The reality checks finally paid off!

I have been trying for lucidity for about a week now. I used to have Lucid dreams all the time and they have stopped a I grew older. I made it a habit to do Reality checks whenever I wake up, not because I was thinking I’d have a false awakening, but just to make it a habit. Well, this morning I woke up several times, doing reality checks to see if I was asleep or not. Every time I checked I was awake, until one time. I was thinking to myself “No point to do a reality check, I know I’m not sleeping”, I was about to go back to sleep but then at the last second I decided to pinch my nose. I could breathe! I couldn’t believe it at first, but I was dreaming. It was so hard to move around my bed, but it was so real, I thought I was awake, but I wasn’t. I looked around but it was just so hard to move in my bed, I said “increacse lucidity!” to see if things would work better but they didn’t, so I used some technique I read about. I remembered to imagine something that would take me somewhere else. I imagined a mirror, and put my hand into it, then allowed it to warp me into my bathroom and I could finally move. I stared at the ground and spun around just to make sure I would stay in the dream, and I did. I was so excited that I just wanted to start exploring. I walked into my living room and my parents were there, so I told them I was dreaming. I then went back into my bathroom to see if I could make myself look all buff in the mirror, haha. I went outside and decided to spawn a watermelon, I wanted to enjoy something to eat as I dreamt so I did. I think started thinking of other stuff and wanted to transform into something else, so I turned myself into a long dragon and hovered/flew above the ground until I ran into someone else.

Unfortunately, that’s when the lucidity began to fade and it turned into something else, seems I forgot that I was lucid and it turned into a regular dream, but it was amazing! I can’t believe how real it felt to do that reality check in my bed and be able to breathe, I thought there was no way I could be sleeping. Thx LD4all for teaching me some things =] Hope I can make it a habit to keep doing reality checks in my dreams!

Congrats Xerosnake90!! :boogie:
That was a pretty decent lucid dream :content: Just remember to do RC’s every once and a while when you gain lucidity because lucidity can slip away reallly easily. :neutral:
Anyways that was a fantastic LD! The mirror idea is brilliant!

Hope you have many more LD’s, sends lucid vibe~~

I’m thinking I need to do Reality checks as COMPLETE HABIT. That way they’ll be normal in dreams, but this requires an action that I do on a normal basis every day, so it’s tough to figure out what that will be. Thanks for the reply, this forum has helped me a ton!

congratz!! :thumbs: You shoud make a DJ in the forum I’d like to hear more about your dreams. If you do RCs all day i guarantee you’ll have even more luck getting lucid. :grin:

Keep it up :content:

Congrats! You did a lot better than I did. I faded out of my first LD while trying to increase lucidity… :neutral:

Congrats, people think these things don’t work but it takes time for them to work

I was telling some co-workers about the whole Lucid dream thing and they didn’t believe either. But it’s so very real, you can induce it, jut gotta know how.

Wow nice! Congratulations! This sure will serve as motivation to many! I will try to do more reality checks from now on :razz:

I did it again guys! Twice in one night I had false awakenings, though these Lucid dreams were very low in power and I didn’t really do much to my liking. I just remember waking up, once again thinking I’m not sleeping so I don’t need to do a reality check (I detect a pattern here) and so I did one, and I could breathe! Once again I had 7 to 8 fingers, and this time when I put my fingers through my hands, they just dissapeared. Like I said, it was low in power but still good. I’ve kinda given up on trying WILD or MILD as of lately, and just letting myself remember my dreams and not want it too much.

Fantastic! Congrats once again! :clap:

Congratulations! Great thing you got going on there with RC’s related to waking up : I need to do that too. Right now I got RC’s related to anything sexual in my dreams lol, but it isnt working out very well since the number of sex-related dreams I have are strangely few :tongue: Next time you’re in a lucid dream maybe you’ll complete the LD4ALL Quest of the month? :smile:

I had one interesting dream last night. I was in a store of sorts, and I work in a store. So I was helping one of the guys I work with and I saw something I wanted. It was a food item and I was like, hold on, I wanna get this. So I go to get the item and it’s gone and I literally said to myself “Oh, of course it’s gone, I’m dreaming.” Though after saying that and realizing I was dreaming, I think I was in false lucidity cuz I tried to control the dream but nothing happened. Odd…

If you knew you were dreaming → Then you were lucid. Being lucid in a dream and being able to control it are two different things. False Lucidity is when you dream that you’re lucid.

Interesting… I felt like I wasn’t able to control anything though, not even really my own bodily actions. Is there a way to take advantage of knowing I was dreaming?

Search for Dream Control and you’ll find tons of topics about it.

[Dream Control Training Course)

I wanna kick myself in the butt this morning >=[ I have been slacking on the reality checks when I wake up lately. This morning I wake up and I want to write out my dream so that I don’t forget it. I write it down but I can’t remember what I wrote. Next thing I know, I WAKE UP! I was dreaming XD I didn’t do a reality check when I woke up, instead I woke from a dream and started writing down the dream I had, not knowing I was dreaming. So I’m making it a habit again to do reality checks when I wake up. I don’t know why I stopped doing them in the first place, but now I’ll be back to it.

W00T! Another lucid dream last night! And how, may you ask? Another false awakening. It seems right now my body is conditioned to wake up quite a few times in the morning. Almost every morning I have at least 1 false awakening. I made it a habit to do reality checks again and what do ya know? I woke up in a dream today :happy: This one was somewhat the same as the last, but in a strange way.

First off, I woke up in my bed, RCed, then walked into a living room to pet my cat. I say a living room cuz it wasn’t mine. Then I decided I was going to go through a mirror, and ended up walking into my old bedroom where I used to live. There was some strange random, person, or thing in there. I can’t remember what I said to it or why it was there, but I moved on to the bathroom. I put my hands into the mirror, not able to go through right away but I pushed on and squeezed through. On the other side, I ended up on some random ledge looking down this castle wall of a sort. I was really high up in the tower. So I turned around, walked about and then turned into a standing dragon for a bit. My dream ended around there and I became non lucid again.

I do have a question. Is it normal to be dreaming, but to not completely realize your environment. Like I said, I was in my old house, and some random person thing was there. I didn’t think it up, so it must still be a subconcious thing. I imagine a completely lucid dream would have everything be as you want it to be. Either way. I’m having a great time, and I’m lucky that I wake up so much. Without the false awakenings, I’d be no where!

Wow, I tried it this evening and… I just had a lucid dream! For the last few days I already stopped doing MILD and VILD and trying so hard and feeling frustrated at it. So last night I read your post and thought: okay, the only thing that I have to do is do a RC in my dream. And by doing it about 15 times now, I increase my change. So did and voila…it works!!! I only did rc’s. No incubating the dream of whatever. Just rc’s while going to bed, being in bed and then go to sleep. THANKS SO MUCH!

The dream went like this:

I was sitting on my boyfriends lap and doing an RC. And I could breathe through my nose! So I said “I’m off, 'I’m lucid!” And then I was outside our house and I could fly, but I wanted to manifest a specific person, but it didn’t work. It felt like I was in control, but also a bit like I had no full control. But hey, never mind…that’s for next time. The dream went on to a normal dream where I went back to my boyfriend and told him the lucid dream was over now, but by then he was playing a computer game. I remember in the dream feeling a bit guilty towards him for taking of and for wanting to manifest a specific person…so perhaps that is why he didn’t show up.

And I had not had a ld in about 1,5 months, so I am sooo happy!

(BTW, hi all, I’m new here :tongue: )
:woo: :woo: :woo:

Glad to know my post helped =] I myself found it tough trying out the techniques, so I somehow conditioned myself to wake up a lot in the morning. I don’t stay awake more than a few minutes each time, and it gives me a ton of chances to false awaken. I had 2 low level LDs in one morning alone =] I may try wild every now and then but until I can get that to work, I’ll enjoy false awakenings.

Xerosnake90, grats on the LD!

Well, what fun would it be if every little thing was as you wanted it? I belive in a completely lucid LD you can easily change things, but the SC still makes up lots of things without conscious aid :wink:

Henriette32, grats on the LD too! and welcome to ld4all :wave: