The Relationship Between Nightmares and Well-Being

For example, confronting a situation which you had been dreading - a good example I can think of might be taking an assertive attitude to confront someone who has caused you some angst. Any situation which has caused you a significantly high degree of anxiety or ‘stress’.

Easily - you have a double blind study, one group records their dreams and their well being is measured (using similar tests as you mentioned from the last study), and you have another group that does not remember their dreams, they have a normal sleep pattern, and record (or pay no attention to having any dreams). They go through the same battery of well being tests etc… compare the results…conclusions…

No… we are on the same page I think. But I would even go as far as to incude all types of dreams on well being. My hypothesis would be that remembering your dreams (deliberatley) or otherwise is detremental to well-being as measured by … bla bla bla.

Of course, many people here would disagree with me… and I even tend to disagree with myself :bored: … but I believe focusing to much on what you dream can produce unnecessary feelings of anxiety.

Sorry if this is going off tangent to your original post. (I had something else to say but I forgot :cry: )

No apologies necessary Carnun! I find this slight ‘detour’ very stimulating. I see exactly what you mean with the double-blind study and the excessive attention on dreams, very good points!! :content:

Unfortuneatly I am no longer at university and I miss having access to all those wonderful databases that would let me read up on such research. (Google is good - but it is frustrating when I know there is better!)

Check it out… maybe something has already been done.

Likewise… this has been a much needed stimulating discussion, and I look forward to reading your final essay.