The mighty power of writing "Am I Dreaming?"

Well after writing “Am I Dreaming?” for the last 4 days, then stopping last night I had a series of Lucid Dreams. It’s too bad that I can’t recall much of these lucid dreams (because after the Lucid Dreams I had a long-normal dream which made me forget the LDs by the time I woke up), yet I remember thinking how this technique works in the dream… I said to myself “well now I know the technique works alright!”

At one point in my Lucid Dreams I was looking at myself in a mirror, questioning if I was dreaming because of the level of realism in my appearance… I recommend trying this technique for everyone, since it seems to give off results to me… for the moment I only seem to get Lucid Dreams every once in a while, but it’s better than nothing!

The technique is basically to write down “Am I Dreaming” multiple times (say 50-60+times) everynight. You could try stopping one night, which could induce a Lucid Dream or keep on with the technique but all I know is when I stop the technique I have a Lucid Dream and i’m more aware during the day to remember to perform Reality Checks.

For my own idea i’ve decided to, as well as the 50-60 times writing “Am I Dreaming?”, I also write on the opposite side of my little booklet “Am I Dreaming?” in larger text, in custom styles of my own choice, everytime trying to write it in a unique way. I hope that wasn’t too much writing for you to read :razz:.

I will try this… and report back soon. Yum I just remembered I have som battenburg in the cupboard, I’ll have some of that tomorrow.

Last night I had another Lucid Dream, although it was very short it was very clear when I was first trying to become Lucid… I wrote “Am I Dreaming?” though, so, this technique works strangely for me but i’ll have to use it more to find out exactly how to use it.

Anyway goodluck trying Li10! You may have to wait a night or two before it works though.

I don’t get it. Do you write the phrase down only at night in your bed or even during daytime?

This is like reality checking, only more concentrated. I am going to do a reality check everytime I write it down, for improved effectiveness.


You can write the phrase down any time you like, as many times as you like! Personally I write it down before I go to sleep, 50-60 times in a little booklet + some unique font-styles of the phrase (to hopefully imprint it in my subconcious better).

“Know when you’re dreaming: Know where you’re awake!” - or vice-versa. I might put that qoute in my sig sometime it sounds good.


You’re correct in what you say. Have you noticed that when you write something down your mind can wander but you will still be able to write things down correctly? I think this is due to our subconcious in somepart is paying attention + through the process you will have Lucid Dreaming on your mind more often which will help you remember to RC during the day (which is what i’ve started to do more increasingly because of this technique).

I forgot to mention that I do RCs every once in a while while writing down my 50+ lines in addition to during the day (which I remember to do due to the effect of this technique).

didn’t work aas of yet but that’s probably because I haven’t been doing it for 3+ days yet. I’ll keep you up to date on any more info.

Yea keep going. Last night I had no LD but it doesn’t seem to work everynight… it depends how badly you want to have a LD because you will remember to do more RCs.

I done RCs every 3 lines I wrote.

hey, has anyone else here got this freeware called Sribus? It’s a desktop publisher and it’s awesome! Way better than Microsoft’s crap!

well not that awesome actually. Micrsoft’s crap is easier to use.

Day 2 = no LDs, but a weird dream in which I flushed a toilet. Which made a huge noise.

starting this tonight

I have been slacking off the last couple of days… no LDs either. I notice this because I haven’t remembered to do enough RCs during the day - because I haven’t been writing my lines :’(. I will start again now though.

Goodluck TRJR

so, dont concentrate while writing, or do concentrate while writing?

It’s probably best if you try to concentrate at first, but after a while you may start to think about other things. Just let the transition from concentrating to not-concentrating be natural.

WOW I just had another Lucid Dream!!! I wrote the lines last night (only a few times though because I was very tired) and found myself in my sisters boyfriends house with some new people with faces as clear as in-reality! I mainly walked around the house in the dream and thinking about how I was dreaming but that was a very realistic experience - so realistic I tricked myself at the end to thinking I might be awake and closed my eyes to test it, then I woke up :sad:. I might post this up in my dream journal, if I ever get around to restoring it!

dargh, day 3 = no LD. HOw long do we have to do this again?

I haven’t tested it enough to give an average time but I think, along with how much you do reality checks during the day it also depends on whether or not you believe it will work. I’ve built up belief that it works and occasionally for me it now does! It’s tricky dealing with your subconcious but just have faith and keep writing out your lines, doing your reality checks, and KNOW that it will pay off.

I tried this a few night ago and had a LD, not high level tho. I just wrote “i will have a lucid dream tonight” on my DJ 100 times and then went to sleep and had a LD.

I was just asleep for 3 hours. I was so close to realizing I was dreaming too. During my dream I was starting to notice things and even spoke about dreaming at one point. I ended up waking up because of indigestion though. It’s too bad, later I will go back to sleep and hopefully resume where I took off.

no success from last night

Or was there? can’t rememebr any dreams.

Well, it takes only a few minutes so i’ll continue this hopefully the trees don’t mind too much!

Keep going TRJR… before you know it you will be inside of your Lucid Dream!