ^^

I had a brief LD and managed to complete the task. Woohoo!

DILD (Untitled)
I was in the kitchen of my house speaking to my mum about some Chinese food we had for dinner. The leftovers looked really nasty.

I was now sitting on a sofa in the living room with my family. We were watching something on TV, and something about the TV programme seemed a bit odd. I realized I was dreaming and considered telling my family but decided against it. I tried to get up from the sofa but my legs wouldn’t move. Somehow, I teleported upstairs. I decided I would try and do the phone challenge. Now able to walk, I went downstairs, picked up the phone and dialled a 7 or 8 digit number. A middle-aged man with an accent (Scottish?) replied and said some random stuff about working with a firm and getting on well with his landlord. I couldn’t remember the rest of the tasks and lost lucidity.

Score after task 1

  1. 65 - KingMikeII (25 task points, 10 bonus points and 30 lucid points)
  2. 35 - Bravsein (25 task points and 10 bonus points)
  3. 20 - Wolb (10 task points and 10 bonus points)
  4. 0 - Magnus
  5. 0 - Maroonjaguar
  6. 0 - Tahku
  7. 0 - Ian1
  8. 0 - NeoMarine
  9. 0 - Malina
  10. 0 - Zeroexe

Bravsein: it wasn’t clear to me if you asked who was on the other side first or just had the convo, let me know, in that case you have more points.

Task 2

Change the weather.

  • manage to change something but don’t succeed in changing the weather: 5 points
  • change the weather but it doesn’t remain stable (only rains for a few seconds for example) 10 points
  • change the weather and it remains stable: 25 points
  • notice the effects on yourself (heat/wet/cold etc): 10 bonus points
  • manage to change the weather again: 10 bonus points (one time)

So a maximum of 45 points to be earned. (85 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

you have until wednesday 8 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT to complete this challenge and post your dream in this topic.

No, unfortunately I didn’t ask who was on the other side ^^

Man I can’t believe I had no LD… so lame…

I didn’t complete the task, but I did have a lucid dream last night.

Lucid in the mountains

[LD]I was at some sort of complex in the mountains at night when I realized I was dreaming. I decided I wanted to climb down the mountain, so I started going down a trail that led to the bottom.

As I climbed down, my dream started to become hazy. I didn’t want to wake up, so I tried to use dream stabilization methods. For some reason, I got these mixed up with reality checks, so I started counting my fingers and holding my nose and breathing through it. These, of course, didn’t work. I suddenly remembered the method where I had to focus on my hands. I did that and it worked.

I continued to climb, and I remember coming across a tiny structure. Possibly an outhouse. That’s what I remember[/LD]

I had an awesome LD this morning, but woke up when I was nearly finished with changing the weather.

Lucid in the Supermarket

I was in a supermarket with my mum and talked with her about dreams, and then suddenly I thought: “One moment: This here is a dream!”
[LD]At this moment I wanted to run around and do things you can only do in your dreams, but I feeled that the dream still was foggy and instable - I could wake up in the next moment. I called out: “Hey, I need a more vivid dream here now!”. It seemed to work. Then I went over to a frame with bottles and looked at them. Everything looked like in reality now, and it became more real with every second. I went over to a man with a yellow T-shirt and turned him around to look in his face. The face of the man looked just like it would be in reality - now I had the dream like I wanted it to.
Suddenly, for no reason my dream-eyes began to feel tired and closed. The dreamscape was gone, but I knew I couldn’t open my eyes now or I would wake up definately. I waited a bit and the dream came back. I was just like before standing in the supermarket.
I remembered the weather task and went out through a door. It was very rainy and as I looked up to the sky, I saw that it was full of grey clouds. I said to myself: “Aha, grey clouds - rain, so I want blue sky - no rain - sun!”. I concentrated and said: “This is my dream and when I want to change the weather i will!”. Sadly the rain only stopped for 500ms or so. I thought: “Okay , no problem - I will just find a weather-changing machine here”.

As I turned over I saw a cellphone-like box with red stripes standing only 3 meters away from me. On its top there was a thick, short antenna with a red and a green light.

Sudennly my eyes closed again very quickly. I know I was nearly woke up now. I waited a bit and then the dream came back again.

I went into the box, and now the dream began to become unreal and confusing again. In the box there was a letter lying. He was from Percy, the character from Harry Potter! oO
I opened it and started reading. There were only confusing thin gs written in it so I stopped reading. I don’t know why - but I went out of the cell again.

There was an uniformed man standing right in front of me. The man looked exactly like this:

(From Half-Life²)

I knew that must be my dream-police that trys to stop my lucid dreams. I got angry and went down to him. I shouted: “Oh hello dream police or should I say hello, SUBCONSCIOUS?! What are you going to tell me? That this is not a dream but reality or what?” I wanted to punch him down and started running at him. But then my eyes closed again.[/LD]

I felt myself lying on my bed :spinning:(), my heart beating very fast - to awake now to slip into the dream again just by closing eyes and waiting. I did some RCs to expel a FA.

I was so close to change the weather, but why did I wake up? :sad: