The problem of SP?

Hi all,
I would just like to ask your advice.
About a year ago I got very into lucid dreaming- I even thought about it constantly in RL. However, after beginning to experience a LD on regular occasions, I began to frequently wake up in SP. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it were not for the fact that this SP was accomanied by a strong fear of terror and the frightening noises, and I wasn’t able to move for a considerable amount of time. This occured every few nights, sometimes every night, mostly after non-lucid dreams.
So anyway, the problem is, the SP has stopped ever since I stopped attempting LD and got on with my life without it, mainly due to my awful experiences with SP. I’m now worried that if I persue my adventures again, the problem will surely return.
Many thanks for any advice.

Hi , and, welcome back.
For some people ,SP can be a frightening experience. And some wake up in SP too, like you.

What techniques did you used in the past ?

I never had any “frightening” SP, so i can’t really understand your feelings but i can give you some advices.
First, you can get out of SP by trying to move your fingers, and focusing your attention on them can help you. But if the terror “paralyze” you from doing anything, well…
Second, try to roll out of your bed, you can either enter a lucid dream doing so, or wake up (can be a little violent if you physically do it)
Third, don’t be scared to try again, in a year, your body and mind changed, who knows if you will wake up in SP anymore.

I hope that i helped you out a bit! :content:

Have you ever heard of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”? Don’t be so certain that you will experience frightening SP again. :content: As Faraday said, give LD’ing another try. Just imagine: You don’t experience SP anymore and never will again, but still you are so afraid that you allow your fear to take the awesome feeling of LD’s away from you. A big loss, isn’t it?
But if you have to face SP again: Here are some tips about how to wake up from SP. :smile:

Has anybody heard about Old Hag Syndrome? It occurs mainly in night when you try WILD, or in the morning after waking up. It is likely to occure if you are sleeping on your back… You are in SP and have hipnagogics such as frigtening noises; I had the OHS once and the symptoms were similar to UnpeacefulSleeper’s. Since then I never sleep on my back :eek: but what helped me then was the awareness that in fact nothing can happen to me. And as Leijona said, don’t be certain to have another SP in the morning, because it can work like an auto-suggestion.

What would I gave for your “condition”! I would have so much more lucid dreams. That kind of SP is a gateway into lucid dream.

I’ve also read that when we are in SP our part of brain that is responsible for fear is active and we always feel same kind of fear even though you may enjoy SP like I do and when person adds its own fear then whole experience can turn into something scary. I would only suggest to keep your emotions in order when you are in SP, try some meditation and don’t look at SP as negative experience…

This happened to me once, when I got the furthest I could, I heard wind as if I was in a vast field. I’d say it would come but use it to your advantage! :cool: