The quickest technique that works.

Does anyone know which technique works really well? or which technique has always worked for them? So far ive tried WILD, FILD, MILD all with WBTB but it never seems to work. Ive only had 1 lucid dream and i really want another one. Is there another option like FILD which could work?

Ou shouldn’t give up that fast on any technique, it may not be that i doesn’t work, maybe you are just doing it wrong :tongue:

I think a lot of people would argue that achieving stable and rewarding lucid dreams is a long-term endeavour and should be treated as such when learning.

I, too, seek to have my first lucid dream, but I’m aware that it could take me a long time. There isn’t really a fastest technique as far as I’m aware as it depends on the dreamer. To best increase your chances of having one soon, though, keep at the reality checks, immerse yourself in lucid dreaming related material and be constantly questioning your environment.

The technique that works quickest is the one that best suits your personality and brain’s inner workings. So you must weigh all the pros and cons of every tech and choose it yourself. The guide that led me to the tech I use is here:

How to choose your technique

Hi Ashwin,

My advice is to:

  1. Start with a dream journal to get to know your dreams
  2. Practice RC’s during the day
  3. Analyse your dreams, dreamsigns
  4. Keep up at least 3 months

WBTB combined with DILD which utilizes quality RCs.
You can also throw WILD into the mix if you’re not scared of hallucinations or if you don’t have any.

Dream Plotting and Autosuggestion will also help.

It can take more day than you think, but I can’t disagree that we have to keep up.

Confucius say that the most important thing to remember is to remember. If you remember to remember you can have a lucid dream tonight. The trick is remembering to remember which can be pretty hard to remember, all things considered.