The Master Key

Is never dreaming of doors a substitute for the master key challenge?

Thank you for this!

All my lucid dreams were kinda lame. Maybe it is the reason.
It is really eye opening and helpful!

Thanks again!

This is incredibly helpful! i remember lucid dreams of my childhood and how they felt amazing and organic- and how they disintegrated in the exact way you’ve described. I find it incredibly fascinating how my dreamscape coincidentally has a sort of Master Key of its own- a black and gold skeleton key that i can never seem to find…maybe this is why?

Absolutely excellent!

This is by far the best thing I’ve read on lucid dreaming in a long time. Eloquent and evocative writing, and a genius concept.

You’re working directly with belief and perception - the true building blocks of “reality.”

Reminds me of a related axiom, we create our own reality, ie, what we believe, our perceptions shape our realities. This is true in the waking dream and so it is also true in the dreamstream.

Go figure- most of the well-meaning tips about lucid dreaming were actually priming our unconscious to a limiting beliefs about the dream space!

the fact that there seems to be “general rules” around lucid dreaming should in itself always raise a red flag, bc the very nature of the dream itself is fluid, unique to each individual…
in all life, it serves us well to question those truths which are ‘assumed truths’ .

Anyway, I much appreciate your post and your originality, the master key is already helping me to have better LDs. The very night I read your post, I had an LD with more vividness than I’ve had with LDs in months.