The New God Topic

Oh get a grip!!!

I was sorely disappointed when the last topic was locked! These topics are far and few between seen on LD4ALL these days, and its usually the less intelligent who become offended so easily by people seemingly argueing - they are sharing ideas, trying to get a common understanding of a thing so big that its nice that they even try.

If you want a nice place to have fun - go stay in the playground! Its like watching TV - you are free to choose what you read here! And you are right, you are not a mod… so leave it to them to mod!

Now please… continue the discussion - I do think Bruno is trying to ask an impossible idea, but perhaps he needs to rephrase his question - or its just way to abstract and beyond my own comprehension?

You my friend have just been added to my short heros list

Congrats and thank you for this inciteful post :smile:



i gotta say tht was pretty good carnun :yes:


well are we gonna do what this post was made for or just put qoute on qoute’s and smilie faces :tongue: