The Rubber Ball Effect

About some days ago i had fairly lucid dream(knew i was dreaming but had little control) a few minutes later i woke up and not satisfied with my session i decided to go back to bed. When i entered the dream what i call the rubber ball effect took place. Its as simple as this the minute i dream spawn and i know that am dreaming i begin bouncing all over the place. It has happened many times before when i spawn in my room or any other enclosed place usually in my second and third dream for the morning and it doesn’t stop unless i put enough will or until i fly out a window or door or something. I just want to know why this happens, anybody can help me??

I had experienced this rubber ball effect several times, although I was not lucid. The dream environment can be quite unstable and sometimes it can be hard to stay in one place. Maybe you could grab some static object which would prevent you from bouncing or just try to stay calm and do nothing. You may also teleport to some other place where you wouldn’t bounce. Hope that helps

I get something similar, however for me it’s more of my dream body getting extremely dizzy. I fall all over the place, can’t walk straight and my vision keeps spinning. I usually yell out “the dream will stabilize now” once or twice to help correct the problem. As far as bouncing, I wonder what would happen if you were to tell yourself the next surface would be very sticky…

I’ m a avid LDer but as far as dream control is concerned i suck and improving that is my personal goal, however i will give your suggestions a go

Kinghtdreamer: if you’re having issues with control I suggest you check out this guide by Wakerife. The idea of active and passive control could help you with this issue and can help your overall LD quality :content: